‹ Prequel: She Will Be Loved
Status: The Sequel is Here!

Never Truly Loved

The roar of an engine could now be heard and soon a sleek, black Audi A4 came to a skidding halt right before the home and its residents. Jacob regained control of his body, stopping himself from continuing onwards as he recognized the car that was sitting pretty before him. His heart was stopped and his breathing hitched in his throat. Could it be...?

The engine was killed, the air thick with tension, and soon the driver's door opened. A leg was placed onto the floor followed by another, a hand with long, thin fingers grasped part of the door, and soon the person pulled herself out of the vehicle, her flowing brown locks of hair swaying in a gentle breeze. Her piercing blue eyes landed upon the Cullens, and they were soon drawn automatically to him, their gazes interlocking, both unable to look away.

The next few words made his skin crawl.

“Carlisle, I need your help. I'm in trouble.”