Status: One-Shot. Featuring Eli. And a bathtub.



The apartment was quiet as Eli stepped inside. A weary sigh left his lips as he kicked off his shoes and discarded of the jacket across his broad shoulders. He noticed the soft glow coming from the bathroom, the door partially cracked. Eli smiled to himself and approached the door.

When he pushed the door open, she was simply sitting there with her legs poking out from the water. Damp, black hair hung around her shoulders. Steam rose from the water, fogged the mirror. She laid amongst the foam, eyes set on him, waiting.

“Care to join me?” she asked.

A coy smile crawled across Eli's lips before he stepped further into the bathroom. He shed of his shirt and jeans—everything. Slowly, he sank his body into the tub. His eyes fluttered closed as he hissed at the warm water caressing his over-worked body. Eli sank deeper into the water until he sat at the bottom.

Hands reached out to stroke his shoulders, his chest. “You're so tense,” she murmured, lips pressing against his ear. “You're practicing too hard.”

“Practice makes perfect,” Eli sighed, leaning his head back as he turned so she could massage her hands into the tense muscles of his broad shoulders.

“You don't need to practice; you're already perfect.”

Eli chuckled, wincing slightly as she found a rather tender spot. “Thanks, babe. I appreciate that.”

She worked at the knots and kinks in his muscles, soft hands gracing over his skin to leave goosebumps in their wake. Eli kept his eyes close, her touch and the warm water making him drowsy after the long day. If it wasn't for her, he would probably be a balled up mess of stress and anxiety. She's the one that kept him a light-hearted and goofy.

Finally, muscles and tendons relaxed under her fingers and she smiled. Eli breathed in relief, turning around and bracing his back against the side of the large tub. She smiled serenely at him, floating over to press her bare back against his chest.

“So how was your day?” Eli asked quietly, running a hand through her raven hair.

“The usual,” she answered in the same soft tone. “Annoying customers and bitchy bosses.” Eli chuckled, the sound reverberating through her. “Its true! If I didn't have you around, I'd just...fall to emotional pieces.”

“I'd be the same,” he said, pressing his forehead against the back of her black-clad crown.

“What am I saying? Your life with those crazy fans and those killer dance routines. I don't know how you do it all the time...”

“I don't know how you walk in heels all day?”

She laughed, bell-like. “Trust me, by the end of the day, they're ready to be launched out the window.” She laid back farther against him. The warmth of his skin against her's was comforting, relaxing. It was the only clear and truly enjoyable moment they had in each others lives.

They were both so busy, so wrapped up in their own lives. However, when they came home, they could count on the other being there at some point. They were passionate in each other, constantly yearning for the comfort that they sought in the other. They were different, from different lives and legacies. But somehow they had found each other in the wilds of Seoul and there they were, together enjoying the evening soak to melt the stress away.

“Are you going back to the U.S. with me?” he asked finally.

She smiled lightly. “Of course. Are your parents ready to meet me?”

“They better be.”

She splashed him lightly, droplets falling into his short blonde-dyed hair, before she turned to face him. Her wet hands moved up his body to his neck, leaving his skin trembling. Her lips placed on his in a soft, subtle touch that left him wanting more. She smirked, knowing this.

“When we go visit your parents, we can't do this, you know.” There was a teasing tone in her voice, almost as if she was challenging him.

Eli grunted. “We'll see,” he said and grabbed the back of her head, pressing their lips together once more as steam rolled around them.
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It is short and I apologize. I tried, I really did!

But there is Eli. In a bathtub. I am jealous of Nameless woman, truly.

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