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I'm Happy if You're Happy with Yourself

Chapter 5

When Jack had finally finished talking, taking up half of the remaining time left in the period, he took a deep breath because he was talking so fast he couldn't breathe. Once he could breathe properly again he looked up at Alex who had a little smile on his face and seemed to be amused with him.

"What are you smiling at?" Jack asked. Alex just giggled. Hearing the boy giggle made him happy. He knew, whether Alex said so or not, that he was a very sad boy and listening to his giggle that he caused gave him a good feeling. He liked knowing that just for a little while he could make him happy, even if he was laughing at him.

"Nothing. Your rambling is a just a little cute, that's all," Alex replied. Wait, did he seriously just say his ramblings were cute? Isn't that like calling him cute? Where did that even come from?! Alex started to panic. He was scared that he might have freaked Jack out by saying it was cute.

"It was cute?" Jack asked with a smile on his face. Alex's eyes went wide. He really wished he never said that and he wished he could take it back. But sadly the world doesn't work that way.

Alex coughed nervously before answering "Uh... um, yeah. So, how much time is left?" He asked, trying to change the subject.

"Hey! Don't change the subject! You just called me cute!" Jack said giggling as he started to poke and tickle Alex's side.

Alex struggled to fight back against Jack's unforgiving tickling. He couldn't help but laugh, though. He was always so ticklish he'd even wet himself before. He just prayed that wouldn't happen now. That would be so fucking embarrassing.

When Alex had finally come up with the strength to swat Jack's hands away, he could finally talk. "Listen, buddy. I did not call you cute. I said your ramblings were. Now shut up and don't tickle me again or I won't be responsible for any injuries you receive," he said. Alex really did try to sound menacing, but Jack only laughed at him. Alex was surprised the words even came out of his mouth. He didn't think he's talked that much at all this whole period, and Jack just laughs at him.

Jack hadn't even seen the frown on Alex's face until he finally stopped laughing minutes later. "What?" he asked, but Alex pouted even more. "Oh come on; it was like you weren't even trying to be serious!" he finished, although he ended up laughing again.

Alex was starting to feel embarrassed because Jack just kept laughing at him. He got up and went to leave; there were only 5 minutes left of the period anyway. As he neared the door and was about to turn the knob, Jack finally stopped laughing at went to stop him.

"Hey, don't go! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I won't laugh again. I promise!" he pleaded with Alex, still trying to stifle a giggle.

Alex just rolled his eyes and plopped down on the floor right where he was standing.

"Oh stop being such a baby. I'm not laughing anymore. Why the hell are you sitting on the floor?" Jack asked. Alex was acting like a five year old throwing a tantrum. Sure, Jack was getting annoyed that he was making a big deal of it, but he was starting to figure out that Alex did that a lot. He seemed to make a big deal out of why he stared at Jack, too. Oh well, Jack would be lying if he said he didn't think Alex looked cute sitting there on the floor with his lips jutted out and his arms across his chest.

Alex looked up at Jack, a little hurt that he called him a baby. You know, calling me a baby after laughing at me isn't a great way to apologize, Alex thought to himself. He just rolled his eyes again and pulled his phone out of his pocket. 3 minutes left.

"Well... um... there's only three minutes left so I guess we should start to get ready, yeah?" Alex asked. He was thankful he'd get to leave soon. Sure, he kind of enjoyed himself with Jack, and he hasn't in a long time, but it was just weird to him. Being happy was almost like an unknown feeling to him and he wasn't sure if he really liked it. You must be thinking, how can someone not like being happy? Well, Alex is different. Of course he doesn't like being unhappy, but he doesn't like being happy. He feels like he doesn't... like he doesn't deserve it. He thinks other people should be happy and he shouldn't.

So that's why he couldn't wait to go to his next class - chemistry. Alex kind of liked chemistry. At least, he liked it more than all of his other classes. It was his only subject that he wasn't too horrible at.

A minute later, Alex had realized he was lost in his thoughts again. Jack had just been staring at him the entire time, which confused Alex until he realized what he was doing.

"You okay?" Jack asked. That little question made Alex feel so much better. Sure, it was a simple two letters, but to Alex, it meant someone cared enough to ask. He didn't know why Jack cared, hell, he barely knew him, but in a matter of 45 minutes Alex had started to fall for Jack Barakat. Hard. He always fell for those who showed him kindness, even though that wasn't often.

Alex nodded. "Yeah, just zoned out again. Sorry."

"There's no need to apologize," Jack said, giving Alex a small smile. Alex smiled back, feeling happy again. Maybe he did deserve to be happy...

"Hey uh, Alex?" Jack asked. He seemed nervous, which was weird. Alex was always the nervous one. Jack's nervousness was starting to rub off on Alex, making him nervous.

"Y-yeah?" Alex asked. He was getting scared. What if Jack said never to talk to him again? Or to stay away because he's the gay kid no one likes? What if-

"I like you," Jack blurted out. Alex's jaw practically dropped to the floor and his eyes went wide. He was about to say something, anything, but Jack kept talking. "I'm sorry, I just had to tell you. I know we practically just met and only talked for like 40 minutes, but I swear each minute I started to like you more and more. Fuck, I'm not even gay. But you... maybe you're turning me gay," Jack said with a chuckle that made Alex smile. "You're the first guy I've ever found attractive, a-and I never really realized that until today. You have beautiful honey eyes and perfect light brown hair and shit, you're adorable. I almost aww'd out loud when you were pouting on the floor. Please, please don't get creeped out by this. I even scared myself with it to be quite honest. I-"

Jack had been rudely interrupted while he was talking by Alex's lips pressed against his own. Alex never, in a million years, thought that he would be the one to just jump at someone and start the kiss, especially with someone like Jack. But he never thought anyone like Jack would ever like him either.

After the initial shock wore off, Jack moved his chapped lips against Alex's. This was his first time kissing someone the same sex as him, and he thought he liked it more than kissing girls, which was really surprising.

The kiss was sweet. No tongue, no lip biting. Just sweet. The boys' lips seemed to mold against each other’s'. They practically fit together like the two missing pieces of a puzzle.

The only thing that broke apart the two was the sound of the bell signaling the period was over. Alex almost wanted to stay here now, but he knew he couldn't

"Sorry," Alex started with a shy smile. "I needed to shut you up somehow."

Jack looked taken aback, and even hurt. Alex needed to shut him up? Did he not like him back? No... if you didn't like someone back you wouldn't kiss them to shut them up.

"W-why?" Jack asked. He was scared of Alex's answer.

"Because," Alex started, moving just a little bit closer after leaning down to pick up his back pack and throw it on his shoulder. "I like you too," he said before moving even closer to Jack to kiss him one last time before had to go. The two smiled into the kiss. Neither had felt this happy in a long time, especially Alex.

After he pulled away, Alex simply walked out of the room and down the hall to chemistry, leaving Jack standing their in complete and utter shock. Did this mean they were together now?

Alex had no idea where all this confidence came home. He kissed Jack fucking Barakat, twice. He admitted he liked him, of course after Jack already did the same. He was even talking without stuttering. He's always stuttered just because talking to people made him nervous. Who knows, maybe Jack gives Alex confidence.
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