‹ Prequel: To Bleed for Him

As She Fades

(Bloodlove Trilogy: Part III)

College has started, summer is drawing to a close, and Torryn has taken to working with the healer and informant Raphael on her quest to save the Progeny and humans enslaved by vampires around the city -- when she's not attending class or kicking ass in the Arena, of course. What else would she do to distract herself from the ache of not having Skylar and Antony with her?

It seems the boys are getting into some trouble of their own, however -- but can it compare to the shit she gets herself into by disobeying Raphael's most basic of rules and keeping it all a secret from the two people who could save her?

The sad but true answer: yes.

Life's hard when you're headstrong and impulsive.

(Sequel of To Bleed for Him.)