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I'll pick up these broken pieces

Amerie simply smiled, giving Jon a small wave as he stood on the ice during the short break of play. It was the third period, and Jon was six minutes and fourteen seconds from his first shutout of the season. He smiled, giving her a small wave back before he let his head go back to the game. As they waited for the puck to drop Adam Burish simply smirked, his eyes flicking over to Amerie and Maddi.

“Got a new girlfriend Quickie?” He hollered. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her after the game.”

“Shut the fuck up Burish.” Jon snapped, glaring at him. Burish simply gave him a small wink before turning to Amerie, mouthing more her to call him. Jon looked up, seeing Amerie flush before she simply just shook her head. Jon busted out laughing as Adam winced at the harsh rejection.

Finally the puck dropped and Jon had his eyes glued to it. They were already up by three, but he knew a shutout would be icing on the cake, and he was determined to show the world he was still the best goalie in the NHL.

So as Adam skated up to him, his eyes locked on the five hole between Jon’s legs, the handsome young goalie couldn’t help but smirk. He dropped down into the splits, grabbing the puck just as the buzzer went off. He leapt to his feet as Dustin and Anze practically tackled him, Jon throwing his stick into the air as the arena roared their approval.

Jon looked over, his eyes meeting Amerie’s as she smiled, her and Maddi cheering. He felt like he was on top of the world as he took off his helmet, throwing it into the air and not caring who it hit, because he had finally broken the King’s losing streak.

“I’m telling you, that girlfriend of yours is way the Hell out of your league.” Penner joked, ruffling Jon’s hair. “I mean, she’s dating so far down it’s like a fucking avalanche.”

“Very funny.” Jon shit back, throwing a hat on over his now disheveled hair. “And she’s not my girlfriend.”

“Right.” Anze said, smiling at his friend. “And she definitely hasn’t sucked your cock either, right?”

“No, she hasn’t.” Jon said simply.

“What?!” Mike demanded. “You have a piece off ass that hot and she hasn’t sucked you off yet?”

“Jesus Christ.” Jon muttered, feeling his cheeks starting to get red. He quickly took off his hat, trying to hide his flushed cheeks by running his hands through his hair.

“Aww, he’s blushing!” Jeff teased, walking over and pinching Jon’s cheeks. “That’s so fucking cute.”

“Well if she’s not your girlfriend, that means I can fuck her right?” Penner asked, smirking.

“God, go back to your porno shoot you fucking animal.” Jeff chuckled. “Jon’s obviously just a little rusty in the art of seduction, right Jon?”

Jon sighed, quickly pulling on his jeans. “Well, she is staying over tonight.” He muttered.

“You’re going to hit that right?” Anze pressed. “I mean, fuck man, she’s volunteering for sleepovers-”

“It’s not what you think.” Jon said simply. “Maddi invited her, it’s just for her.”

“But when Maddi falls asleep…” Penner smirked before he threw his head back, starting to moan, his voice struggling to sound feminine as he did so. “Oh Jon, oh yes! OH GOD JON RIGHT THERE! YES JON YES!

“That’s a little too convincing Penner.” Mike teased.

“Fuck off.” Penner shot back. “You see, if Jon gave me a shot with her, I’d probably rip her in half.”

“You know, I think Jessica would love to hear this conversation.” Jeff joked. However a sharp knock on the door caused everyone to stop talking before it slowly opened, and Jon recognized Amerie’s voice immediately.

“Are you sure it’s okay for us to go in here?” She asked.

“For the millionth time, yes.” Nicole giggled, she then stuck her head in the door, looking at the team. “Cover it up guys!” Jon quickly threw on his shirt as Nicole strode in, walking over to her husband before Amerie timidly followed, Maddi practically pulling her forward.

“Daddy!” She squealed, running over to Jon and jumping up into his open arms. “Me and Miss Amerie got popcorn and she let me have ice cream with lots and lots of sprinkles! And then we watched you kick butt!” Jon chuckled, his eyes moving over to Amerie as Madison told him about how many different colors of sprinkles she had on her ice cream.

“Nice game.” Amerie said, blushing and chewing her lower lip.

“Thanks.” He said. There was an uncomfortable silence and Jon felt like everyone in the locker room was staring at him. He nervously cleared his throat, his gaze moving back to Maddi. “So, what did you guys do before the game?”

“You must be Jon’s girlfriend!” Jeff said, walking over and smiling at Amerie. “I’m Jeff.”

“Amerie, but I’m not…” She looked at Jon for help, but before he could say a word Maddi squealed out.

“Miss Amerie is coming over tonight for a sleepover!” Jon and Amerie both turned burgundy as Jeff simply smirked.

“Really now?” He asked. “Well, if you’re ever looking for someone who’s not so… quick I’d love to take you out to dinner sometime.”

“Goodbye Jeff.” Jon said, giving Jeff a glare usually reserved for the opposing team.

“Yeah! Go away Jeff!” Maddi said, copying her father’s glare. “Miss Amerie is for daddy.”

Maddi.” Jon whispered. He then cleared his throat, grabbing his jacket. “Good game guys.” With that he set his free hand on the small of Amerie’s back, leading her out of the locker room as she just stayed quiet, her cheeks bright red. “Oh my God, I am so sorry.”

“It’s fine.” She promised. “I just uh…” There was a small silence before she blushed again, shaking her head. “It’s fine.” The pair were silent, Maddi gushing about her ice cream being the only talking as they all got into Jon’s car and he quickly drove them back to her flat so she could grab some clothes. Maddi all but ran to the door, desperate to see Jean Claude once again as Jon and Amerie hung back.

“Look.” He said finally. “If you don’t feel comfortable with this…” He stopped, looking back up into those bright blue eyes of hers. “I mean, you won’t be hurting my feelings.”

“It’s alright, I’ll just, um, be sleeping in Maddi’s room right?”

“Right.” She nodded, unlocking the door as Maddi took off, desperate to find Jean Claude. Amerie chuckled, moving to follow her inside, but Jon reached out, gently grabbing her arm. “Amerie-” As she turned to face him he wanted nothing more than to crash his lips to hers. He wanted to grab her and tell her she was beautiful and that he wanted her to be his. But he couldn’t bring himself to say the words. “You shouldn’t date Jeff. He’s kind of an asshole.”

“Right.” She said simply, licking her lips nervously. “I uh, wasn’t really planning on it. But thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.” There was another uncomfortable silence and he could have sworn she looked disappointed as she chuckled.

“Can I have my arm back now?” Jon turned bright red when he realized he was still gripping her arm and immediately let go.

“Sorry.” She simply giggled, that chuckle making him have to smile.

“It’s fine.” She promised. With that she walked off, leaving him alone with his thoughts in the doorway until Maddi strolled up, Jean Claude in tow.

“He’s coming over too.” She said simply. Jean Claude let out a long meow before purring, nuzzling against Maddi.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea honey. Besides, you already get Miss Amerie.” Maddi simply looked at her father, giving him that knowing smirk again.

“You and Miss Amerie kissed.” Jon blushed again, quickly closing the door.

“No, we didn’t.”


“Because Amerie isn’t your mommy.”

“Mommy’s boyfriend isn’t you and they kiss.” She said simply. “And she’s pretty.”

“That doesn’t mean I should kiss her.”



“Because why?”

“We’re not having this conversation right now.” He said simply. There was a short silence before Maddi simply looked at him, her head falling to one side.


“I’m ready.” Amerie said, walking out with her bag and that perfect smile. Jon felt his heart speed up as he simply looked at her, wondering how someone as perfect as her was possibly single.

“Miss Amerie, you should kiss daddy.” Maddi said, smiling as she walked up to Amerie. The French Canadian turned scarlet, awkwardly clearing her throat.

“I don’t really think-”

“You make him happy.” Maddi said simply. “Like how mommy’s boyfriend makes her happy. So you should kiss daddy.”

“Madison Quick.” Jon scolded, picking her up as she let go of Jean Claude. “We’ll discuss this when we get home.” He then turned back to Amerie, opening his mouth to apologize, but she simply held up her hand and he knew it had already been accepted. He smiled softly as the three of them made their way back out to Jon’s car, an awkward air sitting between Amerie and Jon.

“So, first lockout of the season.” Amerie said, smiling. “Good work.”

“Well, it was only San Jose, but thanks.” He said. The two of them then lapsed into the easy topic of hockey as they made the drive to Jon’s house. Maddi simply sat in the back, smiling the entire way before they finally pulled up to the massive house. Amerie seemed a bit taken aback at the luxurious beach front property. Jaclyn had taken the old house to live with Tuukka, so Jon had bought this. He loved being able to run on the beach I the morning, and when he saw Amerie, staring in awe at the sun setting over the water he was glad he’d bought it.

“Come on Miss Amerie! Come see my room!” Madison squealed, grabbing Amerie’s hand and tugging her inside. Jon smiled, grabbing her bag for her and beginning to walk inside when something caught his eye. He looked back to make sure neither of the girls saw him as he turned to her bag, pulling out a sheer, short, blue nightgown. He felt his jaw practically his the floor as his cheeks flushed. Millions of images of Amerie in this, walking over to him before she pressed her lips to his flooded his mind.

“Are you coming Jon?” He shoved it back in her bag just as Amerie walked out, Maddi in tow. She cocked an eyebrow when she saw how flushed he was.

“Yeah.” He said simply, smiling at her. He jogged over, handing her the bag and trying to think of her in anything but that sexy little scrap of fabric. But he knew one thing for sure, this was going to be an interesting night.
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