Status: I have not written anything in a long time so bear with me while I get back into the groove of things.

Just Friends

Ava, a nineteen year old risky and free spirited first year college student just moved away from home to begin her life in the beautiful city of Monterey with solely the company of her best friend, Ariel. After a nasty break-up with her boyfriend, she feels happier and more free than ever. Ava and Ariel slowly become independent adults and life is smooth other than a few bumps such as making rent and paying the electricity bill.

Ava's life starts to consist of boys who are desperate for her attention yet not a single one spark her interest except for the one who she can't have. Darren.

Author's Note: This story consists solely of my own ideas, characters and plot lines. The story line is based on true events but is marked as "original fiction" due to embellishments, additions and tweaking of experiences. For the protection of the real people involved in the story, names have been changed and are fictional.