Tuesdays were the worst days at work, well if you were me, anyway. Tuesday was the day when all of the salesmen decided to leave me in charge of the dealership while they went out and had their two hour lunch. I literally know nothing about cars, which is why I work in the accounting side, adding bills to cars, writing checks for parts, answering phones sometimes. It was relatively easy and the pay was good, which is why I took the job, my cats needed food, and I needed to pay rent. I wasn’t really sure why the whole Tuesday thing bothered me so much because I kind of liked have the floor to myself because I didn’t have to listen to Phil and Aaron yell across the showroom about what they were having for lunch, or their total for the day, I guess it was because I felt kind of lonely sitting in my office by myself, a takeout box from the Chinese place down the street in front of me, going over files and writing things down; it got lonely without having someone to talk to.

“Um, hello?” I look up at my door, noodles coming out of my mouth to see a handsome guy staring at me, an eyebrow arched and a slightly concerned look on his face. “Sorry, I didn’t know it was your lunch time, it’s just no one else is here.” He bites his bottom lip.

I swallow my noodles and wipe my mouth. “The salesmen are at lunch right now, they should be back soon if you wanted to go look around the lot.”

The guy nods. “Um, so you can’t help me then? Because I already know which one I want.”

I shake my head a little. “I have absolutely no idea what to do.” I give him an ‘I’m sorry’ smile.

He nods. “Oh, okay, I’ll just wait in the lobby then, thanks.”


The guy wasn’t lying, as soon as Phil came back; he was out on a test drive in a black 2008 Chrysler Sebring.

“Austin said you helped him.” Phil was standing at my door, where ‘that guy’ was standing earlier.


“That guy that came in earlier.”

“Um, I didn’t really.”

“Well he said you did.” Phil shrugs. “And I think we’re finally going to get rid of that stupid Sebring.”

“It hasn’t been here that long.”

“Well now we can bring in a newer car and make more money.” Phil looks at me weird. “You’re not on your game today; did your cat throw up all over the house again?”

“Huh?” I ask, I guess I was kind of ‘off my game’, it could be because ‘that guy’ was gorgeous and I didn’t even try when he was in here before. “No, she’s fine.”

Phil nods. “Anyway, good job.”


“Um, Alan?”

I looked up from my paper work, hearing a voice that I didn’t recognize as Phil’s or Aaron’s, and it definitely wasn’t Tino’s. “Yes?” It was that guy from earlier, Austin.

“Um, I asked Phil if I could come get the extra keys from you, and he said that I could.”

I looked at him a little quizzically. Usually Phil or Aaron, who ever sold the car would come get the extra keys. But I didn’t really mind, Austin was nice to look at, and he seemed to be very friendly. “Um, sure.” I get out of my seat and walk over to the wall cabinet with all of the extra keys, which were thankfully organized, thanks to my lonely Tuesdays. I found the extra key quickly and walked over to Austin, then extended it. “There it is.”

He takes it from my hand carefully and smiles. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Is there anything else I can help you with?” I ask as he shoves the extra key in his pocket.

He bites his lip and looks at me. “Actually,” He starts. “I would love to take you to dinner on Friday.”

I stared at him blankly, because of shock. I wasn’t expecting to be asked out on a date, that’s for sure.

“Sorry, if I’m being too forward, it’s just, I’d really like to get to know you.”

I stood in shock for another thirty seconds before, “Absolutely.” came out just louder than a sigh.

“Really?” He asks, just as shocked.

“Yeah, yeah, of course.”

He smiles. “Awesome, um, how does Marley’s sound?”

“Perfect!” I was a little too excited, as it had been awhile since my last date.

“I’ll meet you there at eight this Friday?” He asks.

“Sounds perfect, yeah.”


The days had passed quickly and it was finally Friday. I was going on my date with Austin tonight and I was kind of nervous. He just seemed so wonderful. He was nice, easy going, polite. And not to mention, extremely attractive.

“You look fine.” I tell myself as I do the whole turn my ass to the mirror and look over my shoulder move. I wanted to make sure that goods were out and on display so he knew what he could get if we went on more dates. “You’re going to have an amazing time, Austin seems like a nice guy, and even if he isn’t, at least you can drink.” I mumble to myself as I fix my hair one last time before leaving my bathroom and heading for the door.


I was seated at in a booth at Marley’s. It was tucked in a corner, but you could still see it from the door, so when Austin came through the door, he could see and wouldn’t have to ask the hostess at the front table to find me. I was early, as it was around 7:40, but I didn’t like to be late, and since I didn’t have his number, I couldn’t really explain why I was late if traffic or something held me up.

“Can I get you something while you wait? A drink perhaps?” A guy with similarly colored hair to me asks. His name tag read ‘Justin’ and he seemed very friendly.

“Um, can I just get a jack and coke?”

“I need to see your ID.” Justin smiles.

“I know, I have a strong case of baby face.” I sigh as I get my wallet out of my back pocket and fish out my ID, then hand it to Jusitn.

“And you’re only twenty two.” He smiles as he hands it back. “I’ll go get that for you.”


Two hours and two jack and cokes later, Austin still hadn’t shown up. I felt like crying or crawling into a hole and never coming out. I felt dumb, Austin stood me up. The one I go on a date, or should I say, a date I was looking forward to, I get stood up.

“Can I get the check, Justin?” I ask as he comes over to the table. “And some chicken fingers to go?”

Justin nods. “I’ll go put that in for you.” He gives me a sympathetic smile and walks towards the kitchen.

I was so upset, I needed to go home.
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finally getting around to posting this. it's been in the works for months. second part will be up whenever i get the chance (and it'll be longer). I hope you like it!