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Make You Feel

Down The Road, Past The Zombies

After the initial shock faded, Ben got settled into the dingy trailer and sat with Nicole. He didn't dare to get chummy with the vampire, he still kept his distance with his thin arms and lanky legs held tightly close to his body. Nicole tried to get him to have a conversation with her, considering she had nothing better to do, but he would not budge. Mostly, she just stared at him from across the flat, ugly, green couch. His hair was dirty-blond and sticking upwards, with dark circles under his gray eyes, and dull lips.

Nicole knows Michael, knows that he gets really awkward and flirts with everyone when he gets drunk, just like they did last night. She still had no idea what her friend would see in the stupid looking human in front of her. She could smell, though, that Ben would be easy to overpower and take advantage of. She counts him lucky that he ended up with her and Michael than any other vampires who are more piss-y and rude towards humans.

“Don't you do anything? Other than stare...” Ben trails off quietly, shifting in his seat. Her crystal blue eyes boring into him are unsettling.

“Usually, I sleep, but since I've been knocked out for about nine hours, I'm not really feeling tired,” she answers lamely, her eyes unmoving. “Why? Is there something you want to do?” Ben shakes his head slightly, making some sort of “uh, nope” noise, and settling his chin on his crossed arms on top of his folded knees.

“How old are you?” she asks curiously, tipping her head and raising her eyebrows.

“Nineteen,” he answers. She huffs a laugh, which makes Ben's lips fall open a little, and she smirks obscenely. Nicole mockingly tells him to relax with a kick to his legs.

Her phone starts ringing so she stands, the white tiled floor creaking under her feet, and plucks the cellphone from the off-white stand under the TV. It's Michael and she says hello loudly, happy to hear from him. “Where the hell are you?”

“I'm at Susie's. You're home, right?” he asks.

“Yeah. Hey, do you remember kissing someone last night?”

“Oh, um, yeah...” he says, shame in his voice.

“Okay, well, your little crush is here and he won't fucking leave,” she says grudgingly and quiet.

“You're gonna spend the day with him, huh? Well, I'll come back when the sun goes down and help him back,” he says, something like hope in his words. It makes Nicole laugh.

“Okay, Romeo. See you later,” she says with endearment and hangs up.


Michael came knocking just a few minutes before seven. Nicole roughly pulls open the stuck plastic door and pushes it back closed the same way. The two friends greet and hug each other. Nicole's already prepared Ben for Michael coming over and so, he's not very visibly frightened.

“Hi, Ben. I'm sorry if I made a bad impression last night,” he apologizes in a hushed tone, reaching his hand out and Ben's slim fingers slip into his and shake loosely. Michael has chestnut hair, chiseled facial features, dark eyes, and is much more toned than he is, even under his faded blue shirt, leaden coat, and jeans. Michael smiles stupidly which earns him a nudge on his arm by Nicole's elbow.

“Ready to go, Ben?” Nicole asks nonchalantly.

“Ready as I'll ever be,” Ben replies, standing up from the couch.

“Don't worry. Michael will surely risk his life to pull you out of fire if necessary,” she laughs, which makes Michael's cheeks flush with color. She grabs Ben's wrist and pulls him out on the gravel. Lucky for them, their trailer is at the end of the lot closest to the road. Michael comes out last, shutting the door, and distracting some people just outside of their homes so Ben and Nicole can go around the back.

"Hey, listen to me," Nicole grabs Ben's face and turns it in her direction using three fingers. "I'm going to do something, but don't get scared. It'll only make me smell more vampire to cover up your human. I won't hurt you," she warns him. Ben nods and then she extends her fangs and hisses, Ben does his best to wrangle his fear.

Michael is next to them again extremely, super-humanly fast. They push past bushes and trees until their on the road, empty and deserted with bare, dying trees and soil on the other side. Now that they're on the main road, Ben can locate where he is in relation to his home. "Which way?" Nicole asks and Ben nods his head to the left and walk.

Nicole walks beside Michael beside Ben. In just a few minutes, Nicole hears her friend's hissing become quieter, his breathing is louder, and his tongue slides over his fangs repeatedly. "Michael," she says, gripping his arm harshly and pulling him back. Ben just notices and stops a few paces in front of them. "Did you drink today?" she asks.

Michael stutters at first, "No. Susie didn't give me anything. I drank, uh, yesterday."

"No, you didn't. Michael, I was with you yesterday, you did not," she shakes her head warningly.

"I wo- I won't, Nicole. I won't-"

"Just keep ahead, Michael, I'll stay with him. Go!" she pushes him forward and he goes. Ben looks at her, worried.

"He- he wasn't going to- to drink me, was he?" Ben asks.

"No. Just, uh, I didn't want you..." Nicole trails off, shaking thoughts from her head and Ben calms back down.

"Shit, come on, we have to keep moving," Nicole tells him, he nods and they continue, about 50 feet behind Michael.

They keep going for half a mile until they have to turn and it's just another half mile left to Ben's house. Nicole has to take him through a place full of zombies, something like a wasted downtown area. The buildings are broken down, it all looks drab, and smells rotten.

"How long is it? How long is it for us to get to the other side?" Ben asks, shock racing through his voice.

"It's like, tenth of a mile, at most. They won't hurt you. They're fucking slow and.... and dead," Nicole says hurriedly.

"If I do get caught though, I'll turn into one! And it won't be fun like a vampire! I can't, Nicole! No, there has to be a way around!"

"It will take longer to go all the way around it, Ben! It'll be dawn by the time I'm going back home. We need to fucking go through, Ben!"

He keeps refusing, shaking his hands, and wheezing. Nicole repeats to him to calm down and breathe evenly, trying to snap him out of it by grabbing and shaking his upper arms. He won't stop and pretty soon, he'll pass out. She decides that she needs to do something to stop him and after little debate, she opens her mouth wide and sinks her fangs into the nape of his neck. She covers his mouth with her hand to muffle the scream. Nicole doesn't drink, she injects him with venom. The venom in her fangs contains aphrodisiacs.

When the deed is done, Ben looks into her icy eyes and lunges at her. He brutally smashes their lips together and moans insanely loud. Nicole knows she shouldn't be doing this, but she pushes him against the crumbled walls and pins his arms. The vampire backs off just as quickly. Sure, he's lusting and horny, but at least he's not shit-scared.

"Let's go, big boy," she gathers him in her arms and hoists his legs around her hips. She's still faster than either of them walking, even with him on her back, and her kissable neck keeps him distracted from the zombies very slowly approaching them. They're out of the zombie town in five minutes flat and they've finally caught up with Michael.

"Oh my God! Nicole, you hypocrite!" Michael shouts when they come close enough. He sees two puncture wounds in the nape of Ben's neck and rubs the skin. Then he also notices the bulge in Ben's jeans.

Nicole rolls her eyes. "I didn't drink from him. I had to, Michael! He was about to shit his pants if I didn't do something," Nicole explains, pulling the both of them forward.

"And now we both know you stare at Ben's neck constantly," she smirks.

It's another fifteen minutes until they're all just outside Ben's neighborhood. They stop to say their goodbyes. "Well, Ben, hope you have a nice life," Nicole tells him, clapping his shoulder.

"Thanks for helping me, Nicole. I had a pretty cool day," Ben says stupidly, giving her a hug and discreetly humping her leg.

"We're just glad you're safe... Ben, do you, uh, have a girlfriend?" Michael asks shyly, rubbing his neck. He wishes Ben could have ended up with him, he would have charmed the pants off him.

"Noooo," he coos, scooting right up into Michael's personal space. "Why do you ask?" he says flirtatiously, pressing and grinding on him.

Nicole squeezes his arm to keep Michael under control. "Just asking," he laughs softly. "Here's my number. Call me," Michael tells him, putting a slip of paper into his hand and prying him off.

"On you go, Benny!" Nicole says loudly, patting him on the butt and pushing him in the direction of his house. He waves back and the two vampires turn around.

"What's he like?" Michael asks his friend.

"Mainly," she begins. "Human."

"I think he likes me." Michael smiles.

"It was the venom, Mikey," she says teasingly, gripping his shoulder and winking over at him. "Good luck on getting a call, though. Maybe next time you'll be walking him home all on your own."
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it's complete! i hope you liked it, although it was short. this was just something short for a contest, but maaaybe I'll make a sequel in which michael and ben have a relationship? i'll need to get readers though ::wink: