Status: This is my first story that is in a boy's POV so I really need some constructive criticism

Business of Pleasure

Derrick is far from being a normal high school senior. Although, 'Pimp' is the technical term for a person in his position, he prefers to be called a business man/entrepreneur. He's taken over the head position that was left to him, three years ago, by his mentor. Now that he is graduating, it's time for him to recruit a protege who will take over his business after his high school career is over. Complications arise when the cops catch wind to the happenings on and off school grounds. How is Derrick suppose to run a successful business and train his new probe when nosy detectives keep snooping around? Can the clients keep their mouths shut? How many of his girls will stay loyal to him and keep working, even when shits hits the fan? Read and find out.