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1. a person thought to be possessed by an evil spirit; demoniac.

2. a fanatic or zealot; faddist; wild enthusiast.

Etymology: Late Latin from Greek energoumenos - having been worked on, from energein - to be in action, from energos - effective.

Gerard was normal (well at one point in his life) he hasn't dreamed in years, he can't remember why he is covered in blood. He discovers certain objects or places rather he can't go into, churches. Gerard tries his best to hide the fact he is in fact possessed by a demon that each day peels away the old Gerard leaving a more daring outgoing and dangerous Gerard. There is one problem though Frank is catching on to the behaviour changes on his best friend. He can't let Gerard become a monster he'll prove it to him love is stronger than an unbreakable deal. Time is ticking before Gerard is fully a demon and unable to be saved.

(Notes) I do not own anything the town is fictional, none of this has occurred hopefully. Warnings violence, possible murdering, and just like strangers authors lie too. Please comment I'll update as soon as I can.