Status: Completed in the same way Alex completes Jack

We Can Stay Young Forever

"Take me with you." I say in all seriousness, staring deep in those dark eyes.

He stiffens up. "No. No fucking way. Are you crazy?!"

"Say, 'yeah,' please? Don't cut me off!" I inwardly laugh at the choice of words, but the man just pales.

"You're a manic!"

"It's not my fault!"

Mystery man sighs, and gives me a wary look. "This is the road to ruin."

"So?!" I exclaim, "We can stay young forever! Lets be alone together." I grab his hand in both of mine, eyes shining in hope and excitement and batting my long eyelashes.
Disclaimer: this is a Jalex one shot based off Alone Together by Fall Out Boy. All rights go to respective owners, I own nothing but the story, blah blah blah
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