Perfect Matrimony.

“Aren’t you just going to be the cutest thing?” Maya smiled as she began doing Jessa’s hair.

“But you’re going to be the prettiest!” She smiled a partially toothless grin to her mother.

“But she’s never going to get there if she keeps smothering her daughter,” Jeff’s sister, Christine smiled and looked at her niece, “How about you let your auntie finish your hair so we can help your mommy get ready.”

“Okay,” Jessa quickly switched allegiances and sitting in front of her aunt so her hair could be finished.

Jessa was the only one who was completely ready, already in her lilac flower girl outfit, her hair just need to be braided and the mint colored ribbon to be added and she could go about her business waiting for the wedding ceremony.

The rest of the women, Christine, Heidi, and Maya’s sister Margot had gotten there hair done and were now applying their makeup, while in various stages of getting dressed, wearing just their shoes or a partially put on dress. Maya was the least ready with only her hair done, she sat in a robe worrying away at her lips as she wrung her hands, no longer having Jessa’s hair to occupy them.

Margot took a seat on the stool in front of her and started applying her make up giving her sister a smile.

“I bet you would prefer your model friends to do this part but I kind of want this heartfelt sister moment.”

“Don’t make me cry before the ceremony starts,” Maya blinked faster.

“Aww sissy, this is happy day don’t cry.”

“They’re happy tears,” her voice cracked.

“Well then good thing I have all waterproof makeup for your special day.”

“Smart thinking, I’ll need it if this is how I am already.”

“Well I’m very happy for you continuing the long line of women in our family marrying hockey players.”

“I don’t think it counts as much when everyone else dated their hockey player since high school, like you Ms. Juniors girlfriend.”

“It’s Mrs. Juniors wife now.” Her sister laughed, reminding her older sister that she had married her AHL boyfriend when they were 21 and he had just aged out of juniors a little over three years ago.

“I can’t believe my baby sister is calming me down about wedding jitters because she’s already gone through this, do you have any wedding advice while you’re at it.”

“Always laugh, it’s the best way to get through life, because sometimes if you can’t laugh you’ll just cry. But don’t worry you and Jeff are practically married already, you are raising a kid together so you’re miles ahead of most.”

“Thanks for the advice, I’ll never get over the fact I’m the last sibling to get married.”

“We all thought you’d be the first when you got knocked up but we’re glad you waited for the perfect man to come along. Besides you’re the one who will always know more about raising children than us and maybe that advice will be more useful than any wedding advice I can give you.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“We’re trying but nothing yet, you’ll be one of the first to know I promise.” Maya squealed and hugged her sister tightly at the news.

“Sorry to break up this love fest but there’s this very important wedding going on and some people aren’t even dressed,” Heidi laughed as Maya’s mom came in with her fairly pregnant sister-in-law came in holding the garment bag holding her wedding dress.

The bridesmaids scattered slipping on their mint colored dresses zipping them up for each other in a hurry, not wanting to miss Maya stepping into her gown.

Maya smiled as she unzipped the bag and caught view of her dress for the first time since the fitting. Jessa squeezed past the other girls and gasped at how pretty it was. Her mother pulled it out and helped her into the gown zipping up the back as Maya began to cry seeing her mom’s warm smile behind her in the mirror. Her mother quickly grabbed her necklace and put it on for her.

“Honey, you’re absolutely beautiful, just how you should look on one of the happiest days of your life.” Her mom began crying and soon the room was full of crying women over something as simple as a wedding dress. Jessa looked up at the girls in confusion because she didn’t feel sad, just happy that her mom was so beautiful.

“Why is everyone crying?” Jessa asked.

“Because we’re so happy and sometime when you’re old and you’re so happy, tears get the best of you,” Her grandmother said stroking her hair.

“How about you get away from us crying girls and give this to your daddy.” Maya said handing an envelope over to her daughter who quickly took it and ran off.

She made her way through the building of the country club where the wedding was being held and ran to the room where the men were getting ready. She knocked on the door before slapping a hand over her eyes and peeking in.

“No one is naked right?” Jessa asked and received a chorus of laughs.

“We’re all clothed Jess,” Jeff called out.

She ran into the room where all the men were ready and waiting and jumped into Jeff’s lap, hugging him tightly.

“You look very pretty today.”

“You should see mommy she is so beautiful, you might die.”

“That would cure any of your pre wedding jitters Carts,” Mike laughed in the corner.

“Mom wanted me to give you this,” She handed him the envelope and kissed him before going to sit on her Uncle Matt’s lap skipping over the apple of her eye, Mike.

Jeff opened the envelope to see the letter Maya had written him.

Dear Jeff,

I know we decided we wouldn’t say our own vows because you’re not one for many words and I wouldn’t be able to make it through them without sobbing, but I felt I still had to let you know I loved you through this letter. I’m not expecting the same from you because actions speak louder than words and your actions have done that for the past year and half. And they make me continue to fall more and more in love with you every day.

I know at first I counted you out as a party boy and some nighttime fun but I’m thankful everyday for your borderline stalkerish attempts to make us more than lusting. You’re a beautiful soul underneath all that raw sexuality and I love all your different layers and hope to discover more as we embark on this future together.

I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me and most importantly, what you’ve done for my family with Jessa. You took her into your heart without being told and made her your own daughter and that is something so special and beautiful I will never be able to repay you for that selfless love.

So today when we’re saying all those normal vows I will be thinking about how you accepted me and my daughter into your heart so effortlessly and I hope you will think about how much I love you even more than the words I will be saying and potentially choking out. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you now that I know you will forever be mine. The future holds so many amazing things for us and I can’t wait to continue falling in love with you.

Love with all my heart forever and ever,

Maya, The future Mrs. Carter

Jeff smiled at the letter and sniffed trying to prevent any tears, happy or not, from making an appearance.

“Aww Cartsy has Maya turned you into a real pussy?” Mike laughed from the corner of the room.

“Shut up man.” Jeff shook his head.

“Mikey what’s a pussy?” Jessa asked tilting her head to the side.

“I guess that’s my cue to take you back to your mom,” Uncle Matt laughed as she carried her back to where the bridal party was.

“Special delivery, I have a flower girl her for a wedding,” Matt laughed as he walked in, almost dropping his niece when he saw how beautiful his little sister looked, “Wow My, you look beautiful.”

“Thanks Matty,” she grinned hugging and kissing her older sibling, “but you better get ready the wedding is going to start soon she grinned widely.

Everyone began to scramble and take their places, the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle followed by the very excited ring bearer/flower girl, Jessa who threw around her petals and waved manically at Jeff who was waiting at the aisle. He beamed brightly and Jessa had the urge to run the rest of the way and hug him but knew after rehearsal she wasn’t supposed to do that so instead took her place next to her Aunt who was the maid of honor.

Maya took a deep breath before she looped her arm with her father and began to walk down the aisle, unable to hold back her smile once she saw Jeff standing at the end of her path.

“Damn, you are one lucky man.” Mike whispered to Jeff who couldn’t avert his eyes from how beautiful Maya looked.

“I know man.”

Maya made it to Jeff and her father kissed her on the cheek before heading to his seat. She could already feel the tears coming as Jeff squeezed her hands. The wedding went by with a blink of an eye and before she knew it, Jeff was dipping Maya into a kiss while the crowd clapped. When he straightened her out again she giggled and gave him another kiss.

The reception was going great, the food was delicious, the speeches were hilarious, and Maya had never been happier. Now the dance floor was filled and Jeff and Maya were dancing, holding on to each other. Mike and Jessa were whispering to each other and pointing to the married couple as they danced nearby.

“This day has been perfect,” Maya sighed looking longingly at Jeff.

“You’re perfect.” He leaned down in, “thanks for giving me a chance.”

“Thanks for completing my family,” she smiled.

Jeff felt a tug on his pants and he looked down to see Jessa.

“May I cut in?”

“Of course what could be better than sharing a dance with my two favorite women?” Jeff grinned, picking the girl up.

Maya leaned in and kissed Jessa’s cheek, “Who would thought this is where we would be.”

“Yeah and who would have though this is exactly what I needed.” Jeff grinned and gave each of his girls a peck.
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