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Chapter 1 - Mimi

Princess Mimi Zarkay was princess of the world, and that’s how she stepped into the kitchen that morning. Her head was upright, back straight and her shoulders squared. She worked since childhood to perfect her stance, and her skin was the palest green on the planet, dotted, with shimmering sparkles. Her gown was glowing white, with an acceptably long, lace train. Her eyes scanned the room with authority. The maids were bustling about preparing for the royal breakfast. Mimi brought her hair over her shoulder, the golden strands flowing like fields of grain. She continued to eye the maids, who worked vigorously even though they were tired. Why would they choose this life? Mimi wondered. It’s obviously hard work.

One of the maids came over to Mimi. She studied the maid’s milky white skin and raggedy clothes with disgust. Everyone knew the most beautiful people had the brightest, palest green skin.

“Hello my princess how is your morning?” she asked.

Mimi looked at her in an annoyed way, “It’s fine. Bring me some wine.” She demanded.

The maid shuffled to a cabinet that was far across the room, removed a glass goblet and brought it to a finely polished, marbled counter. She removed the wine that the Queen and Princess usually drank for breakfast and began to pour it. Silky midnight blue liquid cascaded down into the glass, rolling around inside like a miniature ocean. The maid stared at it as she picked up the glass. She wished she could have just a small sip, but she wanted to keep her tongue. As soon as Mimi got it in her hand she took a swig and rolled it around her mouth.

“Prepare me some cheese; I’ll be waiting in my room.” And with that Mimi sauntered off. She hated being in the kitchen anyway. It was no place for a real lady.

Mimi’s room was any Sarkatan girls dream room. It had an enormous balcony and large bed, big enough to fit all of her family. It went from one wall to the opposite. She had a nice work area, for her studies. All girls want a proper education. There was also a dressing stand for her servants to dress her; the wealthy did not bother with trivial tasks such as putting on their own clothes. She walked to her desk. The wood it was made from was white and had a natural, protective gloss. Cataire trees were reserved and grown exclusively for the rich. Poor people couldn’t possibly cherish the glossy appeal of the wood. Their brains were too void. Mimi thought while sitting in her desks’ chair. The princess reached over her desk to the window that hung above it and pulled aside the drapes, hooking them into the golden drape holders and letting the sunlight bathe the room.
Mimi then looked down at her studies. In class they were studying the planet called Earth. The galaxy was not that far away from theirs but apparently in their culture it would be. Something about eons and light-years, Mimi didn’t pay attention so she didn’t know what those vocabulary words meant. However, she did know that in the planet of Earth, they referred to their own galaxy as looking like a spilled beverage, something she found odd. The scientist of Tempra’s Order of Exploration have been disguising themselves as the Earthlings and recording their findings, sending them back to Sarkata.
Suddenly there was a knock at her door.

“Come in!” Mimi said while turning around.

A maid hurried in while holding her head down in respect. She had dusty green skin and had it been a tinge lighter she would be respectable and could have had a decent job. Mimi shook her head and snorted, these women make me so sick. How could they disgrace the Sarkatan name so? All women should be equal, why choose not to be?

The maid was holding a tray of lavender colored cheeses and a bottle of the wine Mimi was drinking. She put it down before Mimi on the desk, also refilling Mimi’s goblet with the wine. She then set it down on the tray. All the while Mimi was staring at her, as if she were a pustule.

The maid swallowed harshly, “Would you like anything else Princess?” she asked.

“Humph. No.” Mimi waved her off and turned back around, facing her studies about Earth. The maid scurried to the corner of Mimi’s bedroom where she was to await another command, standing still with her head down regardless of her foot soreness and bodily fatigue.

Mimi had been studying for about thirty minutes when her door was opened and someone sauntered in. She whirled around to see what maid had rudely entered without permission; this type of action was punishable by exile or execution.

It was not a maid, but Lord Kirnas.

Lord Kirnas had jet black hair, toppled on her head in a pyramid of buns. Her skin didn’t have sparkles and she was a pale pink. She had deep purple lip paint and amazingly long eyelashes. Her cheek bones were high but she hadn’t hollow cheeks. Her purple gown was covered by a thick layer of furs and black robes studded with royal jewels. The fingers of her hands were dotted with rare jewelry and black nail paint. She peered over at Mimi, her eyes had slit irises. It is said that an Oiyan had scrapped her eyes out and that she had called a witch from Kishtore who replaced them with those of a serpent. The women of Oiya were known to be barbarous and were known haters of the Royal Country; Tempra.

Mimi shivered, she respected her Aunt but that didn’t mean she was any less creepy looking.

“Oh hello my dear Aunt, did you wish to speak to me about something?” Mimi asked her Aunt politely.

Lord Kirnas smiled, “Good evening my dear.”

Mimi shivered, something might be wrong… I really hope not, her anger is another being.

Kirnas was about to continue until she spotted the maid in the corner at the back of the room. Behind Mimi to be specific. “What are you doing back there?!” she demanded from the maid.

The maid jumped and looked around, then looked back down, “Back where m’Lord?” she asked.

Lord Kirnas scowled, “Back there, in the back of this room, behind the Princess.”

“I- I was ju-just waiting for an order your Highness.” The maid began whimpering. This only angers the Queen further Mimi knew.

“Ugh! You women disgust me! I don’t have time to explain to your dog brain what you’ve done wrong. Go to your Mentor and relearn the rules of the Palace you idiot!” Lord Kirnas spat out.

The maid squeaked, “Yes m’Lord!” and rushed out before the Queen could do something horrendous to her. Kirnas whirled back around to Mimi who only ducked down an inch, fearing her Aunts wrath. It almost seems as if her eyes are glowing. Mimi shivered. Lord Kirnas sensed Mimi’s fear and cleared her throat, while straightening out her dress and fixing her lipstick. She then smiled down at Mimi,

“My dear, you shouldn’t keep those vagrants around you so closely without supervising them.”
Mimi calmed down, sensing that somehow her Aunt was only trying to help her. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, suppose she had a pig knife in her skirt. She was behind you without you watching; she could have run up to you and slit your throat!” Lord Kirnas seemed disturbed by what she was saying, as if it had actually happened to someone.

“Why would they do that?” Mimi asked; it didn’t seem like the maid was harmful.

“Jealousy. Jealousy drives women to do mad things.” Lord Kirnas replied while walking to the balcony doors, suddenly in deep thought. She turned and faced Mimi. “Why do you think Men live on a separate planet? Jealousy.” She stated simply. When The Great Separation happened the planet’s name was changed from Fennerb to Sarkata in order to honor the great Goddess who helped the Women defeat the Men.

“Jealousy would have them kill their Princess? They must be mad.” Mimi thought out loud. “We take care of them. How do the Oiyans think they haven’t dropped dead yet? Tempra helps them. Surely Sarkata, or even Triston and Edon would help them. We give them a job to help feed their family and assassination is our praise?” Triston and Edon were the most powerful Gods. Edon was the God of creating bodies and personalities while Triston was the God of life, death and fertility. Sarkata was their daughter; Goddess of War and Wealth.

Lord Kirnas smiled down at Mimi, “We have to thank these women Mimi my dear.” She looked out the window to the cities and countryside the palace loomed over, “Somewhere in Oiya they are growing your very next meal…” She sighed to the window, in a deep trance.

Mimi looked at her. “They’re going to poison our produce one day.” She stated in disgust.

Lord Kirnas chuckled before walking over to Mimi at her desk. She looked in Mimi’s notebook at her
work. “I see you’re studying.”

Mimi nodded.

“You can always work harder. You don’t want to taint the Zarkay name.”

Mimi tried to hide her annoyance. She would never taint the Royal name. Why does she always criticize my work? I just want her to be happy with it…

“I’ll be happy with it when you finally do it right.” Her Aunt said, as if she read her mind. “Over all I suppose you’re doing well, but there’s always room for improvement.”

Mimi looked down, mainly because she was annoyed with her Aunt. Do better? She thought, I’m always doing my best. She sighed and looked down at her pail green hands. She respected her Aunt so much. She was a powerful and capable woman. It isn’t easy taking over an entire world right after your sister is murdered, but she stepped up to the plate and got it done. Lord Kirnas touched Mimi’s shoulder gently.

“I know it isn’t easy, but the more you improve the stronger you become. That is the way of Sarkata.”

Kirnas smiled at Mimi in a reassuring way.

Mimi smiled back, “Thank you Aunt. I’ll always keep that in mind.”

Kirnas chuckled back, “All right, well, I see that you were busy.” Kirnas walked half way to the door and before she left she turned back around, “Oh and Mimi my dear, you’ll be getting a new personal slave. She’ll be arriving at the palace tomorrow morning. Be awake to greet her upon her arrival.”
Mimi hopped out of her chair and hugged her Aunt tightly. Kirnas smiled briefly and slightly pushed at Mimi, trying to usher her off. “Thank you so much Auntie!” Mimi hollered.

“Yes yes,” Kirnas replied grimacing, “You’re very welcome. Now please let go of me, I’ve a meeting to attend soon. I don’t want my dress wrinkled.”

Mimi slid off still gleaming at the new information. She twirled around her room in a happy trance. Kirnas took this opportunity to slide out. Mimi whirled around a few minutes more before she plopped onto her bed, curling up into a ball. Aha! A new personal slave is coming for me tomorrow. I won’t have to rely on a simple maid to dress me anymore. They never know how to do anything relating to personal matters. They just cook and clean and serve meals. A personal slave is much better. Finally my clothes can be put on properly the first time! Mimi gave a sigh of pleasure before she slipped into sleep. A nap never did a Princess harm.
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