Crushes and Quickies

"Hey Mike, happy late Christmas, how was cold, miserable Canada?" Maya hugged Mike as she walked into his house.

"It was fine how was your holiday?" Mike asked as Jessa hugged his legs and Jeff walked by carrying a few presents.

"It was good, how was yours?" He asked, picking up Jessa and carrying her outside where he had dinner set up.

"It was so much fun! We played all day and then yesterday Jeffie took us to Disneyland as my present." The small girl grinned before pulling something it and holding it up, "Look Mikey we under the mistletoe, that means we have to kiss," she giggled covering up her mouth.

"Well look at that, I guess we do." He laughed before giving the girl a peck on the cheek and setting her down in her chair.

The group then sat down and ate their "Christmas" dinner. Jessa spent most of feeding the dog food off her plate, despite Maya's protests. Soon she became bored with that and begged to see her presents from Mike. After minutes of deliberation the adults finally agreed and went to grab the gifts, handing her two boxes from Mike.

She greedily tore the paper of the first box revealing an inflatable dolphin that Mike said she could use in the pool. She squealed in delight and hugged the box before tossing it aside for her second gift. She then pulled out a tiny Kings jersey with Richards printed on the back. The girl's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she thanked Mike profusely.

"You know I'm not going to let you wear that bubs, you already have a nice Carter jersey," Jeff said from across the table.

"But Mike is my favorite," she said back incredulously.

"Who gave you some ice skates and took you to Disneyland?"

"You did, but that doesn't make you my favorite. Don't worry you're second though," she said back making Mike snicker.

The next gift was for Jeff, where he unwrapped a bottle of tequila with some stupid joke about leaving dry island to drink it. He rolled his eyes as he watched Maya begin to open her present.

She pulled out a larger version of he daughter's new Richards jersey. She let out a loud laugh as Jeff leaned over to smack Mike.

Lastly, Mike opened his present that was apparently from all of his guests. He opened the small package to see a copy of Maxim magazine. He looked up confused before he noticed a dog eared page. Flipping to it was a picture of a perfectly tanned blonde, with a handwritten number on a note that was posted over her breasts.

"That's mommy's friend Anya, she's my favorite so I told mommy you should date her. She babysits me sometimes and she's really pretty." Jessa said brightly.

"She's really really pretty," Mike said quietly as he stared at the picture.

"You've been asking for one of my friends numbers for so long, and you passed my test that I thought it was about time. Besides you need a girl who isn't my daughter."

"We decided it was about time you got laid dude." Jeff laughed.

"Thanks guys, maybe I'll call her for New Years Eve."

"That's a great idea, now how about Jeff and I go make some of those milkshakes for dessert?" Maya asked before standing up and dragging Jeff into the kitchen with her.

"Do you really need my help?"

"No, I can make a milkshake in like five minutes but Mike doesn't know that." Maya said innocently.

"So what were you planning on doing?" He stepped closer.

"Well, since there's a pool and a dog out there I think we have distraction time for a quick trip to the bathroom."

"Don't forget your daughter's huge crush on Richie," he grinned as he followed her to the bathroom and she hopped on the counter pulling him in closer with her legs, "that gives us plenty of time for a quickie."

Maya gave a smirk before she moved her hand to stroke Jeff's dick through his shorts. He growled before kissing her neck and taking off her shorts and panties. Lila moaned as Jeff ran a finger over her slit, teasing her clit and seeing if she was wet enough.

Soon his shorts were discarded and he pushed into Maya. She gripped his shoulders tighter and pulled him in for a kiss in order to quiet moans she couldn't control from coming out as Jeff thrusted into her hard and fast.

Jeff moved his hand in order to pinch and rub her clit as he felt his release coming soon. Maya rocked her hips at the same rhythm as Jeff and felt her own orgasm rush over her as she tightened and clenched. Jeff groaned as he came kissing her lips softly before pulling out and helping her down.

"That was amazing," she smiled and put on her clothes. Washing her hands and fixing her hair before she went to the kitchen and began the milkshakes.

The two walked out each carrying two glasses and set them on the table to see Mike watch Jessa blow up the dolphin toy. He face was red an cheeks puffed out as he laughed before turning to see the couple.

"Really guys? You couldn't wait until you were home?"

"No, because at home there is a munchkin who like a lot of attention," Maya smirked before setting down the glasses.

Jessa saw the milkshake and forgot about her task at hand, running over to the table, climbing into Mike's lap to get her milkshake.

"Here ya go bubs, but next time ask Richie if you can sit in his lap,"

"Fine, sorry Richie I'll ask next time," she said before taking a log drink of the treat, "what happened to your hair mama?" Mike and Jeff snickered at this comment.

"Making milkshakes is messy, bubs."

"Why do you call her bubs?" Mike asked wrapping his arms around the little girl, who blushed in response.

"Oh, my brother sort of came up with it. When Jessa was a baby, she was really chunky, god knows how something that big came out of me, but my brother called her chubs. Then she started talking and I didn't want her to think she was fat or something because as a girl she'll have all sorts of body image issues and with a model for mom it will be worse so it evolved into bubs and that stuck." Mike nodded in response and tried to steal some of Jessa's milkshake, she got up and ran into Jeff's lap.

They stayed for a while longer, until Jessa began to yawn and attempted to fall asleep in Mike's bed so she could stay the night. Jeff picked up the girl and carried her to the car as Maya stayed to grab the gifts and say goodbye.

"Thanks for coming this was a nice second Christmas," Mike smiled.

"Yeah thanks for watching Jessa while we had our little romp, I'll make sure to put an extra good word with Anya," Maya said hugging Mike.

"Well make sure I get some from a model and wear that Richards jersey once and I'll say we're even."
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