I Only Have Eyes for You

Risk Your Luck

New school.
New life.
New opportunity they said. A chance to clear my plate of all the negative. That all meant moving to Beacon Hills and actually attending school this time. No snow days unless it's hardcore cold in the winder, just rainy days where they keep us in doors.

I slept the whole way from New Hampshire to California. I woke once to move planes, my mom smiling at me, holding my hand. But today was my first day back to public school, well school in general, in three months. It was a scary feeling, i was expected to maintain grades B and up, which I could do, and socialize and make friends.
Opening my eyes, I looked around at all the boxes, one opened with my clothes and face (makeup) inside. I had no need for multiple pairs of shoes, I had two pairs of high-top Converse, one black and the other all black. I heard a soft knock on my door, no one bursting in. "Sweetie..time to get up, I'll have food ready in a bit." Food. I have a meal plan that my mom and sister stick with. My dad takes it easy with me, knowing recovery isn't easy. I hauled my body up and out of the bed, a queen mattress on the floor. I haven't unpacked my stuffed animals and mountains of blankets just yet. Grabbing a thin, over-sized sweater I stole from the back of my dad's closet and a pair of black pants, I sneaked towards the bathroom turning on the hot water when I walked in. I peered int he corner of the mirror, just to see how I looked at the moment. Black bags under my eyes, my face and lips were as pale as a light skinned black/mixed girl can get. Signing I stripped of my clothes and crawled into the shower letting the scalding water burn my skin. I stood there for a good 10 minutes before washing my body and hair, watching some of the colour leak out down the drain. Turning of the water, I wrapped a big fluffy towel around my body drying off. I slipped on my clothes as gingerly as possible, pushing green hair out of my face. Brushing my teeth, I stared at my refection, pretending I was a zombie.

Coming out of my stupid moment with myself, I finished getting ready and put on my makeup, grabbing my red plaid backpack and headed downstairs. I slipped past the kitchen where my parents were dancing and sister was looking at them with happy eyes, eating a bowl of something.I exited the house quietly and began walking toward the direction of the school. I had looked up directions and decided to go alone. I put in my iPod and tuned my phone on vibrate, and kept walking till I saw the sign for Beacon Hills High. I stopped and looked at the decent sized school, watching people go in and out of the main building, listening to The Moody Blues. I felt like I was in those scenes in movies where there's music that has nothing to do with what's being shown like girls laying on beds while metal plays. I began to walk forward when I felt something on the back of my shoe and before I could look back, I was falling forward. I was glad my phone was tucked din my bag and iPod in my back pocket. Ripping out my earphones, I looked at my bloody hands, smiling a bit.

"Oh fuck! I'm so sorry! I didn't see you, you're so tiny..." A deep voice trailed off. I sat on my knees and looked up. A boy with a strong jaw and sandy curls stood over me, holding out his hand.

"It's okay.." I stood up a bit wobbly at first but regained my balance, and looked at him as he stood through a curtain of green.
"I'm Isaac, and I usually don't step on the back of people's shoes." He laughed smiled and I caught my breath. I noted that he had some sort of stick with a net on it and I needed to look that up.

"I'm um...Normal.." I whispered hoarsely. I don't know where my voice went but every other part of me was ghastly so it didn't matter. It's not like a Greek god like him would ever give a girl like me the time of day.

"Normal? Is that your real name?" Isaac asked. I nodded, my cheeks flushing from embarrassment. At least my sister, Sunny, had a semi-normal (ha) slash hippie baby name.

"Drugs man..I'm sure my parents were on something.." I laughed a bit, twiddling the sweater sleeves and looking down at my shoes.

"I'm assuming you're new and need someone to show you around?" He gestured me forward, I could feel his eyes on me but I refused to look up I just watched my feet. I nodded, the school was bigger than the one I attended last, not he one at the hospital, the real one I want to. With breathing, living kids who went home everyday to tell their parents they had an okay day at school. I heard as the bell rang and noted that Isaac didn't rush me forward so I looked up and saw that he didn't even care that we were late for our first class. I guess he was used to being late.

Pulling out my class block I showed him the name of my class and he escorted me there, smiling and telling me that he'd be there after class to walk me. I wanted to vomit he was so fucking perfect, I knew I'd get an "I told you so" from the family or maybe multiple ones from Sunny. Oh well, it would be worth it..