Kings and Queens


After we had arrived at the charity event, Langley and I went our separate ways for interviews. We’d meet up for pictures later. She tugged a hesitant Dustin away with her and I could tell that Mike and Jeff weren’t too different.

“Relax,” I squeezed Mike’s hand and patted Jeff’s arm reassuringly. “If you really don’t want to, you guys could probably skip this part.”

Jeff smirked. “And not let the cameras see this beautiful face? Yeah, you’re joking.”

I laughed. “Alright then. Let’s do this thing.”

Our first interview was someone new to her job and I could see she was rather nervous. I tried getting her to relax by cracking a few jokes or making fun of Jeff or Mike, but her hands still shook a bit. Reporter number two was much better.

“So now you’ve got a lot of free time,” he said as we finished talking about my latest movie. “Looks like you’ve got a crew of people to keep you busy.”

I smiled good naturedly. “It’s nice to be able to relax now. But I don’t know what I’m going to do! I can’t handle waking up, eating, exercising, going to hockey games, and then doing it all over again. I’m not made for that. I’ve got to be busy.”

“How do you feel about that?” the reporter directed his microphone at Mike. “You’re the boyfriend right?”

Mike’s eyes flashed to me. We hadn’t put an explicit label on what we were as of yet. I could feel Jeff poking my back. Squeezing Mike’s hand, I nodded a little.

“Yeah, I am,” he said as his grip tightened a little bit. “I’m glad she likes to be independent. A little space is good. It keeps things interesting.” Mike tossed a wink in at the end and I rolled my own eyes.

“What about you?” Jeff was being brought into the interview now. “What do you think about the Washington sisters?”

“The Southern belle thing is a total act,” Jeff guffawed and I swatted his stomach. “They will cuss and drink and make mean jokes all the time!”

“That’s not true!” I complained. “We just aren’t perfect ladies all the time!”

“And they’re gorgeous,” he continued and I heard a quiet, ‘I will fight you.’ from Mike in a playful tone. “In all seriousness, they’re probably two of the coolest, most genuine people I’ve met so far here in LA.”

“Alright,” the reporter nodded. “Well here’s to hoping you find a new project soon. I’ll let you three get on out of here.”

As we walked towards a mass of photographers to catch up with Langley and Dustin, Mike wrapped an arm around my waist.

“So girlfriend, eh?” he smiled.

“Yes,” I pecked his lips. “Most definitely yes.”

As soon as our feet touched the next carpet, instructions were being yelled out left and right.

“Welcome to my version of hell, boys,” I sighed as I slipped an arm around Langley and we posed together.

“How were your interviews?” she asked through a smile.

“Invasive and enlightening,” I shrugged. “You?”

“Good,” Langley said as we turned to show the backs of our dresses. “Dustin did well. What about your boys?”

I grinned in spite of myself and caught sight of Mike, Dustin, and Jeff off to the side watching. “Pretty good too.” I jerked my head over to them. “Let’s drag them in.” The paps had been barking at us to bring our ‘dates’ onto the carpet so that they could harass them too.

Soon, we actually entered the party. I saw a few familiar faces and was quickly sucked into the crowd with Langley to make our rounds. It wasn’t much of a dancing party as it was an eating one. I spotted some amazing looking bite sized snacks being walked around on trays and I couldn’t wait until I was done talking so I could steal some.

“You’re hockey player’s watching you like a hawk,” a former costar of mine pointed out. “He’s got a sexy stare.”

“Not the only thing that’s sexy,” I teased as I turned to look at Mike. Indeed, he was watching me intently from his place with Dustin and Jeff on the outskirts of the party.

“Girl,” she giggled and brushed her dark curls back. “Tell the sex is as good as he makes it look like it’ll be.”

I blushed and that was answer enough for her. “You haven’t?! Bridgette!”

“We’re kind of new,” I said. “We almost have, but I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“You’re crazy,” she laughed. “Absolutely insane.” I saw her eyes flash over my shoulder again. “Uh-oh. The vultures are circling.”

That was all I needed to hear. I bid her goodbye and made my way back through the crowd. ‘The vultures’ as they were called were a term a lot of people used to describe men and women in the industry who were a lot like Dustin’s ex-wife. He was gone, probably in the crowd somewhere with Langley, but Jeff and Mike remained.

She was taller than I was, had bigger boobs, and a particularly flat stomach. I was thing healthy looking, but she had the hip bones. As I neared, I saw her face and I grimaced. She was actually pretty.

Jeff saw me first and he nudged Mike who was trying to extricate himself from her nicely painted talons. Mike’s eyes jumped up and I could see tension release from his shoulders.

“There you are,” I stuck a smile on my face. “I was wondering where you’d gotten to.”

“Bridgette,” Mike breathed. “Hi.” I felt his lips sweep against my cheek and I smiled up at him. “Just talking to…” his voice trailed off.

“Caitlin,” the girl smiled. “Big fan of yours.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I was just coming to see if you two had gotten the chance to see the view. It’s pretty spectacular.” In actuality, I had no idea if the view from the deck was anything special.

“We haven’t,” Mike said quickly. “Let’s go see it. Eh, Jeffy?”

“Nice meeting you, Caitlin,” I waved as my arm slipped through Mike’s. “Have fun at the party.”


What felt like an eternity later, we were finally back on our front lawns, debating our evening plans. I knew Langley was spending the night at Dustin’s, but I wasn’t sure if that gave me free reign to have Mike over.

I wanted to, really bad, especially with how he looked tonight. They say a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. They’re right. Mike’s shirt color off set his tanned California skin too well and the rolled up sleeves and unbuttoned collar was too much.

In the yard, I saw Jeff make his way to their condo and I decided to act. After talking at the party, I knew that I really was crazy. And the girl, whatever her name was, had set me off. He could have anyone he wanted. And yet, he’d chosen me.

I snaked an arm up his shoulder. Placing a kiss against his neck, I smiled. “Stay the night?”

“With you?”

“No, with that chick from the party,” I rolled my eyes and cursed myself for joking around and ruining what sex appeal I was trying to muster up. “Yes with me.”

I led Mike into the house and went into the kitchen. I needed more alcohol for that night than the charity event had available. Pouring myself a glass, Mike swiped it away before I could.

“Stealing isn’t nice, Richards,” I whined.

“Well here,” he handed it back to me, sloshing a bit on my wrist. “Probably tastes better on you anyway.”

The smile on his face said it all. We were definitely on the same page that night.
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Chugging along.