Tug of War

If You Wish

She was dancing, dancing with another man. It was nothing romantic, clearly with the way their hips were gyrating together. The sight of the couple dry humping in the middle of the club was sickening for him to watch. As he sat there at the bar draining glass after glass of whiskey his eyes never strayed from her, much like the sneer of disgust never left his face. She was tormenting him in the cruelest of ways, and she knew it, she had to know it. She was, after all, a vampire and had to be aware of his presence there. Why else would she be practically having sex on the dance floor with another man than to torture him? This wasn't her scene, she wasn't that easy. She had to be playing with his mind, his emotions, that insolent little baby vampire.

The predator in him had come out as he growled low under his breath crushing the glass in his hand before standing abruptly from his stool. No one paid him any mind, because the few who had so much as glanced at him were given the coldest of glares and the deadliest of noise was ripped from his vocal chords as he glared at them.

Nobody looked at him again, but they stepped away from him as he walked through the crowd. They were smart for avoiding him. He was seething and ready to drain any one of them dry if they so much as touched him.

At the center of the floor they bumped and grinded in some sort of sick mating ritual. They weren't even dancing. What they were doing to each other he would never consider dancing. The two had no choice but to stop their movements the moment he reached out his hand to grip onto her arm and drag her out of the club. He wasn't even sure why he allowed such a disgusting place to exist in his kingdom, his domain. He would most definitely have a few words with the owner, but that would wait till later, right now his attention was focused on the girl he was practically dragging through a bustling Bourbon street.

She had tried in vain to pull out his grasp, but failed as he was much stronger than her. Once she gave up on that she tried getting him to talk. Of course that failed as well, so she stopped, she just stopped. She stopped pulling, stopped talking, stopped walking, and she nearly fell on her face when she did that since he hadn't stopped walking. He yanked her hard enough to cause her to stumble forward and down on her hands and knees. He growled as he rounded on her.

"Get up!" He screamed with all his rage, veins bulging as his hand tightened around her arm. She would most definitely have a bruise there.

"Klaus please, you're hurting me," she pleaded as she looked up at him with those painfully blue eyes of hers.

"Hurting you?! I'm hurting you?!" At this point people were pointedly staring at the scene he was causing, but he paid them no mind. His eyes were focused strictly on her. "The moment I hurt you I become the Big Bad Hybrid, but yet you may hurt me at no cost to you or your friends!" He all but spat the words at her.

His breath was harsh and ragged as the street grew silent after his outburst. With a quick glance around he realized that all eyes were on him. Baring his teeth he pulled on her arm, this time much more gently than before. "Get up," he rasped as he made stared away at nothing in particular. His emotions were out of control and it terrified him. All he wanted to do now was get her back to his home, but what would he do with her when they got there? Would he yell at her more? Or would he ignore her? When she made no move to get up he finally looked at her, hurt and anger both evident on his face and voice. "Get up Caroline." She simply nodded her head as she heaved herself up off the ground with little to no help from him.

They were silent for the rest of the walk back to his home. Neither knew what to say to the other now that he no longer gripped her arm and she was able to walk freely. The moment he had let her go he had expected her to turn around and go back to her toy of the evening, but she had stayed with him, for whatever reason, she had stayed with him. Words just weren't meant to be spoken now, not there. Whatever words were meant to be said could wait. He was still processing the situation he'd gotten himself into.

He had been determined to not seek her out, not till she was completely over Tyler and ready for him. He was preoccupied with plans on overthrowing one of his former pupil's when he'd caught word of a new blonde spit fire of a vampire in town and knew in his gut that it was her. That was when he found her in that club, dancing with a random stranger as he didn't know who the man was. The moment he saw that smug look on the human's face Klaus found himself seeing red and it took all of his willpower, and then some, to not rip out the bastard's heart and shove it up his ass.

Now there they were stepping into his home. It was dark, nobody was there. Klaus figured that would be the case. Rebekah was off with Matt in Ireland, and Elijah was most likely with Sophie trying to figure how they were going to take down Marcel and his groupies.

Inside he simply walked away from her, leaving her in the doorway as he made his way to a seating area where he lit the fire in the fireplace and poured himself a drink. She wasn't sure what to do now. Should she stay there, or follow him? His mood swings were driving her crazy, and she had to know why he even brought her there.

Huffing she stormed into the house after him, if she was going to be there, she was going to get some answers. When she found him though, he made no move to look at her, just simply stared the fire with his untouched drink in hand. He was quiet, too quiet, and she hated the silence. It was deafening and painful, and her being well, her, she had to break the silence.

"Why," she whispered, but she knew with his hearing that he'd still be able to hear her, yet he did not acknowledge her present. "Why am I here?"

"If you wish to leave, then by all means leave." There was a quiver to his voice as if he said anything else he would cry, but Klaus didn't cry. Klaus the Big Bad did not cry, ever. That wasn't the answer she had wanted though, and she made that quite clear when she stormed up to him and turned him around to finally look at her.

"I'm serious, Klaus, why am I here?"

"And I'm serious too, Caroline. If you wish to leave, then by all means leave." He downed the last of his drink before brushing past her leaving her stunned and even more confused. It hadn't been the first that he had just walked away from her, but something about this time was different, it felt almost finite. As if this was the end, but it couldn't be the end. She had just lost Tyler, she couldn't lose anyone else.

In that moment something snapped in her and it broke her as she let the tears fall freely. As a sob racked her body she let herself fall to the floor as her hand covered in her mouth in a sad attempt to muffle the noises. She was broken, lost, and without a place to call her own anymore. There was nothing really left for her in Mystic Falls. She had graduated high school, one of her best friend's was dead, the other was missing, the other was off gallivanting with Damon, and there she was in New Orleans with nowhere to go and nothing to call her own. Not to mention she had broken up with Tyler days prior when they realized that it just wasn't the same anymore. Her love life was null and void, and still she ran to where she knew he would be, where she knew she would be welcome, yet he left her, like everyone else, he left her. Still, she couldn't bring herself to go after him, and she wasn't sure why. Caroline really wasn't sure of anything anymore. All she knew was that he had loved her once, and she hoped with everything she had in her that he still did, yet there she was crying in his house and he was nowhere to be seen.

Before she was able to dwell on it any further a voice invaded her silence. "Hello Miss Caroline, I wasn't expecting to find you here."
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