Better Company

we'll be alright someday

The brunette looked out at the full moon from her bedroom window, her lower lip becoming caught between her teeth, fearing how tonight would be for him. She rushed to her bedside table, grabbing her phone and dialing his number, desperately pressing the speaker to her ear. It rang once, twice, three time and then was forwarded to his voicemail. "Uh, hey.. You've reached Isaac. Sorry I couldn't pick up the pho-" she cut the recording of her beloved, ocean-eyed boyfriend off with a pressing of the red end button, an exasperated sigh passing her lips.

Victoria scrambled around the room, her dark chocolate orbs searching the confines for her car keys. The moment she spotted them, they were in her hand and she was half-way down the stairs.

As she sped down the street, Avenged Sevenfold playing at a rather low volume in the background through her car's speakers, she couldn't help but worry about her beau. He hadn't called or texted her at all the entire day, he hadn't stopped by her job during her shift at the local bookstore like he had promised he would the day before; by this point, saying she was just worried was a massive understatement.

Victoria quickly exited her car as she parked just behind the abandoned warehouse her boyfriend and his alpha were living in, taking the elevator up to their floor and violently banging on the door, calling out Isaac's name, only to find that the building was empty.

But let's rewind for a moment: alpha? Yes, alpha. Werewolves, druids, mediums- the supernatural was ever so present in the small town of Beacon Hills, and Victoria was no stranger to it at all. She'd began dating Isaac long before he was made a wolf, but it was kept under wraps as if his father had gotten word of it, his life would have become even worse. Victoria was completely aware of what was happening behind the closed doors of the Lahey home, but what was she to do about it? No one would have believed her or him, no matter how many times he showed up at school with black-eyes and bruised arms and his nails being incredibly fucked up after a night of clawing at the freezer in his basement. It hurt her more than anything to know he was hurting, to know that he was being hurt. She loved him, really loved him.

All the nights they would spend together upstairs in her bedroom while her parents were asleep down the hall and his father was working late at the graveyard, cuddling, whispering sweet-nothings into each others ears, her soft finger tips tracing along his numerous injuries and scars; he was a part of her now. They had given everything they had as their own to each other. Isaac was hers and Victoria was his.

The curvy brunette slowly sank to the ground with her back along the large door, her dark chocolate irises welling up with tears as she moved her glasses to harshly pinch the bridge of her nose. She was frustrated. Frustrated with the fact that she was still only human and couldn't really protect anyone, let alone herself. She couldn't keep tabs on her Isaac while he was out with his pack, fighting whatever evils had strolled into town that month. And of course, days went by every once in a while that she didn't see or hear from him, and it really did bother her. She felt the need to be protective over him in the only way she could, sending a string of 15 texts to him urgently asking his whereabouts like she had earlier this afternoon, hoping and waiting desperately for his reply.

Victoria needed to make him feel important and loved and wanted. When his brother had died, the only person left who actually paid any attention to him and would make sure he did okay in school and had clean clothes, his life fell apart and slowly became a living hell, and all that time there was nothing, literally nothing she could have done about it. Who was going to believe some dumb, teenage girl who was best friends with Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall (who caused more trouble than they were worth around the small town) and was dubbed to be just as mischievous and ridiculous as them? No one, that's who.

So she sat on the floor in front of her boyfriend's doorstep, a home the majority of people didn't know existed, and held back the sobs that were threatening to violently rack her body as she felt completely and utterly helpless. And this was, until, she felt her phone buzz softly in her pocket. Victoria sniffled, wiping the tears away from her dark orbs, pushing her hair away from her face as she dug the cellular device out from her jeans.

Shit, I'm so sorry for not replying or answering or coming by to see you today. You wouldn't believe what happened this morning and what's happening right now... I've gotta go, some serious shit is going down and I need to wolf out and kick some ass. I love you and I'll be by as soon as it's over. Stay strong, baby. I love you.

Her dark eyes scanned quickly over the text message, a weak smile appearing on her light pink lips as she typed a reply. Be safe. I love you. I expect to be showered with kisses the second you enter my room tonight, Lahey. I'm being deprived of your affection.

Victoria pushed herself up from the dirty ground, holding her phone in one hand as she dusted the light dirt off of her jeans with the other.

Alright, baby. Be prepared for some lovin'.

She giggled quietly as she gave into the night, returning home after driving at a rather normal pace, knowing that everything would be okay. Victoria once again looked out at the night sky, rolling her eyes at the bright ball of light against the dark blue blanket that was nighttime.

Fuck full moons.
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whooooooa. so, i'm not sure how i feel about this. is it good? is it bad? holy shit, Vicky, i really hope you like this and don't hate me because it's proper shit. AHHH.