Status: 5/19: Major time lapse between Chapters 2 & 3 because I'm changing the storyline. Also adding a character you all may be familiar with from the first two season...



“There’s no way this is gonna work.” Stiles stressed again for them all to hear. Eliza nursed her wounded shoulder with a heavy grimace. The crimson stains on her shirt put a bitter taste in her mouth.

“It has to.” Scott argued, procuring one of Deaton’s steel operating tables and rolling it to the center of the room.

“Scott,” Stiles tried to reason, slamming his slender hands on the table. The resulting noise made all in attendance at the veterinarian clinic cringe. “This is some serious, high power stuff. I’m barely a level three Wiccan and Eliza’s injured. This isn’t going to work.” His desperate brown eyes wavered to the redhead, waiting for her to chip and agree—or faint from her wound and give Stiles’ theory some justification. However, Eliza kept her thin lips shut.

Stiles glared over at Derek—who had been remarkably quiet in the last stressful fifteen minutes—for an opinion that coincided with his correct one. “Derek, c’mon. You can’t seriously be okay with this! Eliza—“

“We don’t have any other choice.”

Stiles recoiled; he had never heard Derek so dejected, so impotent.

“Do you wanna stop the Kate and Gerard, or do you wanna watch powerless as they rip your dad apart? Or maybe Lydia or Scott? Because they’re going to do it. They’re going to murder everyone you love and take the greatest pleasure in doing so.” Eliza snarled, feeling the effects of blood loss coming on. She gripped the metal table to keep from wavering. “This isn’t some Kanima you can fix with the power of love, Stiles. We’re not going to come away from this holding hands and singing campfire songs. This is our only option. Scott needs some firepower. You and I can bring the fire, but he needs Derek and Jackson to bring the power.” Her breathing was starting to shallow, but no one seemed to notice in the heat of the situation.

“Eliza, guys,” Stiles’ eyes were misting up in frustration and that all-too-familiar crushing sense of fear. “This is absurd. Turning them into Alphas? It’s—It’s absurd!”

“Scott turned himself into an Alpha, for God’s sakes!” Jackson rubbed his face with shaky hands, “Clearly it’s some sort of internal switch you can manipulate!”

“Come on, Stiles,” Scott implored his best friend softly, “I know that I’ve forced you into a lot of my crap these past couple years and I have no right to keep asking you to do these things for me, but I need you, Stiles. I have to do this. Four Alphas against the Argents? We’ve got a chance to end this! For Allison, for your mom, for Lydia.” Stiles blinked, staring out the half window.

A full moon was always near.

“Guys, we’ve got to hurry.” Kira nudged softly. “Who knows how long this will take if it works.”

Scott quickly wiped his eyes, standing up straight. All focus was on Stiles.

Stiles hated this. He hated the world Scott had pulled him into. In fact, he was starting to hate his best friend, to blame him for every death that had happened in Beacon Hills, for all the fates of the people aforementioned in his manipulative pep rally. Scott knew he had already pushed the boundaries of their friendship, and that once this was all over things between them would never be the same. And that was on the pretense that they survived this war.

Stiles sighed heavily, only having eyes for Eliza, “How do we begin?”
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Alright. Restarting. Here we go.

When I wrote this, season three was just starting so I went back and changed it for a more relevant timeline: the return of Kate. Other characters will see a return including Gerard and…Jackson! I miss that moody, spoiled kid.

Some characters likely won't make an appearance. Coyote girl, for one. I don't know enough about her character to put her in this and I'm still not sold on her. Hopefully they develop her into a more interesting, likable character next season (which starts June 23!!!). I haven't decided on Isaac's part yet since he won't be in next season. Depending on how quickly I update, next season's new characters probably won't be appearing either. But, as I said, it depends on how good I am about writing!

Just as a warning, there will be a huge time-lapse between chapters 2-3. I liked the first two chapters, but that was as far as I got last time. Instead of scrapping them, I decided to keep them as an intro for Eliza and co. and jump to the end of season three from there. Hopefully it will make sense when you read it (:

My freshman year of college is almost over. Hallelujah. I need to not live in a small space with a roommate who refuses to talk to me/acknowledge my existence. It's quite uncomfortable. Only four more weeks. I can do this.