‹ Prequel: Pocrescophobia
Sequel: Angrophobia
Status: One-shot


Achluophobia: fear of darkness

Dylan and Kyrin are best friends, always there for each other. Kyrin especially is always there when Dylan calls--even if it's just because one of the lights accidentally turned off and he's too terrified to move. But when there's a power outage because of a storm, can even Kyrin keep Dylan calm? Will he have to use different means to get Dylan's mind off of the dark?

Kyrin | Dylan

Disclaimer: These characters are mine and the plot line (unless I just haven't read a story like this and it does exist) is mine, so don't fuckin steal.

Warning: Will probably contain fluff, stupid shit, and boyxboy but not sex idk

This is the first of a series of one-shots. Don't like don't read holla
  1. That night