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I'm Happy if You're Happy with Yourself

Chapter 6

After Alex left the old classroom, leaving Jack behind, he now had to find his way back up to his chemistry room all by himself. He couldn't even remember how they got down here, so how was he going to get back up? After walking down a few corridors for nearly 10 minutes, he considered going back to Jack and asking for his help. What if he isn't there anymore?

Alex started panicking. What if he never gets out of here? He could be stuck down here forever! Alex decided it was time to go find Jack, and he just hoped he was still in the classroom.

As Alex started walking along, what he hoped, was the right corridor that led to the classroom he was just in. After a few minutes, he was right. He made it to the classroom. The door was open, so he walked right in. Relief flooded Alex's face when he saw Jack sitting on the big desk in the front of the classroom. He looked like he was doing homework. Alex wondered why he is doing homework down here when we could be in class, but he guessed that was none of his business.

"Back already?" Jack asked with a smirk once he noticed Alex standing in the doorway.

Alex looked sheepishly down at the floor, ashamed that he had to admit that he was lost in his own school. To be fair, he had never been down here before today. "I-I got lost," he finally said. "Can you help me back to my chemistry class?"

Jack just smiled at Alex. He looked so cute when he looked embarrassed. "Yeah sure," he replied. It really wasn't that hard to get back, but Jack would rather walk with him than just tell him where to go because he wanted to spend as much time with him as he could.


When Alex finally got to his chemistry class, he was about 15 minutes late. He didn't get in trouble though. His teacher, Mrs. C as everyone likes to call her, is one of the few people in the whole world who actually likes him. She just told him not to be late again or else there would be consequences; although he knew there never really would be.

Alex was almost positive Jack purposely made them take a wrong turn down a wrong hallway as he took him to the classroom, but he didn't care. Jack was making him laugh and giggle like a little kid again, and it felt really good even if he doesn't want to admit that to himself. He found that Jack just likes to make people smile, and he can tell when they're not in the brightest of moods. He likes that the most about Jack.

As Mrs. C began to write notes on the board, Alex pulled his book out of his backpack and began copying them. He didn't pay attention in many classes, but he did in chemistry.

After everyone in the class had copied down the notes on the board and Mrs. C went over the lesson for the day, the kids were allowed to just hang out because they had finished early. Alex, however, wished they could still be learning. He had no one to talk to and nothing to do. He let his mind drift to the boy who he was beginning to fall for, and fast. That was the thing with Alex. He fell for anyone who showed him any kindness because he wasn't used to people being nice to him. It just didn't happen.

Alex started thinking about what Jack had told him earlier that day.

I like you, Jack had said. The words repeated in Alex's head over and over again. Almost as if he was trying to convince himself that Jack actually said it. He thought about everything Jack had told him. How he wasn't even gay, how each minute he fell more for Alex. Alex honestly couldn't believe Jack had said that. It's just - Jack's the star quarterback. How could any like him ever fall for someone like Alex? That only happened in movies and books.

Alex then started thinking about their kiss. God, he was so stupid to just go and kiss him like that. It was so uncalled for! But then again, Jack did kiss back. Maybe he liked it. Alex sure liked it. He's kissed a few people in his lifetime, but it never felt as good as kissing Jack did.

Alex was interrupted from his thoughts by the sound of the school bell ringing five minutes later. He quickly packed up his things, happy that he only had one more class until the school day finally ended. It was a Friday, which meant in 45 minutes he had two and a half days to do however he pleased.

As Alex walked to the door of the classroom, he was stopped by Mrs. C, clearing her throat and calling Alex's name. He loved his teacher, he really did, but he just wanted to get to his next class, math, and get it over with.

"Yes, Mrs. C?" he asked politely as he walked over to her desk at the front of the room.

"What was with the big smile during class?" she asked with a hint of a smirk on her face.

"What? When?" Alex asked with a confused expression on his face. Sure, he liked chemistry, but not enough to smile about it.

"When I let you all talk. You weren't talking to anyone; you were just sitting there with a little smile on your face," she replied. Suddenly it clicked in Alex's mind that that was when he was thinking about Jack. He was smiling? He hadn't even realized that.

Mrs. C was able to see the look of realization on Alex's face. "So, what was it for?" she asked, smirking again.

Alex wondered why she even cared. He was only smiling. What's the big deal about that?

"O-oh, it was nothing. I was just happy I guess," he said with a small smile, not wanting to tell her about Jack. What if Jack doesn't want people to know?

Mrs. C frowned at Alex's reply. She knew the boy was sad inside, so she liked seeing a smile on his face. She just wished she knew what it was for. She nodded and told Alex he was free to go, and she handed him a late pass because by the time he made it to math two floors down he'd be late. Alex mumbled a quiet "thank you" and was on his way to math.

Math was probably one of Alex's most hated subjects, but at least he got to home later.


Math went by quickly, which Alex was thankful for. He just wanted to get the fuck up already; today was a bit too overwhelming for him. He was so ready to just get home and blast all his favorite songs, that is until as he walked down the hallway to his locker he received a familiar tap on the shoulder.

"Are you doing anything after school?" came Jack's voice as Alex turned around to face him. Alex was shocked. Doesn't Jack have football practice? Or other, better friends to hang out with?

"No, why? You want to hang out with me?" Alex asked. Jack chuckled and nodded his head. "Yes, Alex. I want to hang out with you. Is that a problem?" Jack questioned.

"No, not at all. I, uh, I-I just thought, you know. I thought you'd want to be with your other friends or play football. I don't know," Alex said. Jack just continued to chuckle. Was he really still not convinced that Jack wanted to hang out with him even after Jack admitted to liking him?

"No, I want to hang out with you. I like you, don't I? Besides, there's no football practice today. We have our first game of the season tomorrow so we have off today to rest up. And Kellin and Vic are my only true friends, and they're probably hanging out with each other," Jack replied.

Jack's answer seemed to convince Alex as he smiled. The two were still standing in the middle of the hallway, considering Alex hadn't made it to his locker yet. "Come with me to my locker?" he asked, and Jack nodded in return.

They silently walked down the rest of the hallway until they reached the locker room, Alex going straight to his. He put away the books he didn't need and took the ones he did before grabbing his jacket and turning to face Jack who had already gotten his things. "So, where are we going?" Alex asked.

"You'll see," Jack replied with a small smirk. He turned to walk out of the building with Alex trailing behind him.


"Wow," Alex breathed out as he stepped out of Jack's car. Jack had driven them to some secluded area that overlooked all of Baltimore. It was almost like a mountain, or a cliff that could only be found by following a dirt road that led to a little clearing with grass and few trees. It was breathtaking seeing the city the two loved so much at such a gorgeous view.

"It's nice, right?" Jack asked. He came up here quite often. Usually just to think or get away from it all. He didn't really know why he brought Alex here. He just thought it'd be nice to sit and talk to the boy for a little while with a scenery different than school.

"It's beautiful," Alex replied. He sat down towards the edge of the cliff, wanting to get a perfect view. Jack followed suit and the two sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes before Jack spoke up.

"Um, Alex?" he asked. Alex noted that he seemed nervous, and in turn that made him nervous.

"Yeah?" he asked, trying to hide the fact that he was nervous too.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" Jack blurted out. Alex's eyes widened and for a moment he couldn't even speak. He was wondering where he stood with Jack after their earlier confessions, but he still wasn't ready for this.

After he got over the initial shock, Alex replied with a simple, "yes", and as the two shared a soft, sweet kiss, they were blissfully unaware that that little word was enough to change their lives for good.