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Just Friends


Ava sighed as she plopped down on her leopard print adorned bed. She was exponentially more comfortable in her boy shorts and over sized t-shirt. She had also showered so the smell of oil and Burger King no longer lingered in her hair and on her skin.

It was Ariel's turn to shower and she could hear her singing off-key to some song that played on the radio. Ava started to get comfortable underneath the covers when she heard her phone vibrate loudly from on top of her dresser. She grudgingly got up and retrieved it. Her complaining quickly changed to surprise and then excitement when she saw who she had received a message from. Her phone read the words "Darren :)"

Ava gasped and nearly choked to death on her own spit. Once she finally was able to compose herself she opened Darren's message.

You left your hat on the front counter nigga.
I can bring it by right now if you want.
I just got off.

Her eyebrows shot up and her stomach started doing flips inside her body. Ava bit her bottom lip and quickly replied with;

Yeah that would be great. Thanks bro.

Ava looked down at herself and noted that she had to put some more clothes on. She walked over to her closet and quickly put on a bra, sweatshirt and a pair of shorts.

Ava knocked on her Ariel's closed bedroom door.

"Come in Ava. You don't have to knock."

Ava smiled at her best friend who was already tucked into bed under her own covers.

"What if you were naked?" Ariel rolled her eyes.

"It's not like you have not seen that before." Ava giggled and walked to sit on Ariel's bed next to her.

"So...Darren is coming over right now." Ariel's eyebrows shot up.

"Really? Why?"

"I left my hat at work so he offered to bring it over." Ava smiled at Ariel.

"Wow. Well, I am going to bed so you better behave yourself young lady." Ava giggled again.

"I will, of course! You know me." She gave me a look.

"I know how you are about Darren."

"It will be fine Ariel. I love you, goodnight." Ava kissed her best friend's cheek.

"I love you too. Goodnight."

Ava shut Ariel's door and walked into the living room. It was substantially clean. She didn't want Darren to see the apartment a mess and think they were slobs. Not too long after that, Darren knocked softly on the front door. Ava was perched on the arm of the couch, waiting for him.

She unlocked and opened the door for him. He looked tired but a smile still touched his face when he saw her. Ava stood with one hand on the door. He reached out and handed her her visor.

"Thank-you. Sorry you had to come all this way just for a visor." He laughed slightly, still smiling,

"Its no problem...can I come in?" A wave of surprise ran through Ava's consciousness.

"Yeah sure." She opened the door wide for him.

He took a seat on the couch and sighed deeply.

"Tired?" Ava said as she took a seat next to him.

"Hella tired. I had to do a double shift today. Both at Burger King and my other job." Ava watched his face as he talked. She hadn't turned any lights on in the room when she came in so the only light they had was from the moon streaming in from the open blinds on the sliding glass door that lead to the balcony. She could make out the faint shadow of hair on his upper lip. If he didn't shave it, he would have a mustache. For some reason that seemed to amuse Ava. For a second she imagined that hair tickling her own upper lip as he kissed her.

Realizing what Ava was thinking about, she quickly pushed the thought out of her mind. Darren was her co-worker and friend. And he had a girlfriend. He interrupted her thoughts by saying her name.

"Ava? What are you thinking about?" Ava's gaze skittered away from his eyes so her own didn't betray her words.

"Nothing. I am just listening to you."

He reached out a hand and touched a strand of her hair. "I can see those wheels turning in there. Tell me." Ava shook her head in response.

Darren gave her a serious look. "Okay, you asked for it."

Suddenly he started to tickle her sides and laughter erupted from her mouth.

"Darren! Stop it! Stop!" She snapped at his hand that went close to her mouth.

"Oh, we are biting now?" He dipped his head down and bit her bare thigh, dangerously high on her leg. He not only startled her but stirred something else in her body. He did that once, twice and all Ava could do was laugh.

Suddenly he picked his head up and stopped close to her face. Her breath caught in her throat. He looked in her eyes, and then at her mouth. She did the same thing numerous times before he brought his face even closer to hers. Ava closed the space between them by pressing her mouth to his.

Oh God. She thought to herself. His lips were so soft and she was hungry for more. He pulled back slightly to break the kiss.

"I...I don't even...I don't know what just happened. I can't breath. Holy shit." She leaned her head back on the couch. Darren chuckled and spoke.

"Fireworks?" Ava looked at him and wasn't quite sure if he was talking about himself, or her. She decided he was talked to her and responded with a nod of her head.

He laughed. "Are you okay?"

Ava smiled at her own immaturity. "Yes, I have just been wanting that to happen for a while now."

He approached her again. "Would it be horrible if I said I wanted it to happen again?"

"No, not at all." She said as she crashed her lips onto his once more.

She kissed him hard and he groaned into her mouth. Darren's hands weaved into her hair and pressed her mouth harder to his. Ava let one of her hands wander to the side of his neck. Suddenly, his tongue was in her mouth, exploring her own. Their tongues touched and caressed one another seductively. Ava softly bit down on Darren's bottom lip and he groaned again, surprised. He broke the kiss slightly to say something about her being very forceful and he liked it. Ava didn't bother responding. She just wanted his mouth on hers.

Because of the way they were positioned, Darren was able to maneuver Ava's legs onto his lap. He began to run his hands up and down her thighs. It took everything she had to control her erratic breathing. He was driving her crazy.

She felt him slip his hand up both her sweatshirt and shirt. He cupped her breast in his hand through her bra and she slightly arched her back into his hand. He massaged her breast in response and she held back a soft moan. Ava marveled at how great of a kisser he was. She could do this for hours.

A little later, Darren broke apart their mouths and glanced at the clock. It was already six in the morning and the sun was starting to come up.

"I have to go home." Ava sighed. Home to his girlfriend. Guilt struck Ava. Isabelle. Darren was Isabelle's boyfriend and she had just had a extremely heated make-out session with him. That made everything so much more complicated.

Ava walked him to the door. Before he left he took his face in her hands and kissed her deeply.

"Bye Ava. I'll see you later."

"Bye Darren."

She shut the door behind him.
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