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“Do you usually make that funny face when you concentrate really hard?” A voice broke my train of thought and I turn, startled to look up at a girl around my age.

“Sorry?” I stand up stiffly from crouching so long and my legs begin to ache.

“It just looked like you were taking a very big shit, that’s all.” The girl’s lips quirk upwards in a smile and I blush.

“Oh god, really? This is why I choose to be a slacker.” I mumbled, fiddling with my canon camera.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, hey? Besides at least it looked like you were enjoying your shit,” She let a soft laugh and I chuckled along with her, still embarrassed but feeling slightly better. “I’m Annie by the way.” She held her hand out and I automatically went to shake it.

“I’m Greg, nice to meet you.” I withdrew my hand and raised an eyebrow “Have you ever heard of the rule ‘Stranger Danger’ or do you usually harass randoms?” I asked curiously.

“Only the cute ones,” She winked at me “I was also curious to see what you were doing.”

I nodded slowly “Oh right, I’m taking pictures.” I jiggled my camera around lazily.

“Yes I can see that but you do realize we’re at a children’s park and people could mistake you for a pervert?” The girl stated matter of factly.

“Perhaps,” I shrugged indifferently and glanced around. “Except it’s the late afternoon and there’s no one around.” I finish.

This girl was a strange one. She was small, petite, pale with pink cotton candy coloured hair and blue eyes.

I took a step back and turned to leave but I heard her following me.

“Hey, wanna be friends?” She asked, striding beside me.

I stopped and turned to her “I don’t know you,” I say bluntly. “And you don’t know me. I could be a serial rapist for all you know.” I scowled.

“Perhaps, but if you’re a slacker like you said you were... then I’m guessing you wouldn't have the commitment and energy, to be a serial rapist.” Annie threw me a triumphant grin and I rolled my eyes, sighing. There was a pause and we stare at each other like we were trying to figure out what each other were thinking.

“So what do you think? Friends?”

So she was serious. She must be lonely, approaching strangers and asking to be there friends. Well what the hell, what did I have to lose?

I relaxed and flashed a grin “Okay fine, but if you turn out to be some sick weirdo I’m running for the hills.”

So this is how I became friends with Annie, it was the start to a beautifully weird friendship. I don’t regret meeting her one bit.
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