I Only Have Eyes for You

By the Way, My Hands Were Shaking

For the past two weeks since I've been at Beacon Hills High, Isaac has walked me to every class everyday and sat with me at lunch instead of this two friends Erica and Boyd or that small group that consisted of Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinksi, Allison Argent and a boy in all of our chemistry class, Danny. I found it odd, but incredibly sweet, and of course surprising that he actually wanted to walk me to class every day. I didn't think we looked good together. I thought constantly how good he would look with someone like Erica or Allison, maybe even this strawberry blonde girl I heard someone call Lydia Martin once. I lied to my parents that first day saying I grabbed a bagel with extra cream cheese for breakfast and I had went early to scope out new people to make friends. I had completely forgotten to mention I had only made one, but they think this move is already making a positive impact on me.|
But of course a disadvantages of being Sunny's younger sister is that she goes to school with me, so she sees the only person in particular that notices I ghost the halls. "Who's that Greek God lacrosse player that's always around you? Number 14, isn't he? And why are you always at their practices?"

"His name is Isaac. He's my friend.." The word friend felt sticky in my mouth, it was odd, there wen't many people ever in my life to call 'friends'. "I go for moral support so he knows he has people in the stands for him..you know he didn't have it easy like us." I said bitterly. He was abused, and blamed for his father's murder, I just wanted to kiss and cuddle him but he'd be freaked out. I shook my head and shoved it back down at my book on French literature in the 19th century.

"Okay, well I was just wondering who was creeping around my baby sister." I looked up as she smiled and blew me a kiss."I'll see you later Norm." Sunny collected her things and left the library, twisting her hair into a knot on top of her head. I messed with a chunk of my hair, thinking about Sunny and my differences. For one, she was darker, she liked to be outside; she had hazel eyes where I had freaky ones. One eye was brown and the other one was about 3/4 blue and a smigite of brown. No one understood why it happened, but I felt like the blue was slowly overpowering the brown. Also, she had long, long chocolate coloured curls that went in every direction and I got semi-straight hair that went down to my waist before I cut it off now Joshua Hayward before he grew it out, and of course I dyed it sea foam green.

"Hey Norm." I jumped a bit, my stomach flip flopping at the sound of his voice, seeing Isaac slide into the seat right next to me at the table instead of across from me like Sunny. I smiled softly, holding my breath as he lifted his hand and fixed my hair behind my ear. "How is my favorite angel?"

I nodded, not knowing if that was a real answer or not. I never understood why he had those girlfriend type nicknames for me so early into our relationship/friendship. I shook my hair out letting my hair fall over my face, pushing it back I set my head down but I faced him, watching him type something on his phone."I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight? It's a Friday and the game is next week.." He looked at me, a small smile playing on his lips. I could hardly breathe and I hardly heard what he said all I could to was stare at him. He probably thought I was broken or something. "Norm..." he put his hand on my thigh making me wake up.

"Hi um, hi..." I jolted up in my seat. What the fuck was wrong with me today?

"So, are you free?" he asked again. I thought for a moment the only thing that came to mind that I had to do was unpack my last box filled with vinyls for my turntable. I nodded, smiling a bit. Another difference with Sunny and me was that she had braces and I didn't need them, she said she envied me for it. "Good, because I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go o-"

"Isaac! Derek needs us, now." We turned in our seats to see an anxious looking Stiles behind us and Scott, Erica and Boyd waiting by the library entrance all looking around like something was going to get them. I sighed to myself, I wanted to hear those words come out of Isaac's mouth.

"Well let's go," Isaac got up and looked at me. "I'll pick you up tonight at like 7, okay?" I nodded, looking up at him smiling like a dumb ass.

After walking home, I ran up to my room and blasted Cookie Thumper tore every inch of my dresser apart to look for an outfit. I guessed it was a date, so I wanted to look presentable. I mean me next to him, I looked like a peasant next to a Greek God.
I heard a pounding on my door and practically ripped it open to reveal a very bright and sunny, Sunny. She shoved a pair of old worn combat boots with a note on it. 'I heard you had a date, congrats'
I smiled and knew what I could wear; I pulled on black 'hip-hop' pants and a black knit sweater that I needed a undershirt with, instead I wore a maroon bra with white bows on it that looked incredibly sexy.
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Cookie Thumper by Dir Antwoord is soooo good guys! <3