Kings and Queens


I was enjoying my pity party while watching all the guys stare at Langley and Bridgette Washington. Mike had mentioned his neighbor was cute, but he hadn’t mentioned who she was or who her sister was.

I had always thought these two sisters were beautiful, stunning really. Bridgette looked fun, outgoing, and like she always brought good vibes with her. Langley, well Langley Washington had always been my favorite out of the two. She looked smart and looked like she already got along with all the guys she’d just met. Granted, half of them were probably hitting on her, but she didn’t seem to notice.

I had stared at her while in the penalty box with Richie and he caught me red handed:

“Beautiful, aren’t they?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I answered and tried to focus on the game.

“Those are my neighbors,” he informed me, “Get your head out on right and maybe I’ll introduce you.”

I shook my head and stole another glance out of the corner of my eye, “My head’s needs to be in the game.”

“True” he scoffed, “Well, they’re both smoke shows and single, but I’ve called dibs on Bridgette,” he warned.

“I like Langley anyway,” I said before our two minutes were up.

My ex-wife, Jessica, had been a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy and Langley had been on the show on and off for two seasons. Her character was funny, a little quirky, but adorable nonetheless; I think her name was Hannah or Hailey, I don’t really remember. All I remember was not watching the show after they killed her off in some fifty car pile-up.

Langley had been at the game, wearing Carter’s jersey, and sitting next to her sister right against the glass. Bridgette looked clueless, but Langley looked like she at least had an idea of what was going on. Every time Mike skated past them, which was more than usual, he winked, smiled, waved, or nodded at them…show off. Then there was Jeff Carter, it was his first game with us and he was Richards’ best friend and they went way back, so he had claim on whichever girl Mike didn’t want. And since Mike had basically told me he had his eye on Bridgette, Langley seemed fair game for Jeff.

The two sisters were talking off to the side and I was staring. I couldn’t help it. I was a man, a man in desperate need of a release and I was just about willing to take anything to bed to get that release. Bridgette caught me but looked at her sister right away and nodded in my direction. I saw Langley shake her head. Great, they were judging me.

As time went on I found my relief in bottles of beer and a cute blond giving me eyes from the dance floor. I stood to approach but heard Bridgette’s voice, “Where’s Langley?”

I looked for Jeff, but he was talking with Mike and Bridgette so she wasn’t with him like I’d expected. I scanned our area, but didn’t see her with anyone up there.
The blond was closing in on the staircase to come up to the VIP section, assuming I would let the bouncer allow her. I was about to give up my search mission when I spotted Langley on the dance floor with one of our teammate’s girlfriends. She looked to be safe and as I was turning to report her whereabouts to her little sister I caught Langley’s eyes. She gave me a shy smile and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“She’s dancing with Doughty’s girl,” Jeff announced, like he had been the one to find her, “I think I’ll go butt in.”

I edged my way to the railing that separated us from the rest of the crowd to watch Carter approach her. If she turned him away, I would go out there, but if she let him dance with her I would just give up. She turned her head to him and gave him a sexy smile, not even close to the one I got from her. The smile stayed on her lips as he danced behind her. She didn’t push him away or act like he was bothering her, she wanted him. Why wouldn’t she? He was a good looking man, confident in himself and his past, he was new to the city too, so he make himself into a new man, one that might be good for her.

A girl like that wouldn’t go for me anyway. She could probably sense my faults and tell right away that I was no good. A girl like her could smell a broken, cheating man from eight miles away; I didn’t stand a chance.

Yes, I had cheated on my wife after only a few months, but she had too. Jessica had cut me down, belittled me, she had told me I wasn’t good enough, that my career was over, that I would never find a woman better than her if we ended it. I hated myself for cheating, for running away from my problems and into the arms of some bleached blond slut with huge tits, but I did it and now had to deal with the consequences. In the end, I had given Jessica what she wanted after she finally filed for divorce, after I had found out that she had been cheating on me since before our wedding. I just gave up. Now, a couple months after the papers were filed and only weeks after everything was finalized I sat in a dark club trying to find my next victim, the next woman to ruin.

I sat down and looked at my phone, forgetting the blond completely. I had a text message, but I erased it before reading it. All I had to do was see the name Kelly and know it wasn’t worth opening. That girl was half the reason for my divorce and a lot of the reason I was playing like shit too. I needed to get rid of her, to move onto something bigger and better.

Another few songs played and Jeff came back, without Langley. He sat in his seat and started talking to Mike again. I wasn’t paying too much attention to those around us at that point, but I heard Bridgette, “Oh fuck!”

I turned to look at Bridgette and saw both Mike and Jeff stare at her as she stared across the club. I followed her gaze and saw a man approaching Langley as she danced with the same girls. He slowly walked up to the group of girls nad then reached out, grabbing Langley by the waist and pulling her back into him.

I didn’t wait for a reaction from her, I raced down the steps and over to the girls. When I got there, they pointed, “He took her that way,” Drew Doughty’s girlfriend told me.

I followed her finger to a hallway and saw the guy holding her against a wall with his leg jammed between hers. I saw her try to push him back, but he wasn’t moving. He grabbed the side of her dress and it tore away from her skin, “Hey!” I yelled.

Langley jumped but the guy shook his head, “She’s my girl,” he told me.

“No, no she’s not,” I yanked him off of her, “If she was your girl, she wouldn’t look scared shitless right now.”

I shoved him away from her and heard Bridgette yell for her sister. Jeff came up next to me and Mike was on my other side, “Get the fuck out before we call the police?” a bouncer yelled from behind us.

“Just a matter of time until I get it,” the man gave us all a creepy smile before turning to run away.

“What was that?” I huffed and turned to Mike.

“She has a stalker,” he watched the guy go out the back door of the club.

“Then we need to call the police!”

“Bridgette said not to, it makes the paparazzi show up or something.”

I shook my head as I walked back toward the VIP section, “Dustin?”

I looked up to see Bridgette standing in front of me, “Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I shook my head.

She took my hand and led me to the women’s room. She pushed the door open, dragging me into the forbidden room. I could hear the sobs coming from the stall and it broke my heart. “Is…is she okay?” I whispered to Bridgette.

“She’ll be okay,” Bridgette smiled at me, “She wanted to thank you though. Lang,” she called, “I got him.”

Bridgette let go of my arm and walked out the door again, “I’ll keep watch.”

The stall door opened and I saw Langley emerge, “Sorry,” she shook her head and wiped her cheeks with toilet paper.

“It’s…it’s okay,” I assured her, “It was a pretty crazy situation.”

She nodded, “Thank you Dustin. You didn’t have to do anything, so thank you.”

I saw that half her dress was hanging from her body, “Here,” I took off my suit jacket and held it open for her to step into.

She slowly stepped into the jacket and I draped it over her shoulders. She turned around to face me and then smiled, “This is so embarrassing.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, I’d stalk you…” I’m an idiot.

She giggled softly and I closed my eyes, at least she knew I was just a dumbass and not an actual threat. I felt her hands brush against my stomach and then wrap around, “I’d keep you as a body guard.”

I slowly wrapped my arms around her shoulders because she was so short. It felt good to be hugged and to hug a woman again; I felt wanted.

As she pulled away she let out a sigh, “No one sees me cry.”

“Me either,” I tried to smile.

“I think I’m going to call a cab and go,” she said after a few minutes of us staring at each other.

Langley went to take off the jacket but I stopped her, “I only live about a mile or two away from you guys, apparently, why don’t we share a cab?”

“Are you going to start stalking me? You’ve got a pretty busy schedule, it might be tough,” she gave me a small smile.

“No, but I'll be your bodyguard.”
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Switching it up with the guys' POV once in a while :P I like doing that, idk why.

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