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Just Friends


"Hi, welcome to Burger King. My name is Ava. May I take your order?"

Ava quickly pressed the green button on her headset to turn off the outside speaker as she handed out, yet another order to the customer at the window.

"Thank-you so much. Have a great evening." She accompanied her normal farewell with a big smile.

After punching in the order of the person who spoke a little too loudly in her ear, she walked over to the expediting station. She bagged a few Whoppers and then looked at Darren who was stationed in the kitchen.

"I need a Tendercrisp sandwich, first car please." He glanced at her and then back at the sandwich he was working on.

"I know. Its coming."

Ava watched his arms work as he pulled a basket up and out of the fryer that contained her crispy chicken patty. After quickly placing the patty on the bottom bun, he wrapped it up and handed it to her quickly.

"Thank-you Darren."

"Your welcome." He somewhat shouted as he continued to make a assortment of different sandwiches.

After getting the last order out the window she sighed and looked at Darren. He used to work as much as she did but when he found a new job, he switched to only Wednesdays at Burger King. She didn't get to see very much of him anymore. Wednesdays were her favorite because she got to see him. She looked forward to it every week.

Ava was distracted as she watched him and accidentally dropped a few napkins on the floor. She muttered a curse word at herself and squatted down to pick them up. She tossed them in the garbage and they fluttered down into the bin.

Ava turned to find Darren right behind her and she nearly ran into him. She had to look slightly upward to see into his eyes. He spoke, his voice low so only she could hear what he was about to say.

"Dark purple today huh?" Ava looked at him, confused and then realized what he was talking about. She immediately blushed a deep scarlet color and pulled up her slacks. Her pants were a little too big and often when she bent over her underwear would show. This time it was her dark purple thong.

"Darren!" She smacked his shoulder and he smirked.

As he walked away he said "Well it is kind of hard not to notice."

Her blush slowly crept away from her cheeks. She couldn't lie, she did like the attention from him.

"Is Isabelle coming in today?"

His response was to shake his head and say "No, she didn't work today. She went to some lake with her family. She is already asleep."

Ava glanced at the clock on the monitor screen. It was already 11:30. Thirty minutes till closing time. Ava sighed with relief. She was tired. She wanted to go home, take a warm shower and go to sleep. The best part was she got to come back to work tomorrow and do everything all over again. She didn't usually work on Thursdays but they had asked her to fill in for the usual Tuesday and Thursday closer, Nia, because of a scheduling problem. Ava needed the money so of course she said yes.

Ava had to be done with all of her part of the job by midnight that way she could clock out like they required of her. She was not allowed to go past 12:00 every night except for Saturdays which was 12:30 or else she would get written up. Ava shouted out to her manager, Callie.

"Callie I am going to stock up the dining room and then I will be done. You have drive-thru for thirty minutes!" Ava waited to hear the faint response from inside the office and once she did she started to finish her job.

She stocked the dining room fountain drink counter with the required lids, napkins, straws and ketchup cups. Once she was finished, it was already 11:58 and she rushed to the front register to punch in her number and clock out. She sighed with relief that she was finally off and tossed her visor on the counter.

As Ava headed to the back where the break table was which contained her purse and jacket she walked past Darren who was getting rid of the wasted food they hadn't used by the end of the evening.

"Hey do you want anything to eat before I throw it all away?"

"No that's okay. Thanks though." She smiled at him. And turned to go get her phone.

"Are you already done?"

She shouted her response as she walked to the back of the store. "Yeah."

Ava checked her messages and smiled at the one she had received from her best friend. Ariel was already there waiting for her in the back parking lot. She grabbed her stuff and walked back the way she came. Before leaving she stopped in the office to check the new schedule and say bye to Callie.

"Bye Darren!" She said as she went out the side door that led to the dining room.

"I'll see you later. Snapchat me!"

"Okay I will." She said, slipping out the door, into the crisp night air.

Ava made sure the door was shut and locked before turning and walking to Ariel who was flashing her headlights at her.
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