Kings and Queens


Dustin turned his head and smiled at the door, “Look who’s leaving together.”

I turned my head to see Bridgette walking out the front doors with Mike half holding her. I held back a laugh as I turned back to the group in front of us. The guys all had the same smile that I assumed was on my face; the “I fucking knew it!” smile.

Dustin set his beer on the table while one arm was around my shoulders. He leaned back against the couch we were perched on, “Now that she’s gone, you can have some fun.”

“I’ve been having fun,” I protested.

“You’ve been making sure your baby sister stayed safe all night,” he raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve been watching to make sure she didn’t vomit on her dress,” I corrected him.

“Either way,” he turned into me and put his hand on my thigh, “I was thinking that you and I should…”

“Penner!” Stoll yelled.

Dustin’s nostrils flared but he turned his head, “Can I help you?”

“Carter needs a ride, he’s a fucking mess.”

I cringed at that statement, Jeff and fucking mess did not sound good in the same sentence. I glanced at Dustin, “You want to leave? We can come right back,” he offered.

“No, it’s getting late and you guys have to leave tomorrow afternoon.”

“Where is he?” Dustin kept his eyes on me but was talking to his teammate.

A half hour later we had Jeff in the backseat singing along to the country station playing in Dustin’s car. Dustin looked pissed, but I found it pretty amusing.

Jeff sang every word to “Before He Cheats” at the top of his lungs and I was gasping for air with my lungs ready to explode from laughing so hard. Dustin looked over at me with a straight face before cracking up too, “Who is this guy?” he asked.

“I’m Jeff Fucking Carter!” Jeff sat up from his original position of lying on his back, “And you two need to have sex,” he pointed between us, “Pull over! I’ll watch and give you tips.”

I pushed Jeff’s head and he fell into the lying position again, “If I don’t get to have sex with you, then you need to have sex with Pennnnnsssss,” he slurred, “Get it in!”

I blushed and wondered if Dustin was turning red at all or if he was used to the incessant annoyingness of his teammates.

We pulled up to Mike and Jeff’s place and somehow got Jeff out of the vehicle at the same point Mike was walking out of my condo, “That quick, eh Richie?” Dustin called to him.

Mike threw up his middle finger and I laughed, “You play nice in there?” I asked him.

“Perfect gentleman,” he sighed, “Fucking sucks.”

“Give it time buddy,” I stood on my tip toes and kissed his cheek, “Thank you for tonight, I know she
appreciates it and will appreciate you leaving her wanting more.”

He gave me a smirk, “Those Southern accents,” he turned to Dustin who was helping Jeff up the steps, “Has she used her accent on you Penner? I swear to God it gets you hard in a second.”

I hit his arm and Dustin shook his head with a laugh, “She doesn’t have to.”

Mike winked at me as he ran to help Dustin. After they were in the door Dustin came back over to me, “You sure you don’t want to head back, it’s really not that late.”

I shook my head and he bounced on his heels, “Want to go somewhere else?”

I bit my lip, “Where?”

“I don’t know,” he looked so innocent and adorable when he was like this, “Walk?”

“Sure,” I agreed.

He took my hand and led me toward the beach. I stopped to take off my heels and he took off his shoe and socks and rolled up his pants. It wasn’t freezing out, probably about seventy degrees or so, but with the breeze coming in off the ocean it was a little chilly.

“You have fun tonight?” he asked.

“I did, how about you?”

“Yeah,” he pulled me into his side.

I was so short next to him, especially in my bare feet. I felt safe though, like if someone came up to us and tried to mug me, he would have been able to push them away with his finger, and only his finger.

“What’d Mike mean about you being normal again?” I looked up at him and asked.

He chuckled, “I haven’t been myself with the divorce. I’m normally a pretty outgoing, no filter kind of guy; I just say whatever comes to my head and I don’t regret it.”

I nodded as he stopped walking, “I haven’t felt normal in a while, I’ve been distant and quiet.”

“You still are pretty quiet,” I said.

He nodded, “I’m getting there though, back to my normal self.”

I looked away when I realized I didn’t know this guy at all. I knew him as being a little shy and quiet, but that wasn’t him apparently. I didn’t mind when he had said some of the more vulgar things, hell I was usually the one saying them in my group of friends, but I did mind that I was falling for someone who hadn’t seemed to find himself yet.

I pulled away from him, “What’s wrong?” he asked.

I took a deep breath, “I should go home.”

“Hey,” he grasped my arm, “Did I do something wrong?”

“No Dusty,” I shook my head, “You’re doing everything right, I’m just not…” I paused, “I’m not…”

“You’re not into me,” he pursed his lips together and nodded, “I get it. Why would you be? I’m this dumb jock and you’re this,” he looked away and shook his head, “I get it Lang.”

I bit my lip, “Dustin, you’re not a dumb jock.”

“No,” he waved his hands to his sides, “I am and you’re this smart, beautiful girl who could get any guy…”

“I don’t know you,” I interrupted him, “If this isn’t you and this is the only guy I know, I don’t know you. you’re just starting to get on with your life and you’re doing exactly what you should be doing right now, you’re slowly starting to be yourself again and rebounding,” I smiled at him, “You haven’t done anything wrong, I have.”

“What have you done wrong?” he stepped toward me.

“I started to fall for a guy who isn’t ready for what I am,” I was holding back the tears, “I made this more than it is in my mind.”

“Langley,” he grabbed me by the hips, “What did you make this out to be?”

I broke away from him, completely embarrassed by what I had said and gotten myself into, “More than it was,” I started to walk toward the condo.

“Lang,” he easily caught up with me and turned me around to face him, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to be a rebound,” I shook my head and sniffled back a tear, “I want more than that, I’m ready for more.”

He dropped his arms from my body, giving me the answer I expected and dreaded at the same time. Dustin was out looking for a good time after his divorce and he should be, I couldn’t fault him for that and I wouldn’t. I was the dumb one who thought that maybe, just maybe I was falling for the right guy.

I put my hand on one of his cheeks and managed to prop myself up enough to kiss his other one, “Get yourself back to normal, have some fun,” I smiled even though I didn’t want to.

His huge hand wrapped around my wrist, “I am having fun, I’m getting back to normal Lala, all because of you.”

“Glad I could help,” I gave him another fake smile.

“Langley, please,” he shook his head, “This isn’t a rebound thing, I promise. I’ll cuss, yell, make inappropriate jokes,” he paused, “Lang, I’m not using you for a rebound girl, you’re helping me yes, but you’re not a rebound.”

“Not now, but in time that’s how you’ll think of me,” I ran back to my condo.
The next morning I woke up and felt like death. I went down to the kitchen to make myself a little breakfast and some coffee, hoping to not think of Dustin Penner. I let Bridgette’s dog out in the backyard first before heading toward the kitchen.

On my walk to the kitchen I noticed something in the large bay window facing our front porch. I walked toward it, but couldn’t quite make out what was sitting out there in one of our chairs. I opened the front door and took the step out, “What are…”

Dustin shot up from the chair, “You just walked away, I couldn’t let you do that.”

“You slept here?” I noted his clothes from the previous night.

He nodded, “Are you fucking crazy?!”

He nodded again.

“Get inside,” I was ready to scold him like a five year old.

He walked into the condo, but he didn’t make it far because he was on top of me the second I closed the door. His lips assaulted mine in a kiss that made my toes curl, “You’re not a rebound,” he had me pinned against the back of the door.

“You said that you’re not yourself…”

He kissed me softly this time, “I’m getting there Lang,” his hand grazed my hip bone that was showing because of my t-shirt, “You're bringing me back," he looked into my eyes.

I closed my eyes and let the feel of him on my skin take over. He had been so forceful in the beginning and was now now so sweet and gentle, it was a contradiction and it was a mind fuck, I couldn’t handle it.

I shoved him back but he went nowhere. He hoisted me into his arms with my legs wrapped around him and started for the kitchen, “I need food before I show you what you’re doing for me,” he smiled, “I make some pretty good pancakes.”

I went to make a joke about his pancake fiasco a couple months back but was interrupted by Bridgette walking, “Sick, did you two even sleep last night?”

I threw a dishtowel at her and Dustin buried his head in the crook of my neck, “I fell for you too Lala,” he whispered as she sluggishly walked around the kitchen, “I promise you that you’re no rebound, you’re it.”

“Get a fucking room,” Bridgette croaked after drinking a gallon of water.

“Cranky?” I laughed at her expense.

“I fucking hate you,” she walked away.

“That’s a nice necklace you’ve got around your neck Bridgie! Guess Mike’s not so bad, eh?”

She flipped me the bird before walking through the doorway, “Better make her some pancakes too, if you don’t throw your back out in the process,” I hopped off the counter.

He grabbed my arm at the elbow, ignoring my joke at his expense, “I’m serious Langley." I was starting to cave.
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Alrighty, so first of all go and tell saudade Happy birthday because she's 15 today!!!!! :)

Second of all, keep commenting! They're awesome! I really love that you guys are feeling the Dustin Penner thing lol. I kinda figured you guys would be like "Who is he?" and I'd have to explain that he's an adorably, giant of a man, who played for the Kings and prlly is a dbag, but not in this least not much :P

Thirdly, (is that a word? Idc) Think Langley's smart? SHould she feel like that? Does she have a reason? How cute was it that he slept on their porch...or maybe his car that was parked there, but there in general? lol