Kings and Queens


Mike’s POV
There was no denying the fact that the whole party was buzzed. Not drunk; buzzed. And maybe I was on cloud nine because Bridgette let me keep my arm around the back of her chair throughout the whole meal. In the past, if I so much as brushed her arms, she’d smirk up at me and adjust herself so that she was just out of reach. It, just like that sexy Southern accent, drove me insane.

@M_Richie10- Happy birthday to the always gorgeous @therealbridge87! Here’s to 25 years! #betterwithage

I’d attached a picture of the two of us and was even a little excited to hear the speculation about what our relationship status was. Right now, it could probably be labeled as ‘it’s complicated’ in every sense of the word. Sometimes, I felt like I was getting somewhere. And other times, she shut me down left and right. After the Vancouver game though, Bridgette seemed a little more relaxed and had eased up on the constant banter between us.

@therealbridge87- Well aren’t you just the sweetest thing? @M_Richie10 Thanks for the birthday wishes! On to part 2 of the night with everyone!

“To the club!” I slung an arm around her shoulders just waiting for her to shy away. But she didn’t. “Riding with Penner, Lang?”

Bridgette’s older sister looked up from her conversation with Dustin. “Yeah, I think so. Jeff?”

“I’ll third wheel it with you two, love birds,” he said to her. “Let these to have some alone time.” He wiggled his eyebrows before jerking upwards and rubbing his shin. “Ow!”

“Watch it,” Bridgette pointed a painted nail at him. “Or it’ll be worse next time.”

In the parking lot, as we all went our separate ways, Bridgette was stopped by a group of people. They were fans apparently and she gladly stopped to sign autographs and take pictures as they wished her happy birthday.

“Thank you guys so much!” she gushed as a blush crept up her cheeks. Bridgette looked at one of the red headed girls. “You look just like Jessica Chastain! I’m so jealous of your hair. If I could be a ginger, I would.”

It was nice to see how genuine she was with her fans. Bridgette kept the same smile on her face as she had with her sister, me, and pretty much everyone else. There was no denying the fact that she was still pinching herself about her so called ‘stardom’.

“Thanks for being cool about that,” she brushed my forearm with her hand. “It’s nice that you actually understand that part of everything.”

“Don’t worry about it, Bridge,” I assured her. “I get it.”

“At least we weren’t buying condoms,” I winked and she rolled her eyes.

“Grow up, Richards,” a laugh came out of her pink lips. “But yeah, a good thing for sure.”

“You do look great tonight,” I told her again, if only to see the pink creep up her neck again. But it was the truth. “I don’t think I can tell you enough.”

“Well you’re looking pretty dapper yourself,” she nudged my arm with her elbow. “Blue looks good on you.”

We lapsed into a comfortable silence as I helped her into the car and we began the short drive to the club Penner had suggested. It was more upscale apparently and things wouldn’t get out of hand like last time.

“I never gave you your gift,” I realized as we bypassed the long line of people hoping to get in.

Bridgette smiled kindly. “You paid for dinner, Mike. Probably more than was necessary with the wine we were all drinking. That was more than-,” but she was cut off by Jeff’s arms around her torso as he lifted up into the air.

“Welcome to the party, girl!”

Bridgette laughed and squeezed my hand as he led her to the VIP bar for a drink. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of something in my chest as I watched Carsty pull her into his side as he ordered her whatever it was that she wanted. But he wouldn’t do anything, I knew that much.

“Will you two just bang already?” Dustin’s voice breaks the silence of my thoughts and I’m surprised to hear the long absent vulgarity in his voice. “It’s fucking annoying.”

“Well… look who’s… normal,” I said slowly. “And it’s not like I haven’t been trying.”

“She doesn’t want a guy that just wants to sleep with her,” Langley sighed as she stole a drink of Penner’s beer. “Bridge won’t admit it, but she wants a good guy. It’s all fun and games to have a fuck buddy that couldn’t give two shits about whether it’s your birthday or not until someone gets feelings. And knowing my sister, she’d be the one to get hurt.”

“I do care about her birthday.” And I did.

Langley gave me a sort of smile. “Then prove it to her. Don’t let her use Cartsy’s gift.”

Before I could ask her to explain what she meant, she was leading Dustin to a booth to sit down and I was left staring at the birthday girl and my best friend heading to the dance floor. I watched Bridgette and Jeff dance for all of two minutes before I ordered my own shot at the bar, gulped it down, and went off to join them.

Being a gentleman could wait a few hours.


Bridgette’s POV
Jeff led me away from the bar after we’d quickly downed a shot. Not far from the secluded corners of the VIP lounge was a dance floor that was packed to the edges. For an exclusive club, there were a lot of people out and about.

A fast, Latin beat pumped through the speakers and moved my hips to the rhythm as Jeff kept an arm around me. But before long, I caught sight of a familiar body making its way through the mass of people to us.


“Couldn’t let you two have all the fun,” he yelled into my ear as he started moving behind me.

I gulped as I felt him wrap an arm around my upper torso so that I was practically flush against him. Not missing a beat, Jeff smirked down at me and gave me a wink. They were both radiating heat and if my face hadn’t already been red from Mike’s actions, it would be with my own personal furnaces of dancing partners.

I was well aware of the fact that there had to be a photographer or two around and if for some crazy reason there wasn’t, cell phones would capture the moment for sure. But I was buzzed enough not care. Although by then, after three glasses of wine at the restaurant and a shot of vodka just at the bar, I was more drunk than buzzed.

Eventually, Jeff disappeared with a dark haired girl and I was left alone with Mike. My body still pressed against his chest, I could feel the buttons of his dark blue dress shirt pressing into my back. Practically the moment we’d stepping over the threshold, Mike had popped the top few buttons and rolled up the sleeves. As if the perfectly tailored charcoal gray dress pants didn’t showcase his muscles enough.

“Who knew you could dance like this,” he teased, his voice deep.

“I’m just full of surprises,” I wrapped my hand around his that was enveloping my ribcage. “But I bet this is the only way you can dance.”

Practically on cue, the music changed to a much slower song and Mike whipped me around. A smile was spread across his face.

“I’ll just have to prove you wrong,” he pulled me close again. But this time, he kept his arms loose around my hips and I rested my head against his chest. I’d never been more aware of the fact that I was so short around him. In my heels, he probably had a good three or four inches on me. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so safe. It felt good.

But the real romance didn’t last long. Soon enough, all of us, including Langley and Dustin, were crowded around the bar for more shots. And it wasn’t long before I was thoroughly hammered.

In my drunken state, and probably even if I was sober, I liked the way it felt to have Mike’s arm around me and his hand on my waist. His thumb that was tracing lazy circles against the lace of my dress was very distracting and suddenly, I knew I needed to do something about it.

Over the music, I talked into his ear.

“I have a hotel room,” my voice was a little too slow. “We could go and you could finally get what you wanted.”

Mike was definitely more near sober than I was. In fact, he’d been careful with what he’d been drinking and could probably make the drive to the Hilton that the key card was for.

He looked at me for a long minute. I could tell he was debating. He wanted to go. I could see that much in his eyes. But something was stopping him. And I would have bet any money on the fact that she had a name.


She’d most surely talked to him about the kind of man I wanted. And she had probably been one hundred percent correct.

“No,” he shook his head. “Not tonight.”

“But it’s my birthday,” I practically whined. “And it was a gift from Jeffy.”

“We’ll get you a refund,” Mike promised. “You can go another night.” He stood up and offered me his hand. “Let’s get you home.”

And soon enough, I was having my head shielded from the roof of his fancy car as I settled into the passenger’s seat and we began the short drive back to the condo.

“Key,” Mike said as he all but carried me up the porch steps.

“Under the plant,” I muttered with my head on his shoulder. In my stupor, I couldn’t remember if one was in my clutch or not.

Mike knew the way to my room, he’d been there before as he waited on me to get ready for one of our many walks, and he slowly found his way in the dark.

“Sit.” Mike pulled off my shoes and he even carefully took out my earrings. “I’d have you change, but then we’d both be in trouble.”

I nodded sleepily, but before I could hit the pillows, he was holding me up by my shoulders.

“Your birthday gift,” he said and I felt the weight of something around my neck. And right after, a soft kiss to my cheek. “Night, birthday girl.”

Mike covered me with the comforter and before I could ask him to stay like I wanted, my world was going dark and my breathing evened out.
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