Kings and Queens


I sighed, closing the magazine. It was a habit my agent and publicist had gotten me into early on in my career. 'Read my interviews.' It was tedious work to reread what came out of my mouth but I had learned a lot in the early days.

It was in Cosmo, talking about my movie that just wrapped, what's to come for me, and of course, my love life.

I'm painfully single! Right now, it's just my girls and me. My sister, Langley, my dog, Rhonda, and me. I like it that way.

Sure, I was one of the girls that liked hanging out with guys. Males are a totally different breed than women and sometimes it's nice to get a piece of that. Just because I went out for drinks with a group of guy friends doesn't mean I'm dating all of them.

"'Sup?" I asked Langley as she came into the living room of our sunny beachside condo.

She shrugged. "Just reading scripts. You?"

I picked up Rhonda and let her curl into my lap. "Nothing." I sighed again. "God, I feel like I have nothing to do now that Can't Stop Now is over. I feel so...bored."

My sister laughed and flicked through the magazine spread of me, stopping at a picture of me in short-shorts and a tight, revealing top. She raised her eyebrows teasingly.

"Give me that!" I snatched it away. "It's Cosmo. What do you expect?"

She shrugged it off. "Let's do dinner tonight. Just us. We've been so busy lately."

"I just want to sleep though," I complained. "Can we order in?"

Langley was already half way to her phone across the room and ordering from hopefully our favorite sushi place.

"We've got a new neighbor, by the way," she said as she dialed. "Next door."

I cocked my head. In the summer heat, I had been so preoccupied with staying cool that I hadn't even noticed a moving truck. "Wonder who it is."

"Who he is," Langley added.

I held Rhonda in my arms and walked over to the glass French doors that led to the beach. Off to the left, I saw a man, probably around my age, with his own dog. He threw a stick to the lab and the dog would splash about in the shallow waves.

He turned and saw me peering at him. I offered a wave, which he returned. He had a nice smile, but it seemed a little bittersweet.
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I'm so sorry it's so short! But this was just to introduce Bridgette through her own eyes and I'm sure we'll have another update out to you soon. This story is the product of hours and hours of work. But I think you'll all enjoy reading it as much as we've enjoyed writing.

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