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i just want you

Amerie just looked at Jon for a moment, and he knew he was about to get the third degree, but luckily Madison saved him. She grabbed both their hands, dragging them inside as she begged Amerie to come see her room. Jon thanked every god he could think of as the trio made their way inside and he saw Amerie’s eyes grow huge. She just stood in the doorway for a moment, mouth agape, causing Jon to smile.

“It’s a lot bigger than it looks huh?” She simply nodded, taking in the massive beach front property before she finally snapped to her senses. Her cheeks flushed as she looked at Jon sheepishly.


“It’s fine.” He assured. They both just looked at each other for a moment before Madison tugged sharply on both their hands, bringing their attention back to the young girl. She smiled quickly at Jon before grabbing Amerie and tugging her off towards her room, gushing about all her toys and the new tea set Jon had bought for her. Jon couldn’t help but blush as he just stood there with her bag, watching her go. Amerie just seemed to step right into the role of a mother as she walked with Madison, her attention focused on the adorable young girl. Jon knew his daughter could be a handful at times, and the way Amerie handled her so gracefully still caught him a bit off guard.

Curiosity overcame him as he quickly made his way to the guest room, setting down Amerie’s bag before making his way back down to his daughter’s room. He stayed quiet, creeping up to the doorway to see Amerie getting the grand tour and story behind each and every toy. But as Madison picked up a large, fluffy rabbit he cringed, already knowing the story behind that one.

“And this is Mr. Snuggles, mommy’s new boyfriend got him for me.” Madison said, poking the pink rabbit in the stomach. “But if smells funny, just like Tuba.”

“Tuba?” Amerie asked. Madison gave her a big nod, her pigtails bouncing as she did so.

“Mommy’s boyfriend. Tuba Rash.” Jon couldn’t help but bust out laughing, causing both women to turn to look at him. He quickly got a hold of his laughter, clearing his throat.

“His name is Tuukka, honey.” Jon said, still struggling not to laugh. He looked over at Amerie to see her biting back a smile of her own, her blue eyes on the floor.

“Yeah, Tuba Rash.” Madison insisted. Jon and Amerie couldn’t hold it back any longer before they both busted out laughing, Amerie grabbing her sides after a while as Madison just stood there, a confused look on her face. Finally Amerie was the first to get a hold of her laughter, giving Madison a tight hug.

“So, where did you get your other toys?” She asked, quickly trying to change the subject as Jon still struggled to get his laughter under control. Finally he stepped out of the room, taking a few minutes to compose himself before he made his way back in. Maddi ran up to him, grabbing his arm and dragging him towards the small table. Amerie was already sitting there, a small tiara on her head and a smile on her lips that made Jon’s entire body feel warm. He smiled back, taking the seat beside her as Madison grabbed the teapot.

“So, daddy, this is the princess ball, so be a princess.” Amerie struggled to hold back a grin as Jon reached back into a chest, pulling out a tiara and setting it on his head. He smiled stupidly at Amerie, who was struggling not to bust out laughing. “Now, Princess Amerie, how is Canada land?”

“Canada land is good. Lots of maple syrup.” She said, smiling as the small Quick girl poured her an imaginary glass of tea. “And the prince is quite charming, I think he would like you.”

“Absolutely not.” Jon chuckled.

“Daddy, you’re a princess, not daddy.”

“Right.” He apologized, putting his hands up. “But you see, I happen to think that the prince of Canada land is a bit too old for you.”

“Well then maybe you’d be more interested in him Princess Jon.” Amerie giggled.

“No.” Jon said quickly. “Not my type.”

“Well I feel like a marriage between Canada land and America land might be a strong bond. We’d be good allies.” Jon looked at her, chuckling as Madison just looked at them. She cocked her head to one side before smiling, pouring them both another glass of fake tea.

“Maddi, I’m-”

Princess Maddi.” The small girl corrected. Jon chuckled again.

Princess Maddi, I’m going to go get us some snacks.” He then smiled at Amerie. “Keep the princess of Canada land safe while I’m gone.” Amerie blushed slightly, smiling into her teacup as Jon quickly stood, making his way out of the room and into the kitchen.

He put on a pot of coffee, grabbing some well needed Tylenol as he did so. He could already feel his back starting to ache and sighed, knowing he needed to slow down. He body wasn’t bouncing back quite as fast as before, and that thought gave him a bit of a chill.

“You alright?” He turned to see Amerie standing in the doorway, watching him as he gripped his back. He dropped his hand as fast as he could, smiling.

“Yeah, just a little sore from the game is all.” He promised. She nodded, looking at him with those bright blue eyes and he felt his face get warm. “So, where’s Maddi?”

“She told me to help you with the snacks.” She said, she then smirked lightly at him. “Something about you burning everything.”

“Hey, I play hockey, so baking isn’t exactly my forte.” She giggled at that and Jon felt like the luckiest guy in the world. She stepped into the kitchen, grinning.

“Well, lucky for you my parents owned a bakery, I probably know more about your oven than you do.”

“That’s not an impressive feat.” He chuckled. She smiled again and both of them just looked at each other for a moment. Jon felt his heart racing as those stunning blue eyes stayed locked on his, but finally she cleared her throat.

“Where do you keep your sugar and flour?” She said, quickly turning away, “And if you have an apron that would be magnifique.”

“Uh, I think I do.” He then started opening drawers as he pointed to one of the cabinets. “The flour and that stuff is in there.”

“Merci.” Amerie said, her cheeks still red as she quickly pulled out the sugar, flour, and baking powder. There wasn’t much more conversation except Jon helping her find various items in the kitchen. Finally everything was assembled on the counter and she just glanced at him, her cheeks still a light shade of pink. “Um, if you want you can go play with Maddi, I can do this.”

Jon knew the old him would have accepted the offer in a second, using his daughter as a barrier like he always did. But as he looked at Amerie, he felt a smile tug at his lips. “Maddi will be fine, let me help you.” As Amerie slowly smiled, giving him a view of that perfect grin, Jon felt as though a fire had been lit in him, warming his entire body in a way he hadn’t felt since his and Jaclyn’s wedding day.


Things still stayed pretty quiet with the exception of Amerie giving him instructions, how to coat the pan, mixing the batter just right, it seemed like she was born to do this sort of thing. But finally as they popped the first batch in the oven, Jon felt his curiosity about the stunning French Canadian boil over.

“So, your parents owned a bakery?” She nodded.

“They still do, it’s just a small one in a quiet little village called Deschambault. We got a lot of tourists, so I spent every summer in there baking with my parents.” He watched as she smiled softly, hey eyes a million miles away.

“Do you go and visit?” He asked, she blinked several times, almost as though she’d just woken up, and turned to him.

“Um… no.” She said softly.

“Why not?” She looked horribly uncomfortable and Jon knew he shouldn’t have asked, but she answered before he could retract his question.

“My parents and I had a bit of a falling out.” She murmured.

“Amerie, I’m so sorry-” But she waved away the rest of his sentence with a flick of her wrist.

“You didn’t know.” She said simply. “But you see we French are very passionate, so we can hold a grudge for a very, very long time.” She then pressed her lips together, leaning back against the counter.

“Well, if you don’t mind me asking, what happened?” She licked her lips slowly before beginning to gnaw her lower one so violently Jon was afraid she might chew a hole right through it. But just as she opened her mouth to speak, he set a hand on her shoulder. “You don’t have to tell me.”

“Jon, it’s fine.”

“Obviously it’s not.” He whispered. Their eyes locked again as Jon’s hand stayed on her shoulder, causing both of them to blush. He then slowly lifted his other hand, letting it mirror the first before he pulled her into his arms. She was a bit surprised at first, but then slowly slipped her arms around him, gripping him tightly and burying her face in his chest.

“Thank you.” She said finally.

“You’re welcome.” Even though they both knew they should let go, neither one did, until a small giggle caused them both to turn to the door, red faced. Madison was rocking back and forth on her heels, a grin on her lips so wide that both adults figured it had to be hurting the small girls face.

“Watcha doin?” She asked, the smile not leaving.

“We’re baking you cookies.” Amerie said quickly. But it was obvious the small girl didn’t believe a word of it. Luckily the oven dinged, saving both Jon and Amerie as he quickly pulled out the pan, smiling at the perfect little Madeline cookies. Jon then scooped Madison up, causing the small girl to giggle as he let her see the cookies.

“Now what do you say to Miss Amerie?” He asked.

“Thank you Miss Amerie!” Madison squealed, grinning from ear to ear at the sweet treats. Jon and Amerie simply chuckled, setting the cookies on a plate before the trio made their way back to Maddi’s room to discuss a princess treaty.

As Jon tucked Madison in a few hours later Amerie just stood in the doorway, a look of awe on her face. For someone who was so brutal on the ice, Jon was an absolute teddy bear when it came to his daughter. She blushed at the memory of his warm embrace in the kitchen, the smell of his shampoo and the feeling of his stubble against her skin. She had felt so safe and secure in his arms that it made her stomach twist into knots. But she knew that these feelings were breaking one of her biggest rules. ‘Never develop a crush or romantic attachment on your client’

It was unprofessional and it could destroy her entire career that she’d sacrificed so much for already. So no matter how perfect of a guy Jon was, she had to remember this was a business agreement and nothing more. She was simply a tool to get Jon back into hockey mode, she was being paid to make him a winner again and she couldn’t do that if her mind was jumbled with romantic fairy tales like the ones Jon read to Madison every night.

She was pulled by her thought by Jon walking towards her, gently closing the door to Madison’s room behind him. “She’s asleep.” He whispered. Amerie nodded as the two made their way back out to the living room. “Do you want some coffee or wine or…?” She pressed her lips together, smiling at him.

“Jon, maybe I should go.” She whispered. He stopped, looking a her as if she’d just confessed she was secretly a man.


“I just… I know you just got out of you marriage, and I don’t want to rush you into this if you’re not ready.” He looked at her for a long time before leaning against the back of the couch, looking at her with those perfect puppy dog eyes.

“Amerie, I know that we haven’t known each other for a long time but…” He pressed his lips together, wringing his hands nervously. “Please stay.” She sighed, knowing that her previous rule was getting pushed aside for rule number one. ‘Above all else, keep your client happy.’ She let out a small sigh before putting on her perfect, fake smile.

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