Define a Father

The season ended in disappointment for the kings as they fell to the Blackhawks who would go on to win the cup.

Maya, Jeff, and Jessa made their usual pilgrimage to London, Ontario for the summer once school was out.

The wedding was a few weeks away and while Maya was dying to just put together the final touches, she instead had to do some last minute jobs in LA while her family began their summer.

"I miss my family can I just quit my job?" Maya whined over the phone.

"You won't quit, you love your job. Most of the time."

"I just wish I could be home spending time with you and Jessa and just get married already."

"Patience babe, it will come sooner than we ever thought, I can't even believe you'll be my wife in less than a month." Jeff laughed over the phone

"So what are you and bubs up to?"

"We're driving to Toronto tomorrow for the One Direction concert so I'm investing in some ear plugs."

"Fun, I wanted to go to that with her,"

"I wish you did too. You'd have more fun. But we're staying in a hotel for the night and going to a Jays game the next day so it won't be a total bust for me."

"That's good I'm glad you're at least getting some super cute daddy-daughter time!" Maya exclaimed.

"Speaking of daddy daughter time, your daughter went with your mom to meet the biological dad."

"And no one told me?"

"Your mom said she left a message on your phone but we all know you don't listen to those."

"How is Jess?"

"She won't talk about I think she's waiting until you get home. But she seems pretty upset. She's getting grandma therapy right now, my mom is making her cookies."

"What did my mom say?"

"She says she's not going to say anything until Jessa does, let her express her feelings herself."

"She's six, she doesn't get that option and this is important my mom should tell us as her parents."

"I think this is the kind of thing she should tell you in person babe, this was a pretty big deal for your daughter."

"Fine I can wait three days but you make sure you give her a big hug and tell her I love her."

"Will do, I will even let you talk to her after the concert,"

"You just don't want to listen to her talk about them to you for hours."

"It's a win-win." Jeff laughed.

"I got to get back to work, love you have fun with bubs!"


The next day Jeff packed up the car with snacks and situated Jessa in her car seat in the back before they made their way to Toronto.

"Daddy, did you know I was born in Toronto?" Jessa said from the backseat. It was the first time she had really spoken up on her own since she went to see her father.

"I did know that, do you like Toronto."

"I do, I think it's even better than New York. Mostly because it's in Canada and I'm Canadian."

"Good being proud of your country is important." Jeff smiled at her in the rear view mirror.

The two sat in silence for a bit as Jessa made her way into a tube of Pringles.

"You're never going to leave me right?"

"Of course not, what would give you that idea?"

"I don't know," Jessa mumbled under her breath.

"I would not be going to a one direction concert if I didn't love you a whole lot bubs."

"I know, my real daddy just made me sad. And I don't want you to be like him too."

Jeff felt his blood boil at the thought of this man barging into her life and making the girl feel so upset and insecure.

He pulled over the car and got out, opening the back door and taking Jessa out of her car seat. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, stroking her hair and swaying back and forth on the side of the highway.

"Jessa I will always love you and will not leave that man may have made you, but he's no dad. I promise to be the best dad I can. Okay? I'm always going to be there for you," he felt Jessa grab him tighter and nod her head.

"I love you, thank you for being mine."


The rest of the weekend went on without a hitch. Jessa was bouncing off the walls the whole time. She sang along to every song at the concert and even though Jeff would rather listen to any other music than One Direction, he couldn’t stop smiling as Jessa jumped around.

The next day at the Jays game Jessa wore a matching shirt and hat as Jeff and waved wildly when the jumbotron camera flashed on the pair. She was so pleased with her weekend she started to whine and cry when they began their journey back to London. However, when reminded that she would see her mother once they were home she was more than excited to return.

Once they arrived pulled up to the house, Maya was standing out front waving to her returning family. Jessa quickly undid her car seat and hopped out running to her mother. Recounting what an amazing time she had with Jeff and how he was the best dad in the whole wide world. Maya merely smiled and nodded along to her daughter’s stories.

The family finally made it past the front yard and Jessa ran to the backyard to play with the swing set Jeff had set up for her earlier that month.

“I’m glad you guys had such a great weekend after all the father garbage,” Maya gave a small smile and hugged Jeff.

“Yeah, I’m just glad she kind of forgot all that garbage. But you should probably still talk to her about. I don’t even know what really happened.”

“I don’t want to make her sad after such a good weekend.”

“We shouldn’t ignore that something really shitty happened to her either. If it’s that bad we can take her to get ice cream or convince Mike to come over with Arnold or something.”

“I guess you’re right, when did you get so good at this parenting stuff?”

“I learned from the best,” he smiled, “my mom not you,” he laughed and Maya stuck out her tongue as she went outside to talk to Jessa.

She got outside and sat on the grass as she watched her daughter swing higher and higher before jumping off and rolling towards her mother.

“Hi mommy.”

“Hey bubs,”

“Why do you look sad?” Jessa asked sitting up to look at her mother.

“I heard you met your real father and it didn’t go so well,” she sighed and Jessa looked down and shrugged.

“He was nice, I guess.”

“Well obviously not nice enough if he made you so sad.”

“I mean, I don’t really know him but if he wanted to be a good dad and know me then he, I don’t know. I like my new grandma though.”

“Honey just please tell me what happened.”

“He wants to meet me but he still replaced me with another baby.” Jessa sniffled.

“Excuse me?”

“He has another baby with another lady and he wanted us to meet so he could know his whole family, but he doesn’t really love me. He didn’t care until the other baby needed a sister.”

“Oh honey,” Maya wrapped her arms around her daughter, “baby that’s awful he never said that to me, I wouldn’t have let you go if I knew.”

“Why doesn’t he love me, he made me.”

“Because he’s the dumbest man on earth, because he can’t see what a perfect little girl you are. Baby he doesn’t deserve to have you in his life if that’s what he thinks is okay.”


“I’m gonna kill him.” Maya said when she walked inside.

“Honey calm down what happened,” Jeff said grabbing her shoulders and steadying her.

“He has another fucking daughter and he didn’t tell me that and he brought his first born there to meet her because of some bullshit fulfillment, I can’t be a good dad if I don’t reconcile with my first child or some crap.”

“Jesus, that’s what that asshole did?”

“Yeah I’m going there to give him a piece of my mind,” Maya said grabbing her keys and driving off.

While driving is normally a good way to have someone cool off, it made Maya fume more over the drive to Kyle’s mom. She could feel her blood boil the closer she got and when she finally pulled up the familiar house she was furious.

She went up to the door ringing the bell and waiting for an answer. When she saw that Kyle was the one who answered the door she didn’t even think before she swung at his face.

“What the hell were you thinking, bringing my daughter here to meet your new baby,”

“Fuck Maya,” he yelled holding his face.

“You are a real piece of shit. She was nice enough to give you a chance and reconnect and you ruin that for her. She didn’t have to come, she has a new father figure in her life that she loves to death and who treats her like she should be treated, like the best thing in the world and you had to do this. I used to love you and have faith in you and now I know why I don’t feel either of those things anymore.”

“I’m sorry I just thought I should try and fix my mistakes before I screwed up another girl’s life.”

“That doesn’t make it any better and doesn’t make that girl stop crying about this. So just stay the fuck away from us. You got your chance to be in her life and you screwed it up so just stay away.”

“But I’m-“

“You’re half her genes but that’s it. If she wants to see you again later in life, that’s up to her, but unless that day comes I don’t ever want to see you again.” Maya spat before turning around and making her way back to London.
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