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"Hey Annie, it's Greg. Just thought I'd catch up with you but obviously we can't because I'm talking to your voicemail," I chuckle nervously. "Anyway, I haven't heard from you in a long time –five weeks, four days- but it's not like I'm counting." I state quickly, I'm about to click end when I remember the reason why I'm ringing in the first place. "Oh, before I forget, I signed up for a photography course a while ago and just found out I was accepted, I'll be going in next Thursday to finalized the course details, anyway call me back when you get this."

I end the call feeling beyond awkward. God, what was going on with her? Is she bored of me or something? Annie does have the attention span of a squirrel though, either way I really did hope she was okay. I'd go out and visit her but I don't have any idea where she lives, weird right?
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Where, oh where, could Annie be? :/