Pushing the Boundaries

In 2024, the American people attempted to overthrow the government they believed to have too much power. In 2024, the American people discovered how powerful their "protectors" really were.

Seventy years later, there isn't a square foot of space that isn't under surveillance, even out in the deserts where no man had set foot before. Every apartment and home is filled with cameras in every room apart from the bathroom. No one touches each other, no one feels each other, no one loves each other. Forms of affection were unheard of, age differences were unheard of, and differences were never to be celebrated or embraced. Everyone lives a life that isn't worth living.

Stella is an eighteen year old girl living in a small town outside of Phoenix, Arizona. She grew up in San Francisco, where her parents were amongst a small underground group of rebels. Their love for one another developed into a selfish infatuation, where they ran away and left fifteen year old Stella to fend for herself. So far she's managed to keep under the government's radar, living a peaceful life free from cameras and regulations. When a stranger begins to etch himself into her life though, she finds herself uneasy as she begins to question her own security.

18 // 32