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Just Friends


Ava's eyes fluttered open as she awoke to the sound of birds singing outside her open window. The sun was sitting in the middle of the sky and she instantly knew she had overslept. Her body was tired and she needed all the rest she could get but she hated sleeping in. She felt much more productive when she woke up before ten in the morning. Now it was half past eleven. Because she had slept so long, she felt sluggish, groggy and lethargic. She hated feeling this way but she knew exactly what would do the trick. A nice cold shower and a few cups of coffee.

Ava rolled out of bed and cringed as she walked into the hallway. The pads on the bottom of her feet throbbed in protest and pain shot up her legs. This was happening to her more and more often every morning when she stepped out of bed. She was up and running around at work so much and her feet were overworked.

Before walking down the cold hardwood floor that adored the hallway of her apartment, she poked her head in her best friends room. It was empty and the bed was made in the particular way that her best friend, Ariel, liked it. She had already left for work. Ariel worked at the mall and was constantly slipping out in the morning to head to work for the opening shifts at Champs or Gymboree. Ariel over worked herself too.

As two young adults on their own they were faced with the pressure to pay twelve hundred dollars a month in rent, split between the two of them. The cost of being independent for the two of them was to juggle two jobs each and attend college followed by attempting to maintain a substantial social life. If someone said it was impossible, the two of them would prove otherwise.

Slipping into the kitchen with her arms crossed over her chest, she quietly started up a pot of coffee. Ava took out her tall sunflower decorated coffee mug she received from her mother for last Christmas and her favorite French Vanilla creamer. She stood with her back against the counter and stared out the kitchen window as she mulled over the events of tonight that were fast approaching.

One of Ava's jobs was at Burger King in the city of Seaside. Depending on traffic, the route you took and how fast you were driving, you could get there in about five to ten minutes from her apartment. Five days a week she went in at five o-clock and got off at midnight. Her job was to do drive-thru and to prepare the store for the next day. This meant that she had to clean, stock and sanitize the entire dining room and bathrooms every single evening. Along with serving customers till closing time through the drive-thru. It was a lot of hard work and doing it almost every day was tiring. But it paid her bills which is why she stuck with it.

She knew that tonight wouldn't be as difficult as all the other nights though. The only reason for this was because her good friend Darren would be working this evening. He always knew how to make work fun and amusing with his jokes and the conversations they had. Ava was oddly attracted to Darren. Her previous boyfriend was short, white and buff with red hair while Darren was tall, skinny yet fit, half black and had dark hair. They were complete opposites. She knew that Darren had noticed her special attraction to him yet it seemed nothing could possibly ruin the friendship they had.

She smiled as his face appeared in her mind and then frowned. Another face appeared in her mind. Isabelle was Darren's girlfriend. Ava had no idea why Darren chose to be in a relationship with her. Countless times Darren would come to Ava for help and advice with Isabelle. Multiple times a week she would hear about how Isabelle was yelling at him and getting angry for the simplest things. Such as waking up an hour too late when he had worked till five in the morning and she asked him to wake up at nine but he slept in till ten. Darren had also told her how Isabelle talked to a million and one other guys and told him that they were all like her "brothers." She remembered him saying to her, "Last time I checked, brothers and sisters don't flirt with one another." Ava sincerely hoped that Isabelle wouldn't show up to Burger King and sit in the dining room all night waiting for Darren like she usually did. When Isabelle came, Darren didn't talk to Ava because he didn't want Isabelle to get mad at him. Even though she didn't deserve it, he was still loyal and treated her with all the respect he had in him. Ava would constantly remind him that he deserved better and needed someone who would respect him as much as he would her. Although he never took her advice, he believed it to be true yet he continued to be with Isabelle because he loved her.

Ava sighed and shook her head as she sipped her coffee. Glancing at the green digital numbers on the oven which now read 12:10, she rushed off to take a shower and get ready for the long night of work ahead of her.
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