Kings and Queens


Did she make me happy? Was she insane? Langley had literally brought me back from the dead. Every night since I had met her I had gone to sleep with a smile on my face, woken up with a new outlook on life, and started to regain my sense of humor and normally positive outlook on things.

I moved my hands to her thighs, wrapped my fingers around them, and pulled her closer to me. I stood between her legs and kissed her forehead, “Don’t you see?”

Her head shook, telling me that she didn’t. I moved my lips to the side of her head, right next to her ear, “I’m the one who doesn’t deserve to be this happy,” I whispered to her, “But I am baby. I want you to be too.”

“Can you take me home,” she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Anything you want Lala.”

I lifted her up and carried her to back to my car. We both got in the car and started our silent
drive to her place. I still wasn’t too sure what was going on, but I felt much better than I had ten minutes ago.

As we drove Langley stared out the window, wiping away the tears as they rolled down her
cheeks. I wanted to reach over and take her hand, but she kept them both at her face, just far enough out of my reach.

I pulled into her driveway and watched her take a deep breath, “What do you have to do tomorrow?” she asked.

“Nothing, off day,” I clenched the steering wheel and kept my eyes on my hands.

She reached over and pressed the button to turn off my car before opening her door. I couldn’t hide the smile as I opened my door and followed her up the steps to her front door. When she turned the key to unlock the door I put my hand on her hip and held her against my chest, “Do I make you happy Langley?”

She opened the door, walked in, and then turned to smile at me, “Yes.”

That was all I needed. I stepped through the door, yanked her into me again, and kissed her
with every ounce of energy and emotion I had in my body.



After prying Dustin off of me I went into the kitchen, “Thirsty?”


I went to the shelf and pulled a bottle of wine down and then grabbed a glass, “Wine? There’s
beer in the fridge.”

“Wine,” he was right behind me with his arm around my waist.

When I had poured two glasses of wine and turned to him he smiled, “Here’s to pretending
those two weeks never happened…?”

I made a face as I thought about his toast, “Here’s to pretending that I’m not a crazy person?”

Dustin shook his head, “I don’t think we can pretend with that, we’re both probably equally

“So,” I pushed his chest back and held up my drink, “Then here’s to us being stupid and crazy,
but always making it right.”

“Always making each other happy,” he added as he clinked his glass with mine.

We both took our first sip, though mine was more of a gulp than anything. Dustin set his glass
on the counter and then took mine and did the same. His hand brushed my face, “I missed you,” he
told me.

I wrapped my arms around him, “I missed you too.”

As he held me I noticed how tall he was, I felt like a midget next to him. He was easily almost
a foot taller than me and probably had close to 100 pounds on me too, 100 pounds of muscle and
brawn that I imagined could toss me around with ease. Hell, he had already lifted me up and shown
me that I must have been light to him.

“You think Mike and Bridgette are having fun?” I asked just to fill the air.

“Probably,” he kissed the top of my head.

“I hope so,” I went on.

His body vibrated with laughter, “Lang, I really don’t want to talk about them right now.”

I moved my head back, resting my chin on his chest, “And what would the big hockey player
like to talk about instead?”

Dustin’s lips turned up into a smile, “You.”


Taking both our wine glasses in his hand and mine in the other, Dustin led me to the patio. He
turned on our gas fire pit as I ran back inside to get a blanket. It was March and the night air was
still chilly. He waited for me to settle on the patio loveseat before leaning against the opposite arm
as me, putting one leg up, and leaving one on the ground, “You going to share that blanket?”

“I’m a blanket hog,” I said as I slide between his legs and he wrapped me in his arms, “But I’ll share this one time.”

His lips were on my ear, “Tell me something no one knows,” he whispered and then kissed it.

I bit my lip and set my hand on this thigh before taking a sip from my glass, “Um,” I didn’t know what I should say, “What do you want me to tell you?”


“I don’t know,” I giggled.

“Tell why you came out here.”

I took a deep breath, “I just did.”

“There’s got to be a story,” Dustin’s hands rubbed my arms.

“I don’t know,” I shook my head, “I was in pageants my whole life, I did some local
commercials here and there, but I was supposed to be a nurse and marry some rich doctor back in
Texas,” I turned my head to him a little, “I didn’t want to. I think I was just rebelling and thought
that I might be okay at acting, so my grandma encouraged me and helped me in the beginning. I
dropped out of college and picked up and moved; maybe not the smartest idea in retrospect,” I
laughed, “But I guess I haven’t done too bad.”

“Too bad?” he laughed, “Baby, you’ve done a lot and you’re good. When you were killed off
Grey’s people stopped watching it, you’re that good. You did the modeling thing, you were on
a lot of big shows and kept going back to them. You’ve been in some big movies too; babe, you’ve done pretty damn well.”

He was right. While I wasn’t a big movie star like my sister, I did TV a lot and had some smaller roles in movies. It wasn’t a bad career, it paid the bills and gave me quite a bit of money to play around with. I wasn’t upset with my career, while it may not have been the exact one I came out here wanting, it was the one I had chosen and the one that seemed to work for me.

“You Googled the shit out of me, didn’t you?” I laughed.

“I’ve been a fan for a while,” he admitted, “Always thought you were beautiful.”

“You didn’t care about my acting,” I nudged him.

“I did, but I’m a guy,” he shrugged.

“I’m up for a part in a movie,” I told him, “I read for it next week,” I tried to sound excited but
all of a sudden that didn’t sound as cool anymore.

“Any love scenes in this one? Do I have to kill some guy?”

“There are,” I turned my head back to him and puckered my lips, “No worries though.”

“Dustin’s there,” I heard Mike state in what was probably meant to be a whisper.

Dustin and I went silent, “Shut up!” my sister hissed at him, “Maybe this is the point where she
removes her head from her ass.”

“Hey, you said so yourself, what she did was good and justifiable,” thank god for Mike Richards

“Still stupid since she sat around for two weeks like a bum and cried.”

“You cried?” Dustin asked his arms tightening around me.

“Shh,”I hissed with a smile.

“I wonder if they’re getting it on in there,” Mike laughed.

“Maybe I should go over there and…”

I heard the smile in his voice when he answered, “I think Dustin and Langley are adults and I really think they’re good together, don’t you?”

My sister took a minute, “They probably could be.”

“Either way,” Mike started, “Let them be. We can continue our night at my place…” they must have walked into the house because their voices were gone.

“Why don’t we go inside,” Dustin must have felt me shiver.

“Yeah,” I stood up.

I went to go fill up my wine glass again but Dustin stopped me, “Lang?”

“What?” I asked.

“Can I stay tonight?” he bit his bottom lip.

OhMyGod, he was adorable asking if he could stay the night.

I nodded, “I’d actually be a little offended if you didn’t.”
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