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Looking For Annie

"Hey, sorry to be a bother but I'm looking for an Annabelle Hart-" The person on the other end cuts me off, informing me there was no such person with that name so I quickly thanked them and hang up.

I proceeded to cross out the name and number for the 30th time and I sighed heavily. Why was I putting so much effort into finding her? Maybe she didn't want to be found, besides I probably only looked really desperate... but I was desperate.

Annie was this glowing star, her presence just made everything better... at least for me.

I picked up the phone and dialed another number and asked for Annabelle Hart again. This time I was surprised to hear a different reply.

"You mean Annie? Sure, lemme guess, you're Greg aren't you?!"

For a second I was speechless but I managed to croak out an audible yes.

I heard a few giggles and realized I was on speaker, I was about to ask where I could find her when the first voice spoke up.

"Annie never shuts up about her hopeless Greg, you really must be hopeless if you're only ringing up now. Here's the address, Annie hasn't been well lately but she's been hoping you'd visit."

I didn't take offence to being called hopeless, there wasn't any bad intentions behind their words and they were true enough anyway. I really could be hopeless. I tried to thank her but I heard the phone click before I could get another word out.

I looked down at the jotted down address and realized it was the address and room number to the nearby hospital. I bite my lip in worry.

Was Annie okay?