Unfamiliar Traits

Jeff walked into the house late on a cooler December night, though he rolled his eyes at what Californians considered cool. He threw his gym bag in the coat closet. He was tired and frustrated. He was sick of merely working out and maybe skating with a few guys, he just wanted to play some hockey again. Before he had a chance to wallow in his self-pity he heard the melodic laugh of his fiancée followed by the little giggles of Jessa.
He walked into the kitchen to see Jessa sitting at the counter intensely working on something, surrounded by glue, scissors and lots of paper. Her little tongue stuck as she concentrated on whatever she was doing. Maya stood at the other end of the counter cutting vegetables laughing at her daughter.

“What are you up to bubs?” Jeff asked peering over Jessa’s shoulder and kissing the top of her head.

“Homework.” She replied not looking up from her work.

“They have homework in kindergarten now?” Jeff asked sitting next to her.

“Yes Jeffie, it’s so I can go home and get help on writing my letters.”

“Well what are you supposed to do?”

“I’m supposed to draw the job my parents do then write that word. Look I already did mommy but I don’t know how to write pretty model.” She smiled. Jeff laughed at the collage of cut out pictures of Maya including one new swimsuit one he assumed was from a few weeks ago. He then slowly spelled out the two words for the small girl trying to help her point her r’s and d’s the right way.

“I like this picture of you My,” Jeff grinned pointing to the picture of her and a huge pregnant belly.

Even with the large belly Jeff could appreciate Maya’s body. Sure, she had a killer body now, but even without Maya was breathtaking. In the picture she was dress in a pair of overalls the clearly defined her pregnant belly as she stood in a forest somewhere in Ontario. Her hair was this mess of dark waves that made her look like a bombshell, and her eyes were a vibrant pale blue that were so captivating that, Jeff actually stared into them before he could even examine her body when they first met. Once he got over her eyes, he saw her perfect plump lips. Followed by the long legs of his 5’11’’ girlfriend. She would pass most of these traits to the girl who was once in that belly, the small girl shared the same eye color and hair color, only with stick straight hair and a mix of traits that belonged to a guy Jeff had never heard about or seen.

“Thanks, maternity modeling is what got my through grad school and into the biz so I can’t complain. Besides I was a MILF then and I guess I still am.”

“Mommy what does my daddy do?” Jessa asked all of sudden sucking the happiness out of the room and wiping the smile right off Maya’s face.

“Um- well. Hm. I don’t really know sweetie, I haven’t talked to your daddy in a very last time, he used to sell things back then but- do you have to draw that I mean you don’t live with him so…” she trailed off nervously unsure how to talk about this. While Maya had always been open about these question and never hid anything, Jessa had never been really interested in stuff until now.

“Mom! I have to put my dad down. Everyone in my class has a mommy and a daddy. I can’t be the only one with just a mommy!” She shouted like it was the simplest, most obvious thing in the world and not some complicated ordeal about a man she had met once and never seen or heard from again.

“Well then, write about Jeff we know what he does, you can even find a magazine picture to cut out of him.”

“But he’s not my dad, he’s your boyfriend.” She scrunched up her nose.

“He’ll be your stepdad once we get married and who do you love more? Jeff or your daddy?” The little girl pondered this question for a second.

“How do you spell hockey player Jeffie?”


“What do you think you’re doing in here?” Jeff asked with a grin as Maya stepped into the shower with him.

“I think I’m having a nice moment with the love of my life, while we’re all nice and sudsy.” She smirked before giving his wet bare chest a kiss.

“Mmm sounds nice, but I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“I hope by talking you mean touching and something you mean me.” She grinned before kissing and biting his neck

“We can do that later but I wanted to talk about Jessa, I mean I know she has your last name but once we get married I assume you’ll take mine and what about her?” Maya stopped kissing and looked up at him.

“You really want to talk about this now?”

“Well after last night, I just I feel like I’m more of father to her than that bastard before me, do you even know what he is doing?”

“He got out of jail like a year ago and he sends his child support checks. I mean I keep up with his mom so I can keep tabs on him. Just in case Jessa ever wants to meet him. I don’t like him much anymore but I don’t want to take it away from her.”

“Okay, so he’s an awful father and I want to be better than that, so I want Maya to take my name.”

“That’s sweet Jeff, but she doesn’t even call you dad, we’ll have to take to her about that. I mean she loves you but, she’s old enough to get to choose this stuff for herself. Like what she calls you or what her last name will be.”

“Okay but-“ Maya put her finger to his lips.

“It doesn’t matter right now we’ll go with what happens.” She said before leaning up and kissing him.

Their tongues explored each others mouths and Maya put a hand between them, stroking Jeff’s length to life. He began to groan, gripping tightly onto Maya’s ass before reattaching his lips to her neck.

“Jeffie?” Jeff looked over the door of the shower to Jessa wearing her pajams and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. He also heard Maya whisper cock block under her breath causing him to chuckle.

“Yeah Jess.”

“Have you seen mommy? I want to ask her a question.”

“I’m in here sweetie, why don’t you give us fifteen minutes and we’ll be out and then we can talk okay?” The girl replied with a soft yes, “and don’t just sit outside the shower and wait for us, go watch TV or something.” Maya added but the girl merely grunted in response and sat on the floor, “if you do what you’re told maybe we can go hang out a Richie’s today,” this final statement caused the girl to standup from her spot on the floor and leave the room.

“Pawning her off on Richie are we?”

“I’m taking a page from the Jeff Carter guide to parenting and distracting her. Maybe if we pawn her off on Richie enough we can finally have some real alone time.” She said in a sultry voice before slipping to her knees and making Jeff forget about dead beat dads and fatherhood and only think of the dark brown hair he wove his fingers through, the pale blue eyes staring up at him and the plump lips doing exactly what he wanted.