Big Girl Panties

you gotta know just when to fold, but i know i can't do this all on my own
no, i know, i'm no superman

Her entire life is one big party in the eyes of Trixie O'Callahan. With no responsibilities tying her down and a more than comfortable job as an equipment manager with the Chicago Blackhawks, she sees no real reason to grow up. But, when a series of unprotected hook ups with left-winger Daniel Carcillo turn the pregnancy test blue, the harsh reality of the real world comes faster than she would like. As the months count down to her due date, Trixie realizes it's time to put on her big girl panties and get ready for the one thing she never saw coming...motherhood.

I was in the process of rewriting an old story, Dirty Little Secret, when this idea came to me. Since I love the idea of Trixie and Daniel being together more than she and Adam Burish, I decided to run with it.

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