All I Want is Fun

“Hey Jessa, you mind if I cut in and have a dance with Jeffie?” Maya smiled t her daughter.

“Okay, I’ll go be with Heidi, you guys can be in love,” she skipped off across the dance floor.

“Good to see my gorgeous fiancé decided to make an appearance, I mean she is an incredible dancer,” Jeff whispered into her ear and before giving her a kiss.

“I know it’s the reason we met.”

“Does this remind you of when we first met?”

“Of course, summer wedding in London 2009, I got duped into a dance by some blonde giant,”

“What’s a beautiful girl like you doing dateless at a wedding?” a tall blonde guy asked Maya.

“What’s a single guy on the prowl doing coming on to me empty handed, it’s an open bar you could have at least brought me a drink,” Maya replied, she didn’t want to be too off putting because he was cute, but she also couldn’t be that easy girl at a wedding.

“Well if I get you a drink, will give me a dance?”

“I guess that’s a fair trade.”

The man came back with a cosmo and Maya smiled brightly drinking it quickly before extending her hand to him and walking out to the dance floor. She wrapped her arms around her neck and he placed his hands on her hips. Jeff was just trying to get laid but he had to admit she fit perfectly in his hands, or maybe that was normal for the women he met.

“I’m Jeff.”

“Maya, it’s nice to meet you, who do you know at the wedding.”

“The bride, she lived down the road from me,” Jeff replied.

“No shit? You’re a London boy? I went to high school with her.”

“Small world, I can’t believe I haven’t seen a gorgeous girl like you around before.”

“I’ve been in Toronto since I was eighteen and haven’t made it back a lot but I can’t believe I missed a giant hunk of man like you.”

“Well now you have me right where you want me,” he grinned.

“I did come to get some wedding ass, and you seem to fit the bill.”

“Really? You want to get out of here?”

“I’ve already had some cake, some booze, now I’m just looking for some fun and a quick lay. If I go to your hotel room can you guarantee that?”

“Well you’ll just have to find out,” he smirked, taking her hand and leading her up to his hotel room.

The next morning Maya was slipping back on her dress and shoes, preparing to go to back to her hotel room and then return to her parents’ house. She turned around and smiled at the man half naked in the bed, it had been some of the best sex of her life, just what she needed after a bit of a dry spell. He began to wake opening one eye.

“Leaving already, without some great morning sex?”

“Sorry, got to get back to the real world.”

“Well if you’re ever in London for the rest of the summer maybe we can do this again,” she shrugged before taking a pen from the side table straddling Jeff one more time and wrote her number on her toned chest.

“Maybe I’ll see you around.”

The two began texting each other after that. Then they began spending their evenings together, between the sheets, on his cold kitchen floor, in his backyard pool. Every time seemed just as good as the last and they felt exhilarated, until Jeff had to ruin it.

“I know you’ve been spending most of your nights here, but how about we spend some time together you know in the day,” Jeff asked as they were wrapped together in his bed


“What do you mean no? Are you like a vampire or something? Because I’ve never seen you in the daylight.”

“I just want to have fun, I don’t want anything serious. I have enough serious in my life. I like what we do and are you really trying to tell me you want more than that?”

“It’s not like getting serious but doing other things outside of my house.”

“Well no thanks, when you want to start having fun again then you can call me.”


Later that year, Jeff was wandering around New York. Most of his teammates were Christmas shopping for family and significant others and Jeff decided to go wander the streets instead. He was walking around the streets crowded with people, when he saw a pair of shining blues eyes. He couldn’t forget those eyes. Those eyes he had spent many summer nights with, he had them branded in his memory. The way they shined when she laughed or rolled back in her head before she came. He quickly turned around and caught up with the girl.

“Maya, fancy seeing you here.”

“Jesus Christ Jeff,” she jumped.

“Sorry for scaring you, I just can’t believe I’m seeing you so soon and I think it’s a sign we should go grab dinner tonight.”

“Jeff we aren’t like that, we weren’t like that.”

“Just one dinner and then we can have all the fun in the world, I just like to eat before I have fun,” Jeff grinned, Maya rolled her eyes but agreed anyway.

After what Jeff thought was a successful dinner with a girl he learned was a model who he’d see in many magazines in the future, they had fun; they had fun four different times while Jeff got rid of his road roommate. When Jeff woke up Maya was gone. He sighed in defeat, feeling a loss he never felt before. He felt such a connection with her but she was the only woman who didn’t want stay. He walked into the bathroom and saw written in red lipstick, ‘see you this summer xo Maya.’


The season went by slowly and ended in disappointment and an injury, Jeff had flirty and sexual texts from Maya to keep his spirits up. They always came at the right time and he assumed it was because she was a real Canadian girl and enjoyed following hockey, or maybe she just had a sixth sense about him. He didn’t care because he wanted them to keep coming.

That summer they fell back into their same routine, she would come over they would have their fun and she would be gone by the morning. He always woke up and his hope was deflated but he accepted it because he was addicted to her presence. The summer went by too quickly and they parted ways once again.

A few months later, Jeff signed a big contract. The Flyers are at an away game in Toronto and out celebrating Jeff’s big deal. In the restaurant the guys are pointing out the girls they should snag before they go out on the town.

“I think that one looks like she would be fun for a spin around the bedroom,” Mike pointed to a girl sitting at the bar, Jeff grinned before realizing the girl was Maya. He stood up quickly beating Mike to the punch.

“Maya why’s a beautiful model like you always alone?”

“You just always seem to find me at a bad time, besides the whole only looking for fun applies to everyone, always.”

“Well how about we relive the fun again tonight,”

“Let’s celebrate that big contract of yours stud.”

Maya joined the team at the club, grinding on Jeff and doing shots with his teammates. They ended their night in their usual way, until Jeff had to try and ruin it once again.

“Why don’t you want to be more with me? We have fun, we have great sex, what’s not to like?”

“I told you I just-“

“Don’t give me that fun bullshit because we could have fun and go on dates too.”

“I’d be too much for you too handle, I have a lot going in my life and when I’m not handling that, I like to have some adult fun. And I don’t have room for anything else. But thanks for trying,” she gave a sad grin before getting dressed.

“You live here right? SO if I come back I can see you again.”

“I’m leaving Toronto soon, but I’ll see you in London.”


The summer came with the biggest shock in Jeff’s life. He was traded and he was completely blindsided by it. He was so upset he spent the first two months of his summer pouting and angry fucking anything with a vagina, Maya included. Once he got a little over his initial anger and shock, he did the only thing he thought he could.

“Maya come with me, move to Columbus have hot sex with me everyday make the miserable place called Columbus bearable,” He whined, he was on his knees literally begging her, after he had gone down on her to soften her up.

“Jeff I have a life outside of you, I have a job and things I care about,”

“Well I care about you and I play away games so you can fly off and do your modeling thing and then come home and be with me.”

“I don’t just model, I’m an agent and I have an office with hours, and an apartment with a lease that isn’t up. And I just don’t need that kind of stupid commitment in my life. I’m done with you trying to push me Jeff, maybe if you lived near me all year it would be different but it’s not and I’m sorry.”

“Maya please.”

“Just forget my number Jeff, find a nice girl from Ohio.”


In February Jeff got traded to Los Angeles. He never thought he would be so happy to get traded in his life, but he was more than happy to get out of Columbus, especially since he would be playing on a team with Mike again. His trade occurred while the season was in full swing, causing him some stress while he tried to keep on top of his game and gel with his team. Thankfully the scenery around his new home was perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

Jeff made his way to the beach, to go on a run and clear his head. He began his run passing beautiful, tanned women in bikinis, small children running towards the waves, surfers, and volleyball players. There was so much life going on, so much different than Columbus.

He continued running when someone caught his eye up ahead on the beach. He slowed down, as he got closer to her, she was carrying a large bag and a towel in her hand, she was walking quickly down the beach.

“Maya?” He called out.

“Jeff?” She asked as she got closer, “small world.”

“Yeah I always seem to be running into you all over the place what are the odds?”

“Slim, unless you were stalking me,” she said sounding a bit distracted.

“Well I’m not stalking you but I do take this as a sign.”

“Yeah, and what for?”

“That you should go on a date with me, no fun just a normal date, and maybe some fun if we really feel like it.”

“We’ve been over this…”

“Fate keeps bringing us back together, so I think we owe it to these greater powers and at least give it a try,”

“Jeff…” she gave a warning tone as she looked around Jeff further down the beach.

“I won’t stop bothering you until you agree, I won’t even let you leave this spot,” he said grabbing one of her hands.

“Fine, text me the details later, I have someone waiting for me, I’ll see you later,” she smiled before jogging down the beach.

They had dinner together that Friday, nothing fancy but Jeff walked her home, kissed her cheek and left. No funny business. That date turned into two dates, into three and soon they were dating, Jeff couldn’t wipe the grin off his face every time he got to call Maya his girlfriend. And with that commitment he convinced her to finally see him play a hockey game live.

“Has my girlfriend come to surprise me with an afternoon date?” Jeff called out as he saw his girlfriend walking out of the Staples center.

“No, I was just, uh, buying some stuff for the game tonight,” she gave a guilty smile as she held up a bag from the pro shop.

“Oh let’s see what you bought to try and impress me,” Jeff grinned grabbing out the bag and pulling out a large Kings jersey with his name on the back.

He reached in a pulled out a much smaller version of the same jersey and shot Maya a confused look, “I mean this will look really sexy on in the bedroom but you didn’t have to spend that much money on something I’m just going to take off.”

“Well it was supposed to be a surprise for after the game but,”

“It’s not really a surprise, I mean I assumed we were going to have sex after the game,” Jeff laughed.

“Jeff, that’s not what it is, um, well, I have a daughter.”


“I have a daughter, you know a little girl I gave birth to, I didn’t think I needed to tell you until we were serious and since I feel we are I was going to introduce you tonight.”

“How old is she? What’s her name?” Jeff began to ramble as he tried to wrap his head around the fact the woman who had been so adamant about having a benefits only relationship had a child.

“Her name is Jessa, and she’s five-years-old going to be six soonish.”

“So you’ve had her the whole time I’ve known you?”

“Yeah, it’s just not something I like to bring it up with people who aren’t really going to be involved in my life out of the bedroom or for very long.”

“So I get to meet her tonight,”

“Come to my house after the game and you can have some ice cream with us before her bed time.”


The doorbell rang and Maya walked to the door, but not before turning around and shooting Jessa a look telling her not to touch any of the ice cream fixing while she wasn’t looking. She opened the door and revealed Jeff, who had changed from his suit and in to a Kings tshirt and athletic shorts.

“Hey babe, come on in we’re just getting started,” Maya smiled too widely, trying to hide her nervousness for this introduction.

She had introduced Jessa to one other boyfriend and it hadn’t gone too well. But that was because Jessa was two at the time and was a bit of a brat but mostly because the guy was an asshole. She knew deep down Jeff wouldn’t be that way, especially since he had been trying to get in a relationship with her for the better part of four years, but she was always worried about Jessa getting too attached and then that person leaving.

“Jessa sweetie, there’s someone I want you to meet,” Maya said as she walked into the kitchen to see her daughter sitting on her hands trying not to grab any of the treats.

“Hello, are you mommy’s boyfriend we went to go see play hockey?” Jessa asked grinning.

“I am, my name is on the back of the jersey you’re wearing, did you like the game?” Jeff asked as he took the seat next to the small girl, who looked so much like her mother.

“Of course I did, I’m Canadian so I love hockey, but sorry Tyler Bozak is my favorite,” she smiled eyeing the ice cream.

“Oh I see how it is, maybe I can make you a Jeff Carter fan if I make you a sundae right now,” Jessa nodded enthusiastically and Jeff made her a bowl with all the fixings while Maya looked on with a small smile.

“Are you going to kiss my mommy Jeffie,” Jessa asked with ice cream all over her face.

“Well she is my girlfriend so sometimes I do that.”

“Good because mommy needs to kiss more boys like all her other friends.”


Jessa and Jeff hit off pretty well after their first meeting. Minus a few tantrums over the time Jeff spent and attention she got or didn’t get, they were like two peas in a pod. Jeff doted on her every whim and Jessa loved him for it, especially when he took the blame for things she knew she wasn’t allowed to do.

Jeff and Maya became closer too, within a month and a half Jeff blurted the words I love you and Maya was more than happy to return the words. Things were blissful in their whirlwind relationship until the stress of the playoffs came about, Jeff’s frustrations made him an ass at times but he was learning to control them or he knew Maya wouldn’t let him spend time around her and Jessa.

But all the hard work paid off when he got to lift the cup. Maya cried as she watched the smile on his bearded face light up the whole arena. The moment was perfect and Maya knew nothing could be more right than this, as Jeff held Jessa and skated around the rink in celebration.

A week after all the celebration and Jeff finally sobered up from all the parties and the parade, the small family made their way back to their roots in London, Ontario.

“I know we haven’t been dating for long, but I’ve been falling in love with you since the first time I danced with you four years ago an I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone other than you and Jessa. Will you marry me? Jeff asked on one knee in the front yard as Jessa clapped at the sight.

“I’m really glad I duped you that night,” Jeff laughed as they continued to dance.

“Me too, maybe this summer we can bring together some other unsuspecting London couple at our wedding. You know paying it forward.”
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Long chapter after a long wait, sorry there's not too much cute Jessa bits but I thought it was important to establish how Maya and Jeff met and got together.

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