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longing to live in between

Jon was actually nervous as he and Madison sat at their table, waiting for Amerie to show up. He pulled out his phone, checking the time again to see that it was still 6:56. His foot was jiggling uncontrollably under the table and he felt like he was back in high school as he ran his fingers through his hair again, swallowing nervously. He heard a small giggle and looked over at Madison, who was giving him that knowing look again.

“What?” He asked, smiling.

“Daddy’s scared.” She said simply.

“Scared of what Maddi?”

“That Miss Amerie won’t show up.” She said, giggling. “Daddy has a crush on Miss Amerie!”

“I do not.” He said quickly, his cheeks flushing.

“Daddy’s has a crush! Daddy has a crush!” She giggled, clapping her hands together in delight. He reached over, taking her impossibly small hands in one of his own as he held them together.

“Your daddy still loves your mommy.” He said simply.

“But mommy has her new boyfriend, you should have a girlfriend.” She said simply. He chuckled, looking at his daughter as she just watched him.

“Not everything’s that simple Maddi.” He said simply.

“But mommy’s new boyfriend makes her happy, so you should be happy too.” He didn’t get a chance to respond before Madison saw something that caught her interest, causing her to squeal. “Miss Amerie!” Jon felt his head swivel on its own before his breath caught in his throat again.

She had changed from her sweater into a sundress, and her hair was perfectly wavy as she smiled at them. Jon shot up, pulling out her chair for her as his cheeks flushed. “You…uh…you look…” He was having quite a bit of trouble remembering how to speak as she sat down, giggling.

“Thank you.” She said, smiling and freeing him from trying to remember how to say the word beautiful. “And thank you for inviting me to dinner. I haven’t been out in a long time.”

“Did you bring your kitty?” Madison asked, her eyes wide. Jonathan and Amerie both chuckled, looking at her.

“No, but I do have a few pictures.” This seemed to be enough for Madison as Amerie pulled out her phone, pressing the screen a few times before scooting closer to Madison. Jon already felt a bit colder with her movement away from him as she scrolled through her photos.

“He’s a fat kitty!” Madison giggled.

“That’s because all he does is sleep.” Amerie said, smiling. “So if all you do is sleep and don’t go out and play, you’ll look like Jean Claude.”

“No! I don’t want to be a fat kitty!” Madison squeaked.

“Well then you’ll have to play lots and lots.” Amerie said, smiling. “But I’m sure you won’t end up like Jean Claude.” She assured. She then put her phone away, moving back to the center ground between Madison and Jon and causing his heart to speed up just the slightest bit. Jon wanted to say something, anything so this beautiful woman wouldn’t think he was some sort of idiot. But no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t think of a thing to say except his order when the waiter came around.

Amerie seemed content with talking to Madison, causing the small girl to laugh with stories about her cat. But as the waiter came by he gave her a coloring book and several crayons. And just like that, it was like only Amerie and Jon were at the table. He felt his palms start sweating, feeling like this was more like a date, and he hadn’t been on a date in years. He didn’t remember small talk, or flirting, or anything. He was panicking and Amerie was going to think he was a total creep. But finally, as if she could read his mind, she spoke. “So, forgive me if this sounds odd, but you look so familiar.”

“Do you watch hockey?” He asked. There was a short pause before she then chuckled, putting her head into her hands. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t believe I didn’t recognize you.” She said. “You’re Jonathan Quick, as in the Jonathan Quick, right? The goalie for the LA Kings?” He smiled, giving her a small nod as she blushed, running her hand through her hair. “I can’t believe I didn’t realize it was you.” She muttered. “I just, you don’t have a beard right now and with the shorter hair you totally threw me off.”

“Yeah, I only have a beard during the playoffs.” He said. “And I don’t cut my hair either, it gets a little gross.” She giggled again, her cheeks still pink.

“God you must think I’m so stupid.” She muttered. “I don’t even think I deserve to say I’m a Kings fan anymore.”

“You’re… you’re a fan?”

“Of course.” She said, smiling. “Why?”

“Nothing, it’s just, not a lot of people have been saying that to me this season.” He muttered. Her small smile fell before she reached over, taking his hand.

“Then they’re not a real fans. You have to love a team through good times and bad.” He felt his cheeks get warm as he looked at her, wondering if she was still talking about hockey. “Things will look up Jon, I promise. Maybe not this season, but eventually.” He bit his lip, nodding as she smiled at him, letting go of his hand. The second the contact was gone all Jon wanted to do was reestablish it, to grip her soft, warm hand and never let go, but he restrained himself.

This wasn’t a date. This was him taking the woman who’d kept his daughter from doing something stupid out to dinner to thank her, that was all. Someone as stunning as he probably had a boyfriend anyway, someone who was a lot more put together than he was right now. He knew how much it hurt to have the woman you care about leave you for another man, and he knew he couldn’t do that to Amerie’s boyfriend. So he restrained himself even though all he wanted to do was hold her hand again.

Luckily as their conversation lulled just the food arrived, Madison squealing over her macaroni and cheese as Jon and Amerie both smiled. As the small girl dove into her dinner Amerie looked over, smiling. “She’s adorable.” She said. “She looks a lot like you.”

“Thanks.” He said, smiling.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, where’s your wife?”


“Aren’t you married?” He let out a long sigh and bit his lip.

“We’re, uh… we’re actually separated.” He murmured. He felt her hand touch his again as she gave it a small squeeze.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered. He shrugged, trying to play it off like no big deal as he memorized the way her skin felt against his.

“You didn’t know.” He said simply. There was another awkward pause before he turned back to her. “So what about you? Do you have a husband or boyfriend or…?” She bit her lip and Jon knew he had said something wrong.

“I actually just got out of a relationship myself.” She said simply.


“It’s fine.” She promised, giving his hand another small squeeze before retracting it. “He and I just had… different values.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I think being faithful is very important, and he did not.” She let her eyes move back to her food as she sighed. “So I left him.”

“Amerie…” He whispered, she simply smiled at him, those perfect blue eyes causing his palms to start sweating again.

“It was a couple months ago, I’m mostly over it. Really.” She said, her dimples just making her seem that much more adorable. “So, what is the NHL like? Do you get scared when pucks start flying at your face?” He chuckled, thankful for the change of subject as he let a smile take over his face.

“It’s not as glamorous as most sports. There’s a lot of swearing and spitting and lost teeth.” He then looked into those perfect blue eyes and felt himself beam. “But it’s perfect to me.” After that conversation seemed to flow easily between the two, Jon feeling more like he was talking to an old friend then the most beautiful woman in LA. And as he quickly paid the check, ignoring her objections, he finally felt like himself for the first time in a long time.

He quickly scooped up Madison as the trio made their way out, but when they got to valet he turned to her. “Can I drive you home?” He whispered. Her cheeks flushed as he looked at her, but she bit her lip.

“My car is actually here.” She admitted. “But thank you.” She then turned to Madison, who looked on the verge of tears.

“Please don’t go Miss Amerie!” She cried, hugging the tall brunette. “Come to our house and we can play dress up and we can have a tea party and we’ll make daddy dress up too! Please?” Amerie and Jon both flushed as Madison whimpered, gripping onto Amerie’s neck.

“Madison I would love to come play, but I think you’re father’s had enough of me for one night.” She said, smiling as she moved the small girl back into her father’s arms. “Maybe I’ll see you two in the park again sometime.” She then turned to Jon, blushing before she gave him a small kiss on each cheek, causing his face to turn so red she was worried he might pass out. “Thank you for dinner, it was wonderful.” She gave another small wave, starting to walk away before Jonathan realized he couldn’t let her go.

“Amerie!” He called out. She turned around and he felt his cheeks warming up again as she walked back over.


“I uh… I have a game tomorrow and I thought you might like to come. It’s right behind the team’s bench, best seats in the house. And it would be great if someone was there to watch Madison and-” He knew he was rambling, but he had to see her again. He didn’t know what it was about this woman but he was drawn like a moth to the flame. She smiled at him, that grin making him feel like the luckiest man in the world.

“I would love to go.”

“YAY!!” Madison squealed. “You get to watch daddy beat people up!” Jon blushed, chuckling nervously.

“Maddi, that was one time.” He then turned back to Amerie, grinning. “So, um, do you want us to pick you up?”

“Sounds great.” She said. “Here, let me give you my number.” He handed her his phone and watched as her fingers moved over the screen and she grinned. “I’ll send you my address when I get home.” She said, smiling. “I forgot my phone.”

“It’s fine.” He said, grinning.

“And maybe you can come a little early so Madison can meet Jean Claude.” She said, grinning at the small girl. Madison squealed in delight, bouncing in her father’s arms.

“YEAH! Fat cat!” She cried. Amerie and Jon both started laughing again before she looked at him, giving him another smile. Jon wanted nothing more than to lean forward and kiss her, to feel her lips on his own instead of his cheek, but dismissed it. He knew by her accent she was French, or at least French Canadian, and that was how they said goodbye. It hadn’t been romantic, it had just been a custom to her. He might actually freak her out if he kissed her on their non-date, but he still wanted to.

“Well, I’ll see you two tomorrow then.” Amerie said, smiling.

“Yeah.” Jon said. “We’ll see you tomorrow.” And with that he and Madison watched her walk away before getting into her car. Jon bit his lip, a huge smile on his face as his car was finally pulled around. And as he and Madison drove home he knew that she was the happiest she’d been since he and Jaclyn told her they were separating. And all because of a beautiful woman named Amerie.
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