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The Hollow Days

Chapter Four

Chapter 4

I sat down in my new seat of first block, right next to that kid, who seemed to glare at me as I sat down. He tucked his ear buds farther into his ears and rested his head against his arms. I looked around the room for a moment, studying the posters on the wall that were supposed to be 'encouraging' or have some 'deep' meaning behind it. These posters were the only thing in this room that have color , with the neon blues and bright pinks.

I opened to the right page in my book and quickly skim over the words before plucking a mechanical pencil from my backpack and answered the questions on a sheet. It wasn't that hard, just boring and took some time. I glanced over at the boy, and saw him still lying there, lost in his music which I could hear from here. Some guy screaming about something involving hate. What was with this kid?

I noticed his book or paper hadn't been touched. "Are you going to do your work?" I asked softly, narrowing my eyes. Weren't his parents going to get mad at him for his grades?

"What?" He said suddenly, looking a me and ripping out a headphone. I laughed on the inside but sighed. I could tell this kid was going to be hard to get close to, from the way he always seemed to be glaring at me and that weird look in his eyes.

"I asked if you were going to do any work." I repeated, annoyed for having to repeat myself. I hated having to do that.

I watched him lick his lips and felt a smile tug at my lips. His lips did look nice. I hid the smile, but it faltered anyway once I heard his reply.

"What's it to you?" He snapped, rolling his eyes. I gasped lightly. Well, damn. I'm sorry I asked a simple question. I felt my cheeks grow hot but his words pissed me off. I was shocked. What did I even do wrong?

"Well, I mean," I closed my eyes in annoyance and sighed again, running a frustrated hand through my hair then shaking it out. "Never mind, okay?"

"Yeah, okay." He closed his eyes again and I watched him a moment before getting back to my work. Maybe, I needed to act nicer. Maybe it was the annoyed sigh or the bitchy voice I had that pissed him off. I thought of something to say, but only thought of just saying my name. If I said my name, then that would make the whole "friendship" process come sooner and easier. Then again, he should know my name from the great introduction I had from that asshole of a teacher. Whatever, I'll just go out and say it.

"I'm Emma." I said quickly, playing with my hands that were seated in my lap. I bit my lip out of nervousness, and I watched his eyes land on my mouth. It made me want to bite my lip again, but I just sat there and pretended to not notice. He studied my lips, then returned his gaze back to my brown eyes. He coughed, clearing his throat while giving me a dirty look. Shit, why did I say anything? I knew he didn't want to talk to me. Fuck.

"Elliot." He gave me another dirty look. What did I do wrong?

"Well, what's your problem?" My words came out as a bit bitchy and I immediately recognized my mistake. Shit, shit, shit. Now he was going to hate me forever, and the way he raised his eyebrow proved that.

"What's yours, sweetheart?"

Ouch. That one stung. I tried to act like it didn't faze me, tossing my hair over my shoulder. I tried to soften my voice but couldn't hide the fact I was annoyed.

"I asked you first." I retorted, scooting away a tiny bit.

"Right now? You." He shoves his finger into my shoulder just as the bell rang. My eyebrows knitted together in confusion. I watched him leave, seeing him roll his eyes. I slowly packed up my stuff, tossing my bag over a shoulder, and walked out into the hallway.

Joining the rush of students was annoying. I seemed to get bumped and pushed no matter how close I stayed to the wall. I stared at my schedule. Next block was Spanish. I was glad. I was good at Spanish, and had took it at my previous school. Hola!

I headed down the stairs, walking into the colorful room that had pinatas hanging from the ceiling. The teacher was wearing a sombrero, smiling way too big. This was a drastic change from the last class. Stress flowed off me as I noticed Elliot wasn't in here. Now, I could forget about him for awhile, and maybe I'd be forced to see him again after this block.

Hopefully not.
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