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Synthetic Love

I thought the abuse would last forever. I would always be an outcast at school. I would never get any help because I'm invisible to the world, so no one would ever notice me or the pain I was going through.

I had accepted this.

Until, a new group of kids come to my school and I'm suddenly visible to them. They notice me. They help me. They showed me that there was more to my life.

He showed me how important I was.

Then he left me, just not in a way you would think.

I moved on but he came back.

Now, I don't know who to choose.

Ricky/OFC (Also includes a love triangle)

Disclaimer: I own plot and all OCs. Sadly, I also own this terrible summary so don't steal, please? :/

WARNINGS: there will/may be scenes/mentioning of...
Drug Use
Alcoholic Consumption
Heavy Language
Sexual Content
- If you have a problem with any of this please turn away now. If you don't, then start reading and enjoy the ride.
  1. Screaming
    *Clara's POV
  2. Ignorance
    *Clara's POV
  3. Fault
    *Clara's POV
  4. Comfort
    *Clara's POV
  5. Secret
    *Clara's POV
  6. Secret (Part 2)
    *Clara's POV - A Week Later
  7. Secret (Part 3)
    *Clara's POV
  8. Bottle
    *Clara's POV
  9. Journal
    *Multiple POVS - 1) Clara - 2) Third Person
  10. Crazy
    *Clara's POV
  11. Plans
    *Clara's POV
  12. Call
    *Clara's POV
  13. Vanished
    *Clara's POV
  14. Commitment
    *Clara's POV - Five Years Later
  15. Lost
    *Ricky's POV (takes place same time as last chapter)
  16. Meeting (Part 1 - Clara)
    *Clara's POV
  17. Meeting (Part 2 - Ricky)
    *Ricky's POV
  18. Choices
    *Clara's POV
  19. Chance
    *Clara's POV
  20. Shock
    *Clara's POV
  21. Choices
    *Clara's POV
  22. Leaving
    *Clara's POV