I Only Have Eyes for You


I slid down in my seat, hoping they didn't notice us. Lifting up the middle arm rest, Issac scooted a bit closer to me, slinging his arm around my seat. I looked up at him, smiling shyly as he smiled at me with confidence, his body radiating happiness. I let out a sigh of relief when the lights dimmed so I could sit up again. I fiddled with a strand of my hair watching a girl remove her top and slowly slide off her bra, exposing her semi-perfect breasts to the drooling, hormonal boy she was on top of; right before an axe got shoved in her occipital bone. I clamped my hands over my mouth, trying to not let the laughter I had be heard. Issac looked over at me, giggling along with me. I let my hands drop to my lap, looking back at the screen, feeling that my cheeks were hot. I felt a hand on my knee, making slow circles and slowly moving up into my inner thigh, I couldn't breathe. I needed to get out. "I'll be right back." I whispered to Isaac, standing and practically running to the girl's bathroom. I went to the furthest sink to the door so if anyone walked in, they wouldn't be able to see me and let the water run over my hands as i clawed at them with my sharp nails. I kept going even as I saw the water start to run red, I felt the bringing on my knuckles as I lathered my hands up with soap, scrubbing off invisible dirt and grime. I was about to put more soap on my acing hands when I felt someone sharply pull me my hair, and letting me go, making me slam into a stall door and into the wall. I was happy it was the bigger stalls so I avoided tumbling into the toilet. I rubbed my head, feeling a bit of blood thick in my hair. I looked up to see a a very amused Erica, smiling wickedly at me. She charged at me, grabbing my neck in her hand, squeezing. I kept my eyes open, I wasn't surprised actually. It stung a bit, but didn't hurt.

"Well, well, well...look at who's on a little date with Isaac..." she snarled, bearing her teeth. I smiled softly, my mind silent. "Why are you even here? You don't stand a chance. He deserves someone better than you and someone who's beautiful." I looked up at the ceiling and into the florescent light bulbs, not wanting to let what she said get to me, but it did. I bit down on the inside of my cheek just as she pulled my head back and slammed it into the wall. I shut my eyes, wishing she'd go. I never did anything to her, come to think of it. I guess she didn't like Isaac's attention somewhere other than her...

"Erica..." we heard a threatening voice some from behind her. I opened my eyes, seeing Isaac looking very pissed off. "Bad. Girl, Erica. Drop. Her. Now." he talked to her like she was a dog, he extended is long arm as if to say "give her to me" and that's exactly what he was saying. Erica let out a growl, dropping me forcefully before storming out snapping her jaws at Isaac on her way to the door. I looked at Isaac and felt a sudden feeling of...arousal...

Grabbing his hand, I ran to the car, begging him to open the door. Jumping in, he gave me a weird look and asked me if I was okay.

"I don't know..just get me home.." I whispered, my voice was like sand paper. We rode in silence, my knees bouncing up and down out of being overly-anxious. We finally got to my house after what felt like ages; I immediately got out of the car and onto his side, dragging him out and into my house.

"Norm! What the hell is going on?" He yelled. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to face him, I got close to him, grasping his hips and pulling him to me, standing on my tip-toes to kiss his neck, getting small moans from him. I felt the vibrations against my lips, making me feel even more aroused. I began to bite and suck, my small hands starting to make their way up his shirt, feeling every tight muscle on his torso. "Take it off." I clawed at his shirt, wanting to so badly rip it off him. He was too busy feeling me up to notice I got irritated real fast and took matters in my own hands. I slashed my nails down his back, causing the material to rip and Isaac to take a sharp breath in and let a throaty moan out, letting his head fall back.I grabbed his hands, leading him to my room, kicking open the doors and shedding my clothes. I stood in my panties and i held my hands over my breasts to keep them from being exposed to Isaac's hungry eyes. He licked his lips stepping forward, taking off the remainder of his shirt and slipped off his pants with ease, his eyes roaming over my body the whole time. He grabbed my wrists, softly tugging them down. Groaning, he dropped his head to kiss my collar bones, licking my skin, his kisses like fireworks on my skin, his tongue hot as fire.

He stopped abruptly, looking me in the eyes, shoving hair out of my face. "Normal, are you sure you want to do this?" He asked in a low, serious voice. I stood there before leaving the room and entering Sunny's. I ripped open her underwear draw and reached int he back, pulling out a row of condoms, rushing back to Isaac.
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