Pint-sized Passion

“Jessa slow down! And don’t you dare go up the stairs wearing your roller blades, I don’t want you falling down and breaking something.” Maya yelled while skating after her daughter who was now pulling off her skates while sitting on the front stairs.

“I’m not going to hurt myself, now let’s go you told me I could have ice cream!” Jessa shouted before standing up and running into the house with her mother close behind her. “Jeffie!” The child screeched upon entering the house.

Maya looked up and smiled as she watched her daughter drop her skates and run towards the tall blonde man in the kitchen. Jeff in turn picked up the little girl and spun her around as she giggled.

“We weren’t expecting to see you today.” Maya said.

“But I’m glad you’re here we missed you, but we still have fun without you, me and mommy went roller blading today.”

“I can see that, I’m glad you wore more clothes than your mom,” Jeff laughed as he eyed his fiancé’s daisy dukes and bikini top combo.

“I needed to tan more, I still look a little too Canadian.” Maya laughed and went over to hug Jeff, sandwiching her daughter between them.

Once she pulled back, Jessa went back into full babble mode, “you should have gotten here earlier so you could have come! Do you know how to rollerblade because I could teach you.”

“Bubs, he ice skates for a living I’m pretty sure he could roller blade.” Maya rolled her eyes.

“Oh yeah, well now that you’re back can we go to Mikey’s?” Jessa asked pulling out her big puppy eyes.

“Richie’s, why do you want to go there?” Jeff asked the little girl.

“I may have let it slip that he had a pool.” Maya answered for her daughter.

“Ahhh, well I don’t think he’s back in LA but I think he comes home tomorrow, so we can go later,” the little girl nodded, content with that answer. She began to squirm signaling she want to be put down again, “did you get taller while I was gone?” Jeff asked as he set the girl down on the ground.

“I grew a whole inch in a month!” She beamed holding up one finger.

“Wow if you keep growing like that you’re going to be as tall as me!” Jessa grinned before running off towards the freezer.

Maya laughed as she saw her daughter find an ice cream bar that within ten minutes was more on her face than in her mouth. The rest of the was spent with Jeff doing whatever Jessa wanted, from playing soccer to going to the beach, and ending with the small family on the couch watching an animated movie that Maya had seen probably four hundred times. Maya was happy to see how good Jeff was with Jessa, but throughout the day two thoughts filled her head. One thought was if Jeff would actually be able to be this energetic and good with Jessa now that she was no longer a visitor that came around once in a while. The second being how she hadn’t seen Jeff in over a month and how right now she had a pint sized cock block that was making it hard for Maya to even get a peck on the lips from Jeff.

The movie was reaching an end and as soon as Maya saw Jessa yawn the second thought was the only one consuming her mind. She was getting very close to some alone time with Jeff.

“Hey bubs, why don’t you go brush your teeth and put on your jammies? I’ll be up in a bit to tuck you in.” Jessa nodded and wandered upstairs, “so what did you want to do tonight?” Maya whispered in Jeff’s ear.

“I was going to have a beer if you want one too.” Jeff said obviously not getting the hint.

“Well I’m going to tuck in my daughter, then I’ll be in our room. Don’t be down here too long.” Maya then leaned in and gave Jeff the first real kiss they had shared in a month before going upstairs.

She went upstairs and tucked in her daughter whom was already half asleep, before heading to the bedroom and grabbing the outfit she had thrown under the bed weeks ago. Once she was dressed she crawled into bed grabbing a magazine to read while she waited for Jeff to finish his beer. Twenty minutes later Jeff came into the room, his shirt already long gone.

“God damn,” he sighed before crawling up onto the bed and on top of Maya, “Is Jessa asleep?”

“Out like a light,”

“Good that gives me time to appreciate my purchase,” he whisper roughly as he took in the black lace that clung to Maya like a second skin.

Maya giggled as Jeff began to kiss her neck, obviously trying to leave a mark, something he knew her coworkers always made fun of. He then moved down to her lace covered breasts, using his large hands to grope them before he decided to get rid of the fabric that was in his way. Within seconds her entire lacy outfit was thrown across the room and Maya’s breast was in Jeff’s mouth as she moaned and arched her back.
Maya began to reach down, pulling at the button and then zipper of Jeff’s shorts before Jeff helped her removing his boxers with the shorts. Maya kept her hand down there as she began to rub Jeff feeling him quickly become rock hard. Jeff continued to kiss Maya’s body. He began to trail his hand down towards Maya’s core but she grabbed his hand.

“I just want you now,” she whispered.

Without any other words Jeff lined up and pushed his way into Maya. He slowly began to thrust into her, she brought her hips up to meet his, signaling she wanted more.

“Mommy?” A voice called out in the darkness

“Shit.” Maya whispered and when Jeff looked back down at her she was already wearing a baggy shirt.

“What the fuck? Why are you so ready for this?” Jeff whispered.

“I’ve been a mom since I was twenty-two I’m always ready for this.”

“Then why didn't you help me be prepared?”

“I forgot now just stay where you are I’m a pro at getting out of these situations.”

“Mommy, I had a nightmare, can I sleep in here?”

“Aww sweetie of course you can.” Maya cooed.

“Why is Jeff on top of you?”

“He was tickling me on the way to bathroom, he needs to take a shower.”

“Mommy’s right you smell gross.” Jessa said causing Jeff to laugh.

“Why don’t you give mommy a hug and Jeff will leave. That’ll give you room to hop in to bed.” Maya said before holding out her arm and bringing her daughter in, making sure to bury Jessa’s face into her shoulder so she wouldn’t see a butt naked Jeff scurry off to the bathroom.

Jessa then crawled into bed snuggling into her mother. Once Jeff was done with his cold shower he saw his fiancé snuggled up with Jessa and already asleep. He smiled at the sight almost forgetting that minutes ago the girl had caused the most painful blue balls Jeff had ever experienced. He crawled into bed and Jessa immediately turned latching her small arms onto Jeff.
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