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"You know your apartment could be half way decent, if you put the effort into it." Annie quirked an eyebrow and I glanced up from my couch to see her staring at empty noodle cartons in disgust.

"Sorry." I mumbled.

I would have at least tried to clean up if she hadn't of shown up out of the blue…although she's been showing up out of the blue for months now and the place was still a mess.

"It's not me you should be apologizing to; it's your poor neighbours. I'd die if I had to live next to this kind of smell every day." She shook her cotton candy head and turned, placing a hand on her hip and giving me a no nonsense look, "you should get up and clean the place up. I'll even help you." She disappeared from my apartment and came back ten minutes later, adorned with a gas mask, gloves, cleaning supplies and rubbish bags.

Goddamn woman, she knows me way to well to know I won't do anything unless I'm nagged enough.

"You're worse than my mother," I grumbled, getting up as slowly as possible before ambling over to her and grabbing a rubbish bag, "and is the gas mask really that necessary?" I questioned, eyeing it up.

"With the way your apartment smells and looks, I'm expecting something dead to pop up." She stated matter-of-factly.

I shook my head and sighed but decided not to get caught up in her over-the-top antics. This was Annie after all, she's all about being over-the-top and though at times I loathed her for it, the truth was I'd never have Annie any other way.

I caught myself smiling at her, she was already occupying herself with cleaning when she turned back to look at me.

"Well don't just stand there like a space-head, help me clean. After all how will you ever gain better work ethics if you can't even start with having a clean apartment?"

Annie had discovered my lack of drive to do anything with my life so she had made it her goal to help me become ambitious. It was touching really but she had no idea what she was getting herself into when it came to dealing with me. Lucky for me, Annie has a very stubborn personality.

It'd also be interesting to see who would win the battle, my lack of ambition or Annie's determination.
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