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Make You Feel

Blood In The Freezer

Nicole opens her eyes slowly and the moment she starts feeling something, she rubs her temple and cracks her back. She lifts her head and looks around, then involuntarily hisses at the sliver of sunlight that shines through not-fully-closed blinds on the window. She outstretches her hand, as far as she can, and tightly shuts the light out. "Michael..." The girl groans, sitting up on the floor and waiting for a response. She growls again and holds her head, "Michael! Get out here you fuckhead!" she yells again, giving up after minutes of no answer.

Her legs haul her up off the floor and to the kitchen in her and her friends' little trailer. She expected Jack to be out since they had left earlier and didn't mention any time of coming back, but she is sure Michael was with her when she passed out some hours ago. The bottle of pills is in its regular spot and she takes three of them, along with a glass of water. "I'm hungry," she whines, mindlessly licking at her fangs. Then she hears a noise - a small one, that she can only identify as a mouse and she goes looking for it.

"Hey, little guy..." She tries luring it out. "Where are you? You little pest!" she hisses, not seeing it behind the trashcan or on the counter. She turns her head at the end of the cabinets and in that corner is a guy.

"Oh, hey," she greets him, smiling, which only scares him more because smiling meant baring her fangs. She notices his fright, rather, smells it and she feels the need to laugh at him, but she decides to be polite instead. "What's your name?" she asks, she would bend down to pick him up but those tight ass pants...

"What? Are you mute or something? Speak!" she commands, snapping her fingers in front of his head.

The guy brings his knees to his chest and wraps his arms tighter around himself. "I'm... my name is Ben," he says quietly, trying not to provoke her.

"Hi, Ben. My name is Nicole," she says brightly reaching her hand out for him to shake it. He doesn't, doesn't even try to move an inch.

"Little bitch..." she snarls, moving to walk towards the bedroom.

"I'm taking a shower. Nobody's coming back in here since it's already daytime. Feel free to look in the fridge or in the cabinets and make yourself breakfast. Also, feel free to make me some too," she winks, and she grabs a towel and steps into the tight-walled bathroom.

Ben takes a few moments to breathe since he notices he hasn't been doing that properly. He stands up and looks around, sees nothing but the usual things. Except the freezer. There are pouches of blood in the freezer. Pouches of blood. There are pouches of blood in the freezer! And he's too scared to leave because someone might catch him and he's scared to stay because of the vampire in the shower. He starts hyperventilating and grabs a brown paper bag close by, holding it up to his lips. He thinks, maybe it's not too bad, maybe he should stay calm and make himself breakfast.

The box of microwavable bacon is right next to the blood in the freezer and he takes it out as quickly as possible and shuts the door. Also takes an egg carton and a small tub of butter from the refrigerator. The pots and pans take longer to find but he puts one on the warming stove soon enough. Melts some butter when it gets hot enough and cracks five eggs inside. As the scrambled eggs get cooking, he pops a handful of bacon in the microwave and three pieces of toast in the toaster. The food gets finished in about 10 minutes so he wastes more time making a pot of coffee until Nicole comes out of the shower.

"That smells fantastic!" Nicole shouts, rubbing her hair dry from the shower. "And so do you..." she mutters, smirking. Even now she could still smell the fear, Ben reeks of it. But he gives her a plate of food and a mug of coffee in her hands when she's back in the kitchen, and they sit down across from each other.

"Why are you afraid of me?" Nicole asks casually. Ben doesn't respond, he purses his lips and his heart rate speeds up.

"Do you know that I can sense emotions and symptoms? I can smell your fear and I can literally hear your heart beating away. Seriously, Ben, calm the fuck down." Nicole rolls her eyes.

"Wh... why haven't you attacked me yet, Nicole?" Ben asks quietly but clearly.

Nicole laughs, "did you expect that I would?"

"Said you were hungry... Don't you drink blood?" Ben asks.

"Well, yeah. But this'll hold me out long enough. I only need blood like three or four times a week, the rest of the time I eat regular food. Do humans think vampires drink blood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week? That is not true, Ben," she dismisses the myth but Ben doesn't know whether to trust her or not.

"How did you get here? Man, I got... smashed last night." The girl tries to think back to last night but finds that she can't remember anything... last time she drinks that much, last time for sure.

"I, um, I guess Michael found me and my two friends. They ran away but he took me here, and you were with someone else in here, getting drunk," Ben told her.

"And you don't know where the other guy went? His name is Jack, by the way," Nicole says.

"I never saw him leave. Michael started, uh... making out with me. Then I told him to stop and, well, he did. He left a bit later than that."

Nicole shakes her head at Michael. "Let me tell you something, you probably made him very upset, actually," she laughs.

"He, kinda, tried to rape me!"

"Jesus fucking Christ, don't raise your voice," she shushes him, holding her ears.

"He wouldn't've... he probably just thought you were cute." she shrugs, finishes off her breakfast and goes back to the make-shift living room.

"Hey! I need to get back to my friends, you know!" he yells after her, panic setting back in. They're probably going to come after me... they won't be as lucky.

"Then go. I don't see anybody stopping you," she gruffs, sitting down on the couch and hanging out.

"I can't... It was a blur when Michael took me here, I don't know where I am. You need to come with me," Ben begs, finally unseeing her as a threat.

"Are you insane?" she laughs. "I can't leave right now, my skin would burn right off. Are you really that much of a chicken that you wouldn't go on your own?" she mocks him.

"But what if zombies come and get me?"

"Then who gives a shit? Those things are fucking sorry excuses of monsters, they walk at point-five miles per hour... you'll be able to get away from them, Ben," she assures him.

"No!" he screams, grabbing her wrist and pulling her up from the couch. "You're coming with me," he asserts.

Her mouth gapes open and she doesn't wait a moment to push him, hard. "Do you think this is a joke? I can't be in the sunlight, Ben. If you feel unsafe, you're going to have to wait here until I can take you during the night when other vampires, who I don't even know, are out. Otherwise, go fuck yourself."

Ben stays still, trying to think this through even though his mind is going fucking crazy and he honestly doesn't know what to do. "Will you protect me... if we go later, could you protect me incase some other vampires run after me?"
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