Status: We'll see where this one leads

A Lifelong Promise

James Neal is a young, good-looking hot shot playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has everything in front of him in life for the picking- money, women, fame. He has a promising career and money in the bank. There aren't many things that he can complain about, and he'll be the first to acknowledge his lot in life.

He also has a beautiful and devoted wife, Clare, that he has been married to for almost five years and been anything but faithful to. After years of being pushed aside, Clare is tired of being nothing more than the trophy wife and tired of being repeatedly hurt by the husband that she loves.

What will happen when a mysterious teammate enters the picture and befriends Clare? Will it make James reevaluate his priorities and the way he's treated the wife he used to once dote on? Will he even care? Or will he fight to save his marriage and the lifelong promise he made?

*I don't own James Neal or anything, or anyone else affiliated with this story, or the characters that pop up. It's totally fiction from my colorful mind. Enjoy*