Sequel: Good Enough
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Strong Enough

The Life

Real Beats Recording is one of the best kept secrets around the Orange County music scene, but not for long. Rylan Barrett, the owner, and Tommy Carter, the manager, have been in contact with multiple bands and artists, no doubt in part because of their known associations with Bryden McVea.

Bryden McVea, local singer-songwriter, has been recording with long time friends, Ryland and Tommy at RBR for the last three years. Last month, Bryden signed a deal with Warner Records after a scout witnessed an impressive performance from him at a Las Vegas club.

‘He’s been signed with high hopes,’ says Warner Records manager, Bobby King, indicating he isn’t just a local legend, but the real deal.

The 24-year-old from Orange County, Cailfornia has been singing and writing since he was 14, only starting to pursue a career in music at the age of 20. His talent with a guitar and his ability to create magical sounds gives no room for argument that he will go far.

McVea claims that he will still record at Real Beats Recording studio. Photos show him singing at the studio, along with a young lady. When asked who she was, he replied, “That’s my girlfriend.”
Sorry ladies, looks like the upcoming artist is not on the market. But don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt to look.

“You know, if I was less secure in myself, I might be jealous of the thousands of girls out there dying to take my place.” I set the magazine down on the kitchen counter as Bryden set down a box moving to stand behind me. The article that resulted from the photo shoot had come out this morning.

“You know fan girls aren’t really my type.” He wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. I smiled and leaned into him.

“That and you’re scared of Mia.”

“Damn right I am.”
Laughter filled the small kitchen as a crash sounded from the front room.

“Damn boxes are fucking attacking me. I’m not kidding. It jumped in front of my foot. Suicidal fucking boxes.” Tommy’s voice rang through the small house and we could hear boxes shifting as we moved to investigate.

“You big baby. It’s not the box’s fault you’re a giant.” Mia kicked him gently as she moved passed him, a box in her hands. “Hey lovebirds, you finally decide to help out?”

“Bite me, bitch.” I flipped her off, leaning in to Bryden once again. Mia and I were moving into our new place in Long Beach, a small 2-bedroom house. Mia was starting her new job in two days.

I decided to start helping my dad at the ranch for a while since I didn’t think modeling was my path. Plus, now that Bryden was going to start actually recording, he couldn’t help out as much.

It had been three week since that night on the strip when Bryden grew some balls and followed me. We were slowly working things out and once Bryden was back in my life, it was an easy decision to leave Vegas and move back to my California roots with Mia.

“You know, everyone doesn’t need to see you cuddle all the time.” Tommy had finally found his way out from under the boxes and stood in front of us.

“You have a perfectly good girl in the next room you could cuddle with.” I raised my eyebrows at him. Mia and Tommy had been dating over the past few weeks, but hadn’t made anything official. The pansy couldn’t man up and ask her.

“You know, it took him five years to grow a pair. Don’t rush me.”

We laughed and Bryden’s arms tightened around me. Tommy picked up the box he’d been carrying before he fell and moved passed us to Mia’s room. I felt Bryden’s arms loosen, only to see him moving to pick up a box and move to my room. Following suit, I grabbed a box and found him sitting on my mattress looking at something.

“What’s that?” I moved in front of him to find a picture frame in his hands.

“It’s the picture from your room at your parent’s house.” The picture showed us as teenagers, wrapped in each other’s arms, smiling at the camera as Tommy and Rylan photobombed us.

“Okay?” I was more than a little confused. “It’s from the Fourth of July the summer before our senior year. I asked you to be my girlfriend that day. I’m sorry I acted like I didn’t remember.”

He placed the frame on the bedside table and pulled me into his lap, looking up at my face with a smile.

“Do you remember the promise I made to you at graduation?” It was getting easier to remember the memories of us and at the thought of graduation I smiled.

“Of course. You promised to always make me laugh and never let me forget that you loved me.”

“I know I took a five year hiatus, but I do intend to keep that promise.” I smiled and leaned down, pressing a kiss to his lips. “I love you, Jacqui.”

“I love you too Bryden.”
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