Old Habits Die Hard

"Jessa, we are not talking about this right now. How many times do I need to tell you this?"

"But mom," Jessa whined.

"Jessa Lynn! We are not talking about this and that's final go to your room!" The little girl sniffled before going up to her room. Maya groaned before walking into the kitchen where Jeff, Richie, and Dustin Penner were sitting and drinking margaritas.

"Trouble with the little one?" Dustin asked as she put her head in her hands on the counter.

"She's just being a brat, she's been extra exhausting lately. And congrats on the lockout ending boys,"

"That's why we're celebrating," Mike said holding up his drink.

"I can see that, thank you for keeping all the booze within reach of my five-year-old daughter," snidely remarked.

"It's not a big deal, she's not going to get into it," Jeff rolled his eyes.

"No Jeff, that is a big deal. I get that you haven't really been around enough for her tantrums and outbursts and you're the fun boyfriend, but when you asked me to marry you, you agreed to start being a parent during the good and bad. You need to start acting like that parent because I was fine before and I sure as hell would be fine after you, don't let there be an after you," Maya snapped then stood up, grabbed her purse and stomped outside.

"I think that's our cue to leave," Dustin said, "good luck with the ladies."

Once the guys left Jeff put away the booze and dishes before heading upstairs to Jessa's room. He peaked in to see the small child laying face down on her bed sobbing. He walked in and sat at the edge of the bed, placing a large hand on her small back, rubbing it soothingly.

The small girl turned around to see Jeff before crashing into his chest, hugging him tightly as she sobbed more. Soaking Jeff's shirt in snot and tears.

"Wh-wh-why does mommy h-hate me," she cried out, clinging to him.

"Your mom doesn't hate you sweetie, she's just frustrated with work and stuff and she doesn't need you to be pushing things after she tells you to stop."

"I didn't mean to."

"I know but you kept pushing your mom until she couldn't take and now she's really upset. So how about you go apologize to her and you don't get dessert tonight? Sound fair?"

"Fine." She replied, wiping her eyes and nose.

She hopped off the bed and walked downstairs. Jeff followed her down and watched her timidly walk out to the back porch. Less than a minute later the little girl came back inside.

"How did it go?"

"She forgives me, but I'm not allowed outside because mommy is smoking."

"Oh, well how about you go play and I'll go talk to her."

"Okay, love you Jeffie," she smiled, hugging him and running off as Jeff wandered outside.

"Your daughter told me she loved," Jeff said standing in the doorway as Maya leaned back and took a drag of a cigarette.

"And she came to apologize to me, both very surprising things for her to do," she gave a small smile.

"And I thought you quit smoking."

"I did. Until this afternoon," she shrugged blowing a smoke ring.

"Well you should stop, it's gross, unhealthy, and a bad example for bubs."

"Old habits die hard. And you shouldn't be talking about being a bad example."

"I know, I came out here to apologize about being an ass. I want to be there for you and Jessa and I realize Jessa doesn't need a new friend she needs a father figure and I want to be that. But you have to be patient with me because old habits die hard," Jeff said with a smug grin as he used her words against her.

"Thank you that's all I want," Maya put out he cigarette and went over to Jeff.

"Whoa whoa whoa, don't go kissing me with your ash tray mouth. You have to brush your teeth first," Jeff said grabbing the pack of cigarettes out of her back pocket, "and I'm confiscating these."

"Hey! I paid like nine bucks for those," Maya shouted jumping up and down to grab the pack Jeff held above your head, "at least let me finish this pack then I'm done for good."

"Okay but I'm keeping this with me and you only get one a week. I want to keep your nicotine levels as low a possible."

"Fine. I'm going to brush my teeth so you let me near you again."


Later that night after dinner, Jeff and Maya were both eating an ice cream sandwich as Jessa pouted.

"Can I pleeeeeease have ice cream?" She whined to the adults.

"No, we had deal no dessert because of what you did to our mom."

"Fine," she crossed her arms and huffed in her seat.

"But that's only Jeff's punishment, I still have one for you," Maya said licking her fingers as she finished her ice cream.

"What? That's not fair!"

"Well I make the rules so I get to decide. And all want is for you to help Jeff and I fold the laundry tonight, then your free to go," Jessa rolled he eyes but nodded at her mom.

The small family sat in front of the TV with an episode of Phineas and Ferb on as they folded the pile of laundry surrounding them on the floor. Jessa hang complained since they agreed to let her pick the show they watched.

"Mommy, can ask you a question?" Jessa asked as she concentrated on folding one of Jeff's large shirts.

"Of course honey, shoot."

"When can I start wearing thongs?" She asked holding up a hot pink garment to her mother.

"When your older," Maya answered at the same time Jeff vehemently said, "never!"

Jessa looked confused between the two as Maya tried to hide her laughter behind a shirt.

"Jeff, she can do whatever she wants once she gets old enough. Besides sometimes wearing a thong isn't a being sexy thing, you need a thong so you don't have panty lines. As a model I have the duty to make sure my daughter knows fashion tips like that." Maya smiled.

"Well if I have anything to do with it she'll always be wearing panties with things like Cinderella on them," Jeff said waving the incredibly small panties he couldn't believe actually fit a real person.

"Can I get a thong with Cinderella?" Jessa asked excitedly causing Maya to howl with laughter and Jeff to turn bright red.

"How about we have this conversation when you're like fifteen, an keep it between you and I?" Maya said finally getting a hold of herself.

The family finished folding the clothes and Jessa curled up in a pile of clothes and began to drift off to sleep.

"Hey bubs? How about I put you to bed so we can give mom a break?" Jessa nodded and held out her arms and Jeff picked her up ad took her to her room.

After helping her brush her teeth and putting on her pajamas, Jeff tucked the already half asleep girl into bed.

"Nighty night Jeff, I love you," she said turning over and closing her eyes.

"I love you too Jessa," Jeff replied kissing her head, turning her night light on, and leaving the room. Making his way to his own room, taking off his shirt and crawling into bed with Maya.

"You being so protective of Jessa is hot as hell," Maya said curling into Jeff.


"Yeah, now I know why woman are always so turned on by single dads," she giggled before straddling his hips and leaning over to turn off the lights.
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