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a woman held my sheild

… But the biggest story of the NHL this season has got to be Jonathan Quick. The once top goalie in the league just hasn’t been himself this season, his save record dropping down to an appalling average of only .68 in the first few games of the season. Everyone has been noticing his struggle and it’s obvious that the Kings are not impressed with the way Quick has been playing. It’s unclear exactly what has caused the goalie to be not even shadow of his former self, although many argue it may be his recent separation from wife Jaclyn Quick. The King’s alternate goalie hasn’t been doing much better-

The television set was quickly turned off as Darryl Sutter winced. His eyes moved over to Dustin Brown and the rest of the L A Kings, minus Quick. He let out a long sigh, running a hand through his silver hair as he looked at all of them. “The entire world is laughing at us.” He said simply. “We’ve been destroyed in our first three games, and all of them were teams we should have beaten. So someone tell me what the fuck we’re going to do about it.”

“It’s Jon.” Dustin said simply, shrugging. “His head’s just not in the game.”

“We’ve tried setting him up with other people to get his mind off Jaclyn, but he keeps saying it’s too soon.” Mike added. “I mean, we can only do so much. If we have no goalie, we have no chance.”

There was a long silence as they all tried to think of what to do. “Why isn’t Quick here coach? Shouldn’t he know we’re worried about him?” Jeff asked, his eyes moving to Darryl. But the older man simply shook his head.

“He’s convinced Jaclyn has nothing to do with how shitty he’s playing.” Dustin said quickly. “But we all know that’s it. When he had Jaclyn he was great, now he’s just not himself.” Jeff pressed his lips together as the room fell silent again, all the men trying desperately to think of something to get their teammate out of his funk.

“Maybe he’ll just snap out of it.” Trevor suggested, shrugging. “We don’t want to try and force him to get better and make everything worse.”

“I have half a mind to go over and rip Jaclyn’s head off.” Dustin Penner growled. “I mean, Jon loved her to pieces, why the fuck would she ever leave him? And for an idiot like Tuukka Rask? Who the fuck does she think she is?”

“This is why you just never get married.” Mike said simply. “Women are just gold digging whores who will leave you the second someone better comes along.”

“I wouldn’t say Rask is better than Jon.” Jeff chuckled. “That guy looks like a fucking Neanderthal.”

“No kidding. She probably has to cover her eyes when they fuck or she’d turn to stone or some shit.” Penner laughed.

“Penner! Carter!” Darryl snapped. Both men shut up as their coach glared at the team. “Now who is going to tell me how we solve this little issue?”

Anze Kopitar, who had been sitting in the back watching everyone finally spoke up, looming over his teammates. “What we need is a professional.” He said simply.

“Like a grief counselor?” Trevor asked. “Or a new goalie?”

“How much do you think we would need to get Crawford to leave the Blackhawks?” Matt asked.

“Neither.” Anze said. “After a break up you have a rebound relationship, one that’s mostly for sex and to make you feel powerful again after the breakup, correct?”

“Yeah.” Darryl said.

“Well, in my country, when a player had just been dumped and it was so bad it effected his playing we hired a professional rebound. They know that they have to let the player end the relationship and mostly just help them get their head in the right place again.”

“No way.” Trever muttered.

“Let him talk.” Darryl said, glancing at the young player before turning back to Anze. “So where would we find one of these women?”

“I can probably find one.” Anze shrugged.

“Well, find a couple and we’ll decide which one we think would be best for Quick. And remember, she can’t look anything like Jaclyn.” Anze nodded as Darryl sat back, letting out another sigh. “I just hope this works.”


Jonathan let out a long sigh as he and Madison walked into the small frozen yogurt shop. He knew he had to at least pretend everything was alright for her sake, but he was having a hard time and Madison was too smart for her own good. She looked up, watching her father as he ordered her a chocolate cone with lots of sprinkles, her small head tilting to one side.

“You don’t let me get sprinkles.” She said simply. Jon sighed, picking her up so she rested on his hip.

“No, mommy never let you get sprinkles. I say you can have all the sprinkles you want.” He said, smiling at her. She giggled and Jonathan felt his smile fall. She looked so much like Jaclyn it was like a knife to the heart sometimes. He sighed, knowing Tuukka was probably sleeping with her right now, watching the way her eyes fluttered shut before she whimpered and sighed.

“Daddy?” She asked, tugging on his shirt and catching his attention.

“What is it Maddi?” He asked, faking a smile, but she didn’t buy it.

“I don’t like mommy’s new boyfriend.” Jon sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Me either.” He said.

“He smells funny.” She added. Jon chuckled at that, causing her to giggle as they waited for their frozen yogurt. As the two grabbed their cones, Jon quickly paying for the frozen treat, they didn’t notice Anze and a stunning young woman just a few feet away, watching them.

“That’s Jon?” The woman asked, a slight French accent rolling over her words. Anze nodded, watching his friend before taking the woman’s hand, leading her out of the small shop as they followed Jon and Madison to the park. He had to admit he was a bit jealous Jon would have this beautiful woman to basically use as a plaything for however long he wanted. He looked over, taking in her appearance as the two followed his teammate.

Her legs were long and lean, he suspected from years of either running or gymnastics. And although she was thin, like Jaclyn, it was more of a healthy thin where you could tell she still ate. Her light brown hair was braided simply to the side, showing off her heart shaped face and plump lips. But it was her eyes that Anze hoped would draw Jonathan in. They were so bright and blue they almost didn’t look natural as beauty strolled along beside him.

Her add had promised that she would get Jon back to normal in no time, and although Anze had assumed she wouldn’t be very intelligent, she possessed degrees in psychology from two different schools, at least, that’s what she had said. She came the most highly recommended out of any other girl, and when Darryl had seen that she was nearly the opposite of Jon’s soon-to-be ex-wife, he had hired her on the spot. Now all they had to do was make the perfect introduction. She insisted that she had to meet Jon on her own, and that if he knew he was being set up he would immediately block her out.

As they followed Jon into the park Anze set their plot into action, walking up to Jon and acting as though it was perfectly normal for him to find his friend in the park. As Anze distracted Jon Mike and Trevor popped out from behind a pair of trees, dressed in all black as they waved to Madison. She immediately recognized them and scampered off, grabbing their hands as they led her towards the swings.

“But anyway, I’ll let you get back to Maddi.” Anze said once he saw the young Quick girl had vanished.

“Thanks, I’ll see you later A…” Jon stopped as he turned to see that his daughter was gone. “Madison?” He called. He felt his heartbeat speed up as he took off, searching behind every tree and in every bush, but couldn’t find her. He began to panic, terrified some rival team fan had stolen her away as he ran through the park, screaming at the top of his lungs. “MADISON!”

“Daddy?” He spun around to see her on the swings, a chestnut head of hair in front of her as she smiled. “Hi daddy!” He ran over to her, scooping her up in his arms and gripping her tightly.

“What have I told you about running off?” He whispered. She pouted, looking at the ground.

“Don’t do it.” She admitted sheepishly.

“That’s right. You’re lucky nothing happened to you.”

“Well Miss Amerie told me to stay here and then you’d find us.” She said. “Right Miss Amerie?” Jon finally turned to see the woman who the chestnut head of hair belonged to and froze, his mouth hanging open as her bright blue eyes met his. She gave him a small smile before turning to Madison.

“So this is your daddy?” She asked. Madison gave her a big nod and the woman, Amerie, chuckled. She then turned her attention back to Jon, smiling. “You have a lovely daughter.”

“Thank you Miss… Amerie?” The woman nodded. “Thank you so much for watching her.”

“Anytime.” She promised. He shifted Madison over to his hip as he extended his free hand, giving her a small smile.

“I’m Jonathan. Jonathan Quick.”

“Amerie Delacroix.” She said, shaking his hand as his large palm nearly swallowed it whole. “Well, I should let you two get going-”

“Daddy, let’s invite her over for dinner!” Madison squeaked, smiling. Jon turned scarlet as Amerie giggled, her cheeks turning pink.

“I’m sure your father has much more interesting people to have dinner with ma chère.” Madison’s smile fell as Amerie gave them both another nod before starting to walk off.

“Miss Delacroix?” Jonathan said. She turned and he was stunned by those blue eyes again before remembering the English language. “We would actually love to have you for dinner… if you don’t mind. I mean, it’s the least I can do.” She pressed her lips together as she walked up to him, blushing.

“I actually didn’t have any plans except feeding my cat.” She admitted, looking at the grass before her eyes met his again.

“Then come have dinner with us. We insist.” He said, smiling at her. She smiled, looking over to Madison.

“Is that okay Miss Madison?” She asked. Jon couldn’t help but smile at the way Madison seemed to latch onto the woman as she bobbed her head, beaming.

“YEAH!” She cheered. “And you should bring your kitty!” Amerie laughed at that, and Jonathan noticed her adorable lopsided dimples.

“Well I don’t know if Jean Claude would like that.” She admitted. “But I’ll tell him he was invited.” Jon smiled at her again, biting his lower lip.

“So, um, do you know where Dan Tana’s is?” He asked. Her eyes went wide as she blushed again.

“Yes. But I must admit I was expecting something along the lines of Chuck E. Cheese or Red Robin.” Jonathan laughed at that, causing both Madison and Amerie to smile.

“Well, their cook has a soft spot for Maddi and makes her some of the best macaroni in all of L.A.” He then turned to his daughter, really grinning for the first time in a long time. “Right Maddi?”

“Yeah!” She cheered. “Come to Dan Tana’s Miss Amerie, please?” The lovely woman chuckled, turning back to Jon.

“Well it looks like I don’t have a choice.” She giggled. Jonathan could help but smile at her perfect little laugh, thinking it was absolutely infectious as he smiled.

“Well, we’ll meet you there then. How does seven sound?” She smiled again.

“Seven sounds perfect.” She said, grinning.

“Great.” The two just stood there for a moment, looking at each other before Madison giggled, looking knowingly between the two. Jonathan turned bright red before turning to Madison, with a stern look. “Well, I’ll see you two at seven.” Amerie said quickly, her cheeks pink.

“Great.” He said. “See you then.” She gave another small nod before walking off. And as Jon and Madison walked out of the park to make their way back home Mike, Anze, and Trevor approached her.

“Well?” Anze asked. She bit her lip, looking back to where Jon and Madison had walked off. She turned back to the others, smiling.

“You’ll have your goalie back in no time gentlemen.”
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Oh boy, he is actually the only person on the Kings I like
and his daughter is too cute